23 July 2019

Eating breakfast


bugs [Music] morning guys I didn't finish last my boss give me some food last night I will see if it's not spoiled [Music] Oh [Music] very strong thank you one children for watching me [Music] I know it's men don't in winning I remember before when everyone so many pews that's why another day and then I just take off my uniform and then another yeah very exciting it's my experience in all my I want to show all my talent so I like this really like what I mean the thing that I wonder where my bra but it's not totally wandering us in so we know it's flight only in the showing the black bears and show anything I like modem index when I'm yeah I'm always more modern more than like playing mother mother and then I used my Facebook 2012 guys you know so many people went like like my photos like members dislike like that more than a selfie

I'm addicted on selfie before now because they don't have time anymore the thing is if I'm like this and eat things before I'm doing something I wear clothes like my nice nice clothes my uniform and just post in the social media or people as well so now it's very very beautiful oh no no I don't know how many months I didn't know less meaningful Philippines yes I upload my picture and my facebook if you want me if you want to see my facebook life I'm just I'm there sometimes some days I never showed I never show me because one of my friend is my agent so I just hear it in my sometimes I share in my Instagram but indirect and they repeat in my face sometimes on the base I have my brush also I found the voice also in several 1000 something 400 like them I just post for a while what's a while once a week me I'm very busy also in my singing up slice before when I wake up I'm only staying here now I will maybe sign up singing I mixed up my blogs with only Rex with my own lyrics with my own composition the thing is I'm praying with my own and

I make it and bringing with my own thoughts my own words praise God for my life yeah that's why the fury if you were hearing me sing understand myself you listen my words it's my thoughts it's not every day under its I didn't put that in the race and memorize no in my mind that 3d comes out many like today guys and cleaning the time I saw but it's all my mind void cake all my thoughts is waiting and then I make it so educated yeah didn't I wonder maybe I can compose a song when I start singing I can make my own for the Inca power she's made that's why we give me don't think I want again penny P now we say another line thank you for always watching me shut the backyard hope English commenting here when I'm cooking one comment Marcelo Farrelly thank you very much 23 minutes ago Marcelo is wholly support the she always you only support me all the time same maybe you killed so here entire was commenting here yeah no comments and this cooking time guys 61 views well I

hope the sausage one comment from John I am watching now you have a nice day hopefully thanks thanks we'll be here I just want to show you in my blogs before this with bad days this blog is monetized it's the title is armpit that's why I'm sherry last night 2008 2008 us and this one is 2.8 boos I'm Pete again all the armpit days is monetized all the arm dip is many days got no guys it's the ads is coming that is automatic Philippine and the dragon desire I think you see senior very forgiving the iron and wooden of God's mercy support [Music] definitely don t say a girl shot out to her my friend in the other line she's starting April 22 2009 game get the views of 11 of 714 they about her I'm a Filipina from Philippines a Zippo and anything in the Netherlands welcome to my channel where i share my traveling in Europe and tell what I do what's the different from their country but life is without the Lord we can do nothing here we have a strength full of joy and peace with love and satisfaction

all we can do is call upon his name and he's there for us in Jesus name Amen Thank You CeCe yes very nice guys she's my very nice friend she's tiring died he believed in God like me this Spray thank you guys that's how I am Michelle I'm watching her blood always she is always in library so we want to know about her this watcher LS yes that's all guys and my until about these days my daughter gets in quietly [Music] also simply wife Canino from Japan shaken up a half point four LS nice if you want to visit early just dress vinegar I see you soon and shout out to until about the stuff from way my daughter guys thank you and visit read blogs also thank you very much have a nice day my memories telling me that you are folder for so [Music]