05 September 2018

Eating healthy on a budget

In this video we give some tips we've picked up along the way to save money while shopping and still eat healthy. It's important to be aware of pull of ...

welcome back to abnormal growth where we

evolved on the way on purpose yeah so this week we're talking about tips to eat healthy and stable inside your budget yeah so we basically want to budget better so we can spend that money on things that we would like to do such as traveling and going out sometimes going on date nights and stuff like that so you know we're trying to save up as much as we can where we can and I feel like food has been one of the items that we have been just going overboard on lately so yeah it's easy to go and blow your home check at Whole Foods and stuff like that especially when you first decide to get on your fitness journey it's easy to just go blow your check it whatever you story buy all the things that you don't need yeah any overthink things you know at the beginning of a fitness journey overthink everything anyway you think that you need every you know all these super foods and all these protein powders and supplements when you really don't need that so but we're not beginners we're you know we're Dean yeah we just need a budget that intermedium oh yeah now what did you say we're we're not

butterflies we're platypuses in the last video by 2pi platter but anyway well let's get on to the tips of eating healthy on a budget these are just our personal tips on how we're we're getting better on saving money so we just want to share them with you guys so first oh well first like first name we've been doing this for a while especially since we moved to Atlanta we've been working to farmers market I admit we haven't been there recently but well that's one good way to still our market well we were going to real we're gonna real real yeah or like here in Atlanta that like the Buford farmers market yeah but um yep that's one definite thing that was helping save money because you can go in there and you can get all kinds of vegetables and stuff and not a never word times we walk out with a bunt or basket like we're like almost left full but you know a lot of vegetables and stuff like that and still have you know spend like 30 books yeah you know you had all the fruits and vegetables as long as you won't get everything organic I feel like this possible yeah yeah cheaper yeah I mean and this you know organics great but you

know start where you are just eating more vegetables you know think organic it's better than not eating them at all exactly okay so another thing is buying in bulk like if certain a lot of from farmers markets actually have this stuff available where they have been is available with like granolas and rice and you know nuts and stuff like that and they're a lot cheaper honestly like buying them in vogue for his final already prepackaged and we honestly learned this like the other week honestly we started buying things in bulk is food we didn't realize how much money we could save doing it's doing so so yeah yeah it's like I know we started going to so ever since we start going to sprouts more mm-hmm we've been doing that I mean they have that in other places to get the stuff out of the bins or even the like the fish like we like my eating fish so I buy a whole pack of like salmon the Atlanta in Atlantic wild caught salmon for like it me it's like 25 dollars but that's pieces of six like salmon homeless it's salmon breast women really but yeah yeah so I mean yes that's a good it's a good

you know they're frozen and it's over last and this meant something we have to think about every week so you're not you know I don't know it's I think it's helped us out a lot doing that and then there's other stuff like getting rice oatmeal stuff like that nuts anything like that is cheaper right yeah because you're paying for somebody in the package it basically yeah somebody packaged it and they put their logo on it that's you're paying for it exactly the next one is what Oh one thing we've been doing also this is like it's short but it's been working is when you're walking through the store you know have your phone out and add up what you're buying it right there this will keep you from like impulse buys or you know - getting too much of something just being aware of how much you're spending I mean I would say the first couple of weeks like just you know don't stress too much about you know just become aware of what you're spending first yeah in my way out produce and go ahead and like round you know cuz then once you get to the register you're not shocked and you're not surprised like oh my god how did I spend this much money

ya know so just go ahead and add it up before you you know you even put it in the cart yeah like we've been using in that I mean that's like for your whole banking out which helps but yeah this way like in the store we're looking for an app I don't know if you felt I did something that you can add up tracking while you're in there yeah you could just skin like what you're buying I think they have apps like that I want to say what I do know that if you have enough time if you know everyone put it in the comments yeah and then also like you know if you do end up like you can also at the end of your shopping trip like at like check your cart at the end of the shopping trip trip and see if there any an impulse buys that you've made and then like maybe get rid of some things if they're you know over budget like that because a lot of times a lot of people in pulls back so everyone I mean this is where is set up again Lisa sent to Nixon the story set up to make you buy things yeah definitely I mean because then the power of habit book that you told me about that you read they say that they put like they mess with people psychologically yeah they

put the most expensive items in the front of the store front right hand side of the store no so then you pipe basically have to be aware of how you were walking through the store or do we start off by going through the produce persons is too busy and then well and that's like and that's like the essentials so we can if it's produce or wherever it is we try to go get the essentials first and then get all the other stuff because honestly they put the produce first like in Walmart you put the produce to like to the left till a pet or sometimes it's our right but they lot of times it's to the live but they they put it there on purpose so just you walk in you buy that stuff and psychologically if you already spent money on produce you're more likely to spend money on junk I'm jealous yeah so you buy your produce and then when you're standing in line you pick up a dark-chocolate twigs for example really you're gonna so you're gonna call me out yes that is some but you guys we got chocolate put the words I've never tried one before and Twix is my favorite candy bar I didn't know they had they

just so happen to have it there were worse yeah I get line I bought it from my mixed cheat day but it is sold in there making me feel guilt it just so happened down there next to us in life but to endow that in the story waste any alone it may sound like I'm vegetables mixing unit next to the race okay so yeah so be aware of how you're walking through the store definitely a date tricky yeah and what you need first and then go look at you know yeah well here in the health and stuff like that get what you need the vegetables and all that need to wander down those supplements and yeah and then also you know if you want to go to multiple stores to get things that you know will be cheaper at that particular store that would be a better option as well so we basically do the click like click list option for Kroger where we just do the pick up option and it's basically saves us money we think because like we don't have to walk through the store and then you know what yeah impulse buys basically because your a lot of times you're going inside the store and you're seeing all these sales

like oh I want this and who I want this and you know a lot of stuff you just want in it out of necessity so I feel like if you do like the pickup option or delivery options you're not even going in the store and it's not a temptation so yeah quick list the first I think it's first three times it's free but then after that it's five dollars for the nisha up for you and I think I'm sure it's saved as more than five dollars yeah exactly yeah we didn't go in the store really good deals on time so I used to open and you can still get some of those sales and stuff online but you're less likely to do that if you just go through the list you know put in your cart and they have it so it's like something your regular buys are on there you know so you're not going there story and also you save time because like otherwise you can do water on the store for like an hour yeah and like this we're there it takes us like maybe 15 minutes to get there maybe yeah we go on the way after so we go pick it up and we go back home and that's it takes is like five minute we spend like five minutes at the store that's it

and that saves us time and then that way we know spending all the time to go to two stores exactly so basically the reason why we go to Kroger in sprouts sprouts is basically has that our produce options of about a wider variety of produce and also cheaper produce of course than other stores and in Kroger I feel like has better grocery items yeah cheaper grocery cheaper yeah so yeah that's the reason why we do that and I think it's good to you know to go to multiple stores for cheaper items so used to do Kroger and the farmers market but you know so you can finally get balance between those two see you else you know and then of course it's writing grocery lists that's you know that's a must I know a lot of people probably already do this but it'd definitely be prepared before you go into a grocery store because you're gonna like like we already say impulse buy and you know so definitely be prepared and don't want those go shopping on the hungry oh that's a good one yeah does that need oh my god that is so hard to avoid stuff man yeah we do that all the time because we're not on weekends we're not good at

like eating our calories honestly cuz we well that goes into what were you saying no what does it say that goes into the making a list thing began we we make up we're good at making a list for our we meal prep for the week we're good at making lists for the things we're gonna milk rep and then so many times we get home that's like okay phrase oh I don't know we're eating tonight after we record this video cuz we don't completely plan it all the way through we're working on like dinners and since we plan and then weekends and dinners for the week yeah we just like after we have in the stores and everything and I don't know whatever we spend an hour yeah play it up and it gets really agitated because he's hangry a lot of times so then I have to deal with man for my I need food for my games what get headaches when I get hungry I don't whatever what's next on the list this isn't about me dad actually all the tips that are you oh oh cuz we're yeah but that's our advice for you know if you just started trying to eat healthy you know you don't have to go to Whole Foods you can for some things but I wouldn't start off there because you don't blow

your whole check there's also options like thrive market that's all check out sprouts I mean you don't need all the if you're going into gym you don't need all the fancy free work you don't need that yet start with some coffee or some tea or something like that you know find some kind of protein egg you know it you know like this extra protein sources did I think but we get to we started getting the sprouts alone I mean this you can go to GNC get more expensive stuff but I can't tell you that it's gonna work better for you so yeah we did have a jeans everything was gonna be responsive it yeah we don't think anyway but you know get we didn't end up spinning a lot of hundreds of dollars you can start small things that are practical and get the generic if you want to get fancy at the prime based or the organic and stuff like that you can grow to that but don't scare yourself up it it's scary yourself or you blow your check it out set up it because you're less likely to stick to it if you're broke at the end of it you're just like you know it's cheaper for me to just not eat like this yeah so yeah you're you're most likely

like private probably to quit yeah after all if you're spending too much money and you're doing too much like meat its arsenal this isn't on the list but like things I would say a suggest like for you know we like protein foods or destiny if you're working out eggs are good tuna it's good mm-hmm what's so I think sardines as well yes Ariana's high in calorie is like um tuna but I still love but not yeah but those are all good cheap protein sources I mean we got like 10 packs of those different tunas for like it was 10 for $10 yeah it may have like I don't know it's like you know it can be range anywhere from like 11 to like almost 20 grams of protein in it yeah it's like a good cheat meal that you can do in a well I wouldn't call it a meal not for me though I mean like a good snack like if you need an additional protein in your diet that's usually what a lot of people were missing is just a little bit more protein carbs is easy that is easy proteins usually the harder thing to get so yeah and then also another tip like as far as like to avoid the cost of a

lot of protein bars is just buy protein powder and then make your own bars yeah like we used to do that a lot more we need to get back into doing that but yeah because you're paying for convenience yeah basically and then you know making your own you know what you what ingredients are going in as well so that it's healthier I'm sure yeah yeah but I think that's about it um yeah I don't have anything else um I guess watch out for our next video and thanks for watching thanks for watching let us know describe yeah let us know if you have any advice or tips for saving money or you know how what you're doing if you have any questions we'll let you know if we know it we know the answer we'll try to give you same way okay advice yeah alright thanks for watching see you next time bye [Music]