21 October 2018

Eating For Longevity Health Boosting Staples of The Italian Diet


you've heard me say it a hundred times Italians are among the healthiest people on the planet and it's not because they're spending hours at the gym it's their diet now I know what you're thinking what about that pizza and pasta isn't it loaded with lectins sure but pizza and pasta aren't the only things Italians eat that's like assuming all weed is cheeseburgers the truth is the Italian diet is actually made up of some of the healthiest things on the planet and today I want to walk you through just a few of those olives and olive oil you know how much I love olive oil I've done a whole video on it after all it's great for your heart health your brain your immune system and even your weight now the Italians make some of the best olive oils on the planet and eat plenty of it too whenever I'm in Italy I love the chance to sample the local olive oils the range and flavors from grassy and spicy buttery is amazing how about wild caught seafood Italy's got water on three sides so it's no surprise that seafood is a mainstay of the Italian diet and wild caught seafood including fish shellfish shrimp lobster mussels

and even squid and octopus are incredible for your health and don't forget anchovies and sardines thanks to their lean protein and most importantly their high omega-3 content shrimp even have an added bonus if you eat the shells you're consuming one of nature's lectin blockers and don't worry the shells are completely edible they just add a little bit of texture to the mix now how about leafy greens it seems like there's always a plate of dark polyphenol rich leafy greens on the table in Italy sometimes they're raw drizzled in balsamic vinegar and olive oil sometimes they're braised for hours and all oil and garlic until they're practically falling apart in any way they make them they're too delicious to resist and since they play such a key role in your health and keeping those gut bugs happy why resist at all now how about red wine let me be clear I am not telling you to go crazy and drink a bottle of red wine every night and if you're not a drinker please don't start on my account but a small florida six ounce glass at night is actually pretty good for your health

thanks in part to a polyphenol called resveratrol and resveratrol is linked to a huge number of health benefits it's got anti-inflammatory properties antiviral properties and it's even connected to heart and brain health so feel free to pour yourself a toast to good health but remember a four to six ounce is not a big pour it looks something like this the easy way to remember is that there's six ounces four of them in every bottle so for six ounce servings we'll make a bottle of wine that's not much how about garlic and onions when I read Italian recipes they almost always seem to start with garlic onions or a mixture of the both cooked in olive oil and that's fantastic both when it comes to flavor and when it comes to your health you see garlic and onions are chock full of polyphenols and they're pretty high in sulfur too and sulfur helps build strong muscles keep your veins and arteries healthy and even help your skin look great now along with these five staple ingredients the Italian diet is also rich and a few other foods that are incredible for your health nuts especially hazelnuts walnuts pistachios

and pine nuts fresh herbs like basil parsley and oregano pasture-raised eggs actual pasture-raised eggs the italian eggs have almost reddish yolks they're so rich also important to note the foods that are missing from the typical Italian diet or that are often eaten an extreme moderation I'm talking about things like meat especially highly processed foods meat that's not pasture raised tons of dairy or any dairy with the casein a1 protein you know all in all the Italian diet is a good prescription for health and a great way to make sure you're eating delicious meals that satisfy you and your gut bugs I'm dr. Stephen Gundry and I'm always looking out for you thanks for watching click the circular channel icon to subscribe and make sure you don't miss a single video click on the left to watch another great video and don't forget to visit my website for more of my best tips because I'm dr. Gundry and I'm always looking out for you