24 September 2018

Easy Vegan Lunch Ideas! {Healthy and Lazy -ish}

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hey guys welcome back to a new recipe video today I have three to four super simple lunch ideas to share with you but first let me tell you that my website is finally live you can check it out link is in the description this site works as the perfect search engine for my recipes so if you're looking for anything specific head over there and that should help out because honestly it's getting kind of confusing trying to find them on YouTube of course the site was built using Squarespace and they were so nice to sponsor this video again so if you yourself are in need of a website go to squarespace.com slash mean out roam okay I'll do the recipes the first idea is for this pasta the one that you've been looking at for the past minute it's made with a red pepper and chick pea sauce pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees then roughly cut up a small to medium sized onion into quarters deseed and cut up one red pepper also make sure to peel one clove of garlic to onion peppers and garlic you're going to add a teaspoon of olive oil and a bit of salt lay it all out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and put it into the oven for 15 to 20 minutes in the meantime

cook up the pasta of your choice I'm going with spelt pasta here to make the sauce blend together the following ingredients the roasted peppers onions and garlic chickpeas smoked paprika powder nutritional yeast and non-dairy milk reheat the sauce and season with salt and pepper to taste lastly throw in the pasta and that is it well it's not quite it because we're gonna cover this whole thing in more nutritional yeast for this next idea we're making a simple falafel salad with a creamy yogurt dressing these are not authentic falafels but they're delicious and super easy to make roast a sweet potato in the oven for 40 to 50 minutes meanwhile you can wait or get a head start on the falafel mix we're using the food processor again surprise is it processor as a processor I don't know add in the following things a can of chickpeas drained and rinsed oats 1 red onion 2 cloves of garlic the juice of half a lemon salt and pepper fresh basil or parsley and some ground-up cumin which I almost forgot to add [Music] now blend if you don't want to fry these you don't have to they also work if you

bake them so shape the falafel mix into patties place them on a baking sheet with parchment paper this goes into the oven for 25 minutes flipping them about halfway through they do look a bit dry but they're not they're still nice and soft inside so if you choose to fry them though grab a big skillet heat up some oil in there and once hot at the falafels cook them for two to three minutes on each side once they're golden brown outside in the middle is nice and soft you know that they're done yeah to make the dressing simply combine plain hummus with unsweetened vegan yogurt and some lemon juice you can also add salt pepper or any other seasoning then assemble everything I first added a bit of spinach to my bowl then cherry tomatoes some of the cooked sweet potato cucumber a few of the falafels and then covered everything in the hummus yogurt sauce and that's it for meal number three we're making a roasted pepper and bean Bowl which kind of reminds me of fajitas a bit preheat the oven to 180 degrees cook up the grain of your choice I went for bulgor to make

this recipe even easier you could choose couscous instead because then you just have to pour water like hot water on top and that's basically it I cooked up the bulgor according to the packaging [Music] and then while that was sitting and doing its thing I was chopping up some veggies so peppers and onions we meet again so here I'm cutting up the onion just roughly into rings but the shape really doesn't matter I transferred the peppers to a bowl adding a bit of oil and seasoned salt [Music] the onion goes next to the peppers because we need them for two different things roast everything for 15 to 20 minutes halfway through the roasting process add a third of a cup of walnuts to the onion side now the last component of the bowl is going to be a bean paste so once again take out the food processor and there goes a can of kidney beans the roasted onion and walnuts a tablespoon of barbecue sauce lemon juice extra salt and pepper and I'd highly recommend you to add some fresh parsley in there

as well I just didn't have any that's it now let us bring the whole thing together so starting with a bowl or then adding some of the peppers avocado greens the bean paste fresh basil if you want spring onion and baked tortilla chips squeezed over somewhere lemon juice and if you like add some pre-made marinara sauce it's a messy Bowl but it's it's really good since I have a major sweet tooth sometimes lunch for me is breakfast again so here's just a really quick kind of basic idea that I've been making a lot lately a few pieces of whole wheat bread topped with Sun butter if you don't know what Sun butter is it is sunflower seeds roasted in a pan without oil for like 3 to 5 minutes on medium high and then blended in a food processor for 5 minutes or so until smooth it can also be found in many organic stores I've been enjoying many Sun butter and jam sandwiches recently this one I topped off with banana and it's just a great nut free alternative to the original peanut butter and jam combination maybe it's not as good as peanut butter but it's still good it tastes just different so that's it for

idea number 4 before you leave me though let me talk a bit more about my snazzy new Squarespace website it has all of my recipes on it organized by breakfast lunch dinner snacks and desserts you can also use this search bar here if you're looking for something specific let say hummus how convenient it has all of my travel food vlogs organized by destination and a landing page for my ebook I love how this I came out I love the style of it and that is why I went for Squarespace in the first place because the design of their templates is super sleek and professional-looking also their customer service was really nice to me and very helpful when I needed them so I can highly recommend you to try it out yourself if you want to make your own blog online store portfolio whatever it might be click the link below and use the code lena rome for 10% off your first purchase thank you so much for being here thanks for all the support thanks for watching thanks to Squarespace for supporting this video I'll see you in my next one pursue it they can't hold me down no find all the holy hold on till you see

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