06 October 2017

Eat this, not that: Condiments and sauces

One of the best ways to add flavor to food is by adding condiments. But a lot of the sauces on the market are high in sugars, soy, and other dangerous lectins.


so what makes food delicious you know it's actually usually not the food itself after all an unseasoned piece of chicken or a steamed vegetable isn't delicious on its own it takes some finessing and the easiest way to finesse the flavor of food is condiments but many of the condiments out there just don't fit the plant paradox plan at least not when you buy them off supermarket shelves so what can you do suffer with bland food not at all all you have to do is make smart substitutions and I'm going to show a few of my favorite substitutions right now let's start with good old mayonnaise Mayo is a staple and sandwiches tunas salads and anything else you want to make creamy but store-bought mayonnaise is often made with canola oil or soybean oil and loaded with artificial stabilizers and sometimes even sweeteners not what you want but here's the thing mayo and his purest form isn't bad you can make your own in a blender just combine omega-3 eggs olive oil lemon juice add some minced garlic if you're feeling fancy if you want to make a delicious substitution though take a super right avocado mash it up with a

lemon and use it in place with mayo I do this all the time it's delightful and if you really don't want to work get one of the new avocado based mayonnaise all right now let's move on to peanut butter it's one of the most popular condiments in America and one of the most harmful to your digestive tract immune system and worst of all your coronary arteries you see peanut butter is a nasty combo on one hand it's packed with immune triggering lectins and on the other hand it's downright addictive people just can't resist gorging on it the second it hits their taste buds the best bet is to keep it out of your reach entirely so what do you reach for instead well here's where I get to the really good news you've got plenty of tasty alternatives to peanut butter and they're just getting more plentiful every year these days you can find walnut butter almond butter even pistachio butter and tahini sesame seeds are fantastic for you they're all in your supermarket shelves and if you're craving the saltiness of peanut butter just whisk a couple of drops of coconut aminos into the almond butter for the same savory punch now let's move on to

the big one soy sauce soy sauce is absolutely packed with lectins and other anti nutrients that make the hormones and systems in your body go haywire and the worst part is you don't see the effects of this until much later and never realise things like soy sauce or what caused it but if you cook with a lot of Asian food you may be wondering how you'll live without it and remember even though it's billed as a healthy alternative tamari is just as bad so what are you doing stead how can you season these delicious plant paradox friendly vegetable stir fries good news you've got two options fish sauce now brace yourself it's a little funky smelling but it adds a similar savory kick of soy just remember a little of this goes a long way so use a drop or two at a time and go from there I actually use a lot of it myself now here's my favorite coconut aminos it's a plant-based option made from coconut this is another one where a little goes a long way so start slow but I think you'll find it's just as satisfying a soy in all your favorite dishes even marinades now let's move on to a

condiment that you'll find at any cookout barbecue sauce now I know barbecue sauce is sweet delicious and it adds a great flavor to meat that's why it's a classic on American grills but let's be honest it's loaded with sugar and chances are if you're buying a barbecue sauce straight off the shelves you're getting one that's heavy and tomato sauce too after all one of the main ingredients in most store bought barbecue sauce its ketchup but there are a lot better ways to add flavor to meat consider a marinade made of olive oil lemon juice plenty of fresh herbs and garlic it's a great way to beat the bland flavor without destroying your digestive system and if you want something more barbecue inspired consider Carolina barbecue sauce it's vinegar and mustard based not tomato based and it's pretty easy to make just look up a recipe online and if it calls for sugar just swap stevia in the recipe last but not least let's deal with salsa salsa is quickly becoming America's most popular condiment and with all the tomatoes and the peppers it turns into a high-powered lectin bomb inside your body so instead of salsa consider a

spicy hot sauce the peppers are fermented so they're really a lot lighter in lectins and even better a little goes a long way and if you're wanting to have a Mexican inspired depth to consider vaca moly it's a wonderfully satisfying dish loaded with good fats and all sorts of wonderful nutrients just make sure to prepare it without tomatoes true guacamole doesn't have tomatoes all right those are all the condiments we're covering today I hope you enjoy these substitutions when you try them after all there's no need to suffer with bland food in fact when foods horrible you have too many wonderful healthy options because I'm dr. Stephen Gundry and I'm always looking out for you thanks for watching click the circular channel icon to subscribe and make sure you don't miss a single video click on the left to watch another great video and don't forget to visit my website for more of my best tips because I'm dr. Gundry and I'm always looking out for you