19 August 2018

Eating Healthy on a Budget

what's going on guys

Zack Casey here I just went grocery shopping I'm back at school now crazy I'm actually going in my senior year now but a question I got often guys is how do you grocery shop and eat healthy on a budget you know I don't have all this money to shop organic I don't have all this money for vegetables and fruits how do you do it I feel like it's cheaper just to eat out or eat like crap right junk food is super cheap ok want me to answer some of those questions here all right let me first show you what I went shopping for today pretty big expense I'm back at school so I had to get all my food and stock up my fridge I actually laid out all the food for you guys here to show you what exactly it is that I got now that probably looks like a ton of food and it is the cool thing is it's gonna last me a long time so I'm gonna start from the right and move less so first thing first thing I have is non-dairy milk I like to use pea and coconut and almond protein or excuse me almond milk blend so this is by Ripple super good stuff they make a relatively healthy chocolate milk - that's plant-based no sugar 32 milligrams of DHA omega-3 fatty acids

and we actually have 8 grams of plant-based protein I get three of these bad boys these are awesome / shakes for emergency oatmeal and for some other meals so I'll put those aside next thing we got tomatoes guys I'm huge on vegetables as you guys know here is what I have for my salads I also eat these on other meals but I've usually my vegetables raw as often as possible and tomatoes they're an awesome choice for that I'm gonna put those away but those are the tomatoes that I got today next thing we've got I'll go through more of the raw vegetables we've got portobello mushrooms I use these on omelets I use them on eggs I cut them up rolling salads I'll cook them in balsamic vinegar and sea salt for dinner with steak asparagus rice whatever combination of meats I want awesome awesome choice once again relatively cheap for vegetables a little bit of a vegetable hack we've got garlic and onions guys a staple in mind meals I add them to a lot of my foods for flavor and they're also super healthy the really hilum alkaline scale super

low on the glycemic index so you don't affect your blood sugar or insulin that much next we've got some limes guys I add lime juice and lemon juice to a lot of my drinks super good for electrolytes not too expensive either five for two dollars these will last me a long time I freeze them into ice cubes to to put in my water super tasty especially we get bored with water go ahead and try out some lines of lemon they also have a relatively good fat burning effect that's not a misconception that is true they're very good for you in many ways next we got the yams the sweet potatoes I recently found these guys I forget what they're called I think I gotta or bata weird exotic yam tubers food these things are massive this was literally like 50 cents and it lasts me a long time I got two of them here sitting around I didn't get these today but I was just trying out some new yams but yeah I got a ton of sweet potatoes guys lower GI starch I've said it before I'm huge on starches guys here are some white potatoes I live off these and they're super cheap guys really really inexpensive carbohydrate source high in calories so they can get

you through a ton of meals relatively cheap so that's one way to save a little bit of money guys cut out the pasta cut out the flour and bread it products start consuming more potatoes and naturally occurring tubers from Earth that are also super healthy so those are my carb sources for the most part put these over here with some other potatoes I literally live off these like I've said before let's make our way through more of the vegetables I've got cucumbers awesome for salads once again try and hit these guys raw there was an awesome deal here in Harrisonburg with avocados it was ten for ten I only got five because most of them weren't even ready to eat so I'm gonna have to wait a few days I'll knees five four five on oranges love these guys don't worry about getting organic the skin is really strong I'm not gonna be eating the skin so I try not to eat organic foods unless I'm going to eat the skins which is you know like the berries and the skin fruits like grapes so I got some of these good on pretty much anything once again try and have these guys raw bananas super cheap option put them in shakes put them in

oatmeal eat them plain put on some some nut butters that's a really friendly fruit not as good in fiber a little high in GI so if you're trying to lose fat maybe cut them but they're still super filling and they're gonna be relatively cheap for a fruit we've got nature's promised organic baby spinach and spring mix good for salads kind of contradicts what I usually say about lettuces and spinach don't try and get them guys get them unwashed get them like this things probably like triple or double washed which isn't good because you you cut out a lot of the minerals and the nutrients that you want and you know it doesn't have as much of a pungent taste yes but you're losing a lot of mineral value and you know you want that crunch when you're eating salad to show that you really have some density in the fiber of those foods so that's that I haven't for salads over run through this and pray a week or two that's how quick I go through salads I try and have at least one a day but yeah that's my salad choice and moving through to more vegetables asparagus probably my number one favorite vegetable it's tasty it's good I'll cook it in the oven I'll cook

it with food I do not eat these vegetables we're although just not don't have the taste for it not even sure if that's a thing but yeah there's my asparagus we got eggs can never go wrong with some great any large eggs don't worry about the color just because they're brown doesn't mean they're healthy guys it's just like a look actually I know they're kind of breeding them to be more Brown these days because they give that healthy look there's actually no difference though and then here's the meat guys so I literally got like 30 pounds of salmon it's salmon filet it's it's Alaskan organically caught pretty dark which is pretty good this actually doesn't look that good on camera but always look for the darker color with the fish and the meat as well as the eggs with the yolk here I have two new york strips and i have two filet mignon mignon beef tenderloin so there's my steak those are my meat choices I'm kind of moving away from crappy chicken trying to eat more fish and just healthy strong lean red meats so there you go guys I was like a $215 shopping day but that's gotta last me a long time in

conjunction with the nuts already have and the rice so there you have it that's kind of what I eat that's not my meals but that's kind of what my grocery shopping list looks like if you guys want to leave a comment below with any questions go ahead if you guys like this video if it helped you out leave a like give me a like and subscribe to my channel alright guys that zach is that Casey for you what I eat after my grocery shopping list and how to do it on the budget take care guys bye bye