22 July 2019

Eating breakfast with my cousin kash

hey guys were eating tapas yes and he

has egg Isaac here just I have to hustle and Apple Cheers yes yeah Beach I just ah maybe my egg [Music] to catch up I am yeah oh yeah dice is good right [Music] and fall subscribe to his channel and boys oh yeah go get them champ yes Stoney's my brother I'm his friend [Music] that it's a bad boy you look good right you sleep all day cash I walk about five uncle I look about every day no you look about five - oh I know you want back dude I woke you up I want it in your face huh I'll stick it in your feet oh I know you do baby right there [Music] [Music] [Music] I would buy the car another haul oh sorry Jeff [Music] yeah

you want my yesterday you call that tear him down now put her here for trash have to eat my let me eat you ship around the bite yeah oh right [Music] Oh thumbs up and lend a paw or imagining me I'm what night right mom