22 July 2019



excited this is your meal planning guide

this is going to make grocery shopping meal planning prepping getting on track to get in shape to get healthy a lot a lot easier so here when you first open it you see a plant-based plate just breaking down the food groups here to make a balanced plate to make sure that you are getting in a variety of nutrients that you need you're going to want to be eating vegetables fruits whole grains legumes and beans and then a nice healthy source of fat like from nuts and seeds essential omega-3 fatty acids like from hemp seeds soaked chia seeds or ground flax seeds I would say at least two tablespoons of one of those every day also pumpkin seeds cashews avocados a great source of fat I want to say off the bat that this is also a great picture of the portion sizes so as you can see the nuts and seeds is really only a garnish a little bit goes a long way when it comes to these healthy fats however when it comes to the grains fruits vegetables and beans feel free you know these are you know these are definitely foods that you can eat more in abundance for sure and not feel too full not eat too many calories by accident

and also these calcium rich foods this is kind of cool in this image that foods like oranges and figs kale and broccoli and soy foods are good source of calcium and I like it how in the corner here here they have salt as a source of iodine like iodized salt but I actually recommend getting a kelp shaker so Maine Coast vegetables Maine coast Atlantic coast kelp has a shaker that's like a salt shaker but instead of salt it's dehydrated kelp or dulse which are sea vegetables those are seaweed b12 vitamin D you can get from the Sun being making sure we're outside for at least 20 minutes every day and then this is a walnut like I said making sure you're getting in ground flaxseed soaks chia seeds walnuts are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and those are the three that I do recommend supplementing which we will get into later in the program but your iodine b12 d3 and omega-3 fatty acids so yeah the food groups to make up a healthy balanced meal vegetables fruits whole grains beans legumes and nuts and seeds so now we're going to go over how to eat what you want and get in shape your favorite meal exercise so thinking

about your favorite meal for example a lot of people say Kati I love pizza so let's go through this together what vegetables are in pizza plain cheese pizza I would probably set in tomato sauce fruits probably none whole grains the crust maybe white flour and then beans like use none healthy fats when it comes to healthy fats I don't want to say that cheese is necessarily a healthy fat that's actually does not have unsaturated beneficial fats in it that's more of a saturated fat so I'm not gonna recommend cheese so looking through this there's definitely some things that we could add to this meal to make it more healthy so I would probably say you know maybe having a side salad and yeah for foods to add you could say out a side salad and maybe adding some mushrooms and broccoli and onions on top so for a comment I want to say earlier in the day maybe be sure to eat some beans and a healthy source of protein or eat beans on the side that kind of a thing so we're really just going through and seeing okay what needs to be changed here and I want to say also have for dessert so maybe you were gonna have some type of berries or pineapple you

could put pineapple on the pizza what can you add to this meal to make it more healthy so I invite you to go through this exercise with different ideas that you have of a favorite meal so instead of just having an entire cheese pizza to yourself or just having four or three slices of pizza for a meal what can we add to this to have our pizza and still have a healthy balanced meal that's what this is all about so let's have our pizza let's have some beans and broccoli add some veggies and fruit on top maybe some fruit for dessert and make sure we're getting the nutrients we need to have a healthy balanced diet so now that we went over the meal planning exercise let's plan this out what are some ideas you have for meals that you like already so I provide an example I like having overnight oats for breakfast a hummus wrap for lunch sweet potato quesadillas for dinner and then an apple of peanut butter and I have an Sol column so that stands for out of luck so that's when you're in your car and you're just like or when you're camping or whatever that's um that's what this column is for so basically this is for you to just go

through and think okay I know that I actually really like smoothies for breakfast and smoothies you can make that healthy thinking back about the favorite meal exercise I like my smoothies with greens berries so that's my vegetables fruits whole grains you could put some oats in your smoothie or have oatmeal on the side or have a piece of toast with it for a whole-grain beans legumes maybe not in this meal but I would do want to have a little healthy fat in here with GSEs so you get what I'm saying we're really just going through and seeing how to make the balanced meals and then do that same thing for lunch dinner snacks and let's just like think about just flush out all of your ideas like maybe I also like tofu scramble also I like toast with avocado and like go through this and make them balanced meal so that you have a whole list of meals to choose from when you go down and make your meal plan so it doesn't have to be fancy let's plan something out together so for breakfast this week I think I'm gonna have smoothies every day smoothie and then for lunch um what I like for lunch

yeah hummus wrap with tempeh that sounds good so yeah basically you're just gonna go back and forth and plan out your meals for the week and make sure it feels good in your heart you feel excited about it it doesn't feel too stressful it's not something way too fancy okay this is really to make your life a lot easier not more complicated not harder and then lastly setting up your grocery list so I just provided these bullet points here because a lot of people they just write out a list and then they end up like running circles around the grocery store so I like to set up my grocery list with the different sections in the grocery store so that I don't have to be going all around so set your grocery list up where what produce items do you need what refrigerated items you need what grocery items with both items what frozen items so that you don't miss anything when you're in that section and then answer these questions when are you gonna go grocery shopping like this is may seem silly but it's actually really necessary to think about I'm gonna go after work on Friday okay whatever it is when are you preparing these meals um Friday

night will prepare most and then Saturday morning so really make sure that you are thinking ahead up when can you actually make yourself food so that's one thing people just don't think give it the thought and then they buy all this food and then it goes bad or it goes to waste because I didn't think about when they were gonna prepare it and they didn't actually plan ahead so let's break down those barriers and make sure you actually pan this out what needs to be packed ahead of time and prepared excuse me when you say prepared ahead of time and what are you going to make last minute so things like um like dressings for example we need to be prepared but last minute like smoothies will make on the fly sure you could prep your smoothies ahead and make individual little baggies and freeze those all or you could just make a big thing of a smoothie in the fridge but I just like it's really quick for me to just make it on the fly whereas something like a dressing you don't want to be remaking a dressing every single time you go to make a salad like that's something that you want to prepare ahead of time so think that through make sure

the things that need to be prepared ahead of time get prepared ahead of time and have so much fun with this like dance do something fun invite some people over I don't know watch your favorite youtuber me watch your favorite something while you're cooking and just like have it be something really sacred and beautiful and fun like food is only literally what makes up every single cell in our bodies so it's really important to make that sacred again and then lastly what barriers might come up to prevent you from getting this done how and why are you going to best prepare so these barriers don't keep you from being prepared with food this week so what can I keep me from getting this done well Friday I tend to be really tired because long week and I'm going to best prepare so these barriers don't keep me from being prepared with food this week I'm going to I'm going to remember how I want to feel I'm going to pack my grocery bags and prepare my grocery list you know I'm going to have grocery lists and grocery bags I'm going to tell my friend about it to hold me accountable I'm gonna tell Katie about it tell me so

you get it so basically let's break down whatever you think might hold you back whatever party is going on or whatever ask people for support saying look I want I'm gonna be at your party and hold me accountable because I need to cut myself food because I really want to because I'm doing this program and I'm really excited about it so be sure to take your time go through this it should take about I don't know at least 20 minutes like really think this stuff through and um this will help you even if you're eating out to eat if you're going out to a restaurant or at a party thinking about are you getting a balanced variety of nutrients what is your plate look for you're getting a bunch of colors in there um after doing this exercise you're gonna find going out to eat and going to parties you'll find yourself thinking it through and being able to eat a lot more balanced and a lot more healthy I hope this helps a lot let me know what questions you have and be sure to fill this out and we'll talk soon