21 July 2019

EASY Way to LOSE WEIGHT FAST! ft SkinnyMint Fat BurningGummies

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what's good and my tongue is blue cuz I

was just eating some cake that was like so bad to say in a video that I'm about to talk about maybe talking to you guys about a way to potentially lose weight because I know I get this question a lot and if you know me you know that I do not like doing cardio so this could be an alternative for those of you who don't like doing cardio either this company called skinny mint hit me up because they have new products which are the super fat burning dummies I thought this was interesting because we all know about the tea's like all the skinny teas bla bla bla so I thought this was interesting because I haven't seen gummy forms of these before so it's like huh I'll dab a little bit I'll dab a little bit and try it out basically it is a very easy kind of process to just add these into like your daily everyday diet the way you're supposed to use them in the way that I use them is you take two in the morning and you take two at night so the ones that you take in the morning are the super fat burning gummies that powerup wines and those are in the espresso flavor the green coffee bean expresso flavored and I will say honestly this is not my favorite flavor

because I personally do not like coffee like I don't drink coffee like Starbucks or like any type of coffee I don't drink um because I don't like coffee but if you do then you will like this flavor but yeah since I don't really like coffee that much I haven't been taking this every single morning but the one that I have been taking every single day is a super fat burning gummies the hunger buster and this is in the pineapple flavor so what I will say about these is you take two in the morning with your breakfast and like a glass of water and then you can take these two in the afternoon as a snack I would not recommend taking these as a meal replacement because you should not be eating gummies as a meal replacement like do not do that especially if you're trying to get toned or you're trying to like gain muscle still and lose fat you can't replace meals with something like this what I would recommend is taking this about an hour before you go work out and what that has done for me when I did this was it gave me more energy is what I will say now can I vote for this that these

helped me lose weight you guys know that I am a workout person so I work out like six days a week as well as eating pretty clean so I can't really tell if it's all these factors that really go into me losing weight and if that is so then yes it did help me lose weight because I mean I took these along with my good diet and along with me going to the gym six days a week if you're trying to start off and getting to a fitness journey I would recommend trying out some things like this to kind of get started because supplements like these can help as a starter if you don't really know really what all to do these things can kind of kickstart your fitness journey so I do recommend for those starting off if you're more of an advanced you know workout person you already know what to do to basically lose weight you feel me get big you got me I so yeah like I said the pineapple ones are my favorite they takes honestly how they smell like they smell like they smell like pineapple looks like I don't know how to I don't know how to explain it but um it's basically just like a gummy my god I want to talk eating but it's super

easy super simple basically just two in the morning two in the afternoon boom it is sugar-free gluten-free vegetarian and these the expresso flavors and this is the same but this is just the pineapple flavor so um with all that being said I don't know if you guys want to try him out I definitely think you should give it a go I will put the links to this item down below if y'all want to get it a go if you have any more questions for me about them be sure to let me know I have only been taking these for a week now so I will give a little update maybe later on in the comments come in another week but from this week that I have been taking them I will say it's giving me more energy yeah you already know what my social media links are to follow me on and let me know if I'm more fitness related videos and I might get back which ah with that so I'll see y'all later bye