22 July 2019

Eating a mixed diet is the WORST thing you can do! Insulin Resistance and the Randle Cycle explained

In this video I explain why you are better off eating a high carb diet than a mixed diet which is what we are told to eat. Bart Kay Patreon as mentioned: ...

hello today I'm gonna be talking to you

about something called the Randall cycle the title of this video why a mixed diet is the worst thing you can do so they tell us that we should be eating a mixed diet of carbohydrates fats and protein I'm gonna argue in this video that you're better off eating a high carb diet which we know is bad for your health but particularly you could even need a high sugar diet which we know was even worse for your health then eating a mixed diet first off let me say that I learned this from another youtuber from his patreon and I actually talked when the one on one about it as well to get a more in-depth and in-depth understanding his name is Bart Kay I'm gonna link his patreon in description below because it is really a wealth of information he gets extremely scientific in fact I watched his video on this a few times to try to fully understand it intent of this video is to summarize this within five minutes or so as to why and then encourage you to go check out his picture on if you'd like more information one of the main causes of insulin resistance is actually combining fats and carbohydrates together not just

the overconsumption of carbohydrates although that can lead to insulin resistance over time but we're talking about one of the main causes that that is likely the main culprit I would guess in society as to why insulin resistance is so present prevalent and if for those who don't know insulin resistance leads to type 2 diabetes it leads to obesity heart disease is that there's a lot of problems essentially what we call metabolic syndrome and that and in fact I'm gonna link one more thing in the description by dr. Eric SATA cough who has a great some great visuals on metabolic syndrome alright so how does it work what is the Randalls cycle well I'm going to share my screen here and this slide actually comes from one of bars presentations on the rental cycle again description below what you're looking at here in the blue is essentially your blood in the beige is your cell membrane and in the green is something called the mitochondria that's a little bit outside of the scope of this video of what it is but basically the mitochondria is your cells powerhouse that actually creates

energy for you it's simply simple so I can put it as you can see there's two entrance points here into the cell once I mean from glucose one stemming from LCF eight which stands for long-chain fatty acid I am NOT going to get into everything what all these are called or what they mean again check out Bart's video for that but I will say this when you consume fat essentially in the form of long-chain fatty acids in the absence of glucose or in small quantities of glucose okay this pathway will occur I'm going to walk you through it now you consume the fat the long-chain fatty acids come down here into the cell and eventually they pass into your mitochondria which they are converted into energy okay through this it's actually called acetyl coenzyme a okay what I want you to focus on is this little we're gonna call it a stopper here okay what this means is the pathway stemming from glucose actually gets blocked okay one when it comes to energy production as you can see the arrow going down here okay alright so what that means is when you consume fat in the absence of glucose or in small amounts of glucose small

amounts of carbohydrates aka generally a ketogenic diet or a corner or diet or any kind of low carb diet this will actually block the ability to use glucose for energy he presumed that when he discovered this that fatty acids will always overrule glucose which ends up not being true some scientists later down the road found out the other side of this which I'm going to show you in a second but when this is produced in the mitochondria we also get a billow buildup of citrate here which actually blocks again the even the ability for glucose to and enter the cell in the first place you see how this iterate is blocking this okay so this is the entrance of glucose so it's actually a imagine like a door and the fat is standing in the side the door and it's just saying here's the doorway you can't get through right okay again I'm not gonna go over everything on the slide a point is fat in a low carb situation will actually block carbs from being entered in okay and the mitochondria to be able to produce pyruvates so the rain will cycle shows that this is blocked on the flip side of that when you consume

carbohydrates and larger quantities in fat in smaller quantities the same exact thing happens just on the earth which means that you are not going to be using fat for energy you're gonna be using glucose for energy and the mitochondria is going to produce ATP from pyruvate which comes from glucose and what's gonna happen it's gonna go all the way up this chain and then it's going to block this actually actually once it reaches this melon all coenzyme a it's going to actually store the rest as triglycerides whatever is not used okay buddy mitochondria aka fat so this is your cells actually converting glucose into fat and for storage alright very good so what the heck does that have to do with being a mixed diet well when you have a high level of fat and a high level of glucose in the blood okay both actually get blocked they are blocking each other see if that makes any sense so because these two are antagonistic against each other they actually block one another meaning that neither can get through what happens is insulin sends a trigger okay to send either this glucose or fats to your cells for energy

well after you eat all right so these two things get blocked okay because they're fighting one another so what does your body have to do it actually has to introduce more insulin again because your cells are actually starving so you get hungry when you combine high carbs and high fats together when you have a lot in your bloodstream you will feel more hungry and you've probably experienced that you eat a huge meal which is a ton of fat and carbs two hours later you're hungry again maybe you feel like you're starving your cells are actually starving okay and this is the mechanism for how it works it's called the Randall cycle so the more and more insulin you produce okay and the more and more that you block these two entrances by having this antagonism the more likely you are to get insulin resistance because you are going to be chronically insulin resistant because your cells have to keep producing more and more and more of it simple it's what I can put it okay so the Randall cycle is really is likely the main way which causes insulin resistance because it's not just the overproduction it's such as the

overconsumption of glucose by itself most people are eating a mixed diet a majority of people are eating a mixed diet high in carbohydrates and high in fat particularly processed foods junk foods etc that is why when someone goes on a vegan low-fat diet they can get a reduction in insulin resistance it's not just keto and low carb diets that can reverse insulin resistance and why is that it's because of the Wrangell cycle because they are no longer combining and blocking these two pathways now can that have other health detriment down the line yes and many of you know that but that's besides the point I'm talking about someone that's going in a more you know high carb vegan diet above rice and beans it's salad and vegetables and some sugars and things like that fruits and all that and they don't eat much fat they will likely start to reverse insulin resistance based on this randall cycle so i just wanted to say the point of this video is to show you that overall it's better to choose one or the other to choose a high-fat diet or medium to high fat diet or a high carb diet than to actually combine the two and that's what

they tell us to do all the time is that we're supposed to have this mixed diet in moderation and all that yeah so that's nonsense don't listen to that that's how the mechanism works and hopefully that helps some people out there if you're interested you can reach me on my website cooking in ketones calm I have some recipes on there and a blog as well as a patreon which I have a slack group which we have group messaging and and it's just a small monthly fee if you want to join and it's there's some kind of text consultations there every single day as well as one-on-one consulting so anyway that's it that's the Randall psych on a nutshell thank you