11 December 2019

Easy Marinated Flank Steak | Living Healthy Recipes

you know over the years I've spent a lot

of time in this room well in the kitchen not necessarily this kitchen but I've spent a lot of time in the kitchen making one one recipe or another and I can remember all the way back to when I was actually shorter than the countertop in the kitchen that I was in there using a chair and standing up on a chair and mixing this or mixing that in a bowl helping my helping my mom make dinner or cookies or or whatever it was my mother used to love being in the kitchen and over the years different recipes stand out in your mind yeah you make a lot of you you make a lot of recipes over the years and a lot of the recipes just they they're one-offs if you will and then there are recipes that you just never forget and I remember I remember when I was growing up back in Cleveland Ohio or the Cleveland area I should say on our birthdays we got the choose we always got the choose what we were going to have for dinner and I would always choose to tuna casserole interestingly enough even though I wouldn't eat fish on Lynn on Fridays I like tuna casserole for whatever reason especially when they put the little peas in in the tuna casserole but but anyway another recipe

that stands out from my childhood was three whole chocolate cake three whole chocolate cake and and that was a recipe that was given to me by one of my customers on my paper route and I had a customer her name was mrs. Sweeney mrs. Sweeney and she was married to judge Sweeney and judge Sweeney passed away and mrs. Sweeney was a widow and I used to help her carry things in from the garage or do whatever she was just a wonderful wonderful lady and I think she she was well into her 70s or 80s at that point in time and she used to always give me this when I would deliver the paper oftentimes she would give me a something sweet and one of my favorites was this this cake that she used to make and it was called three-hole chocolate cake and she gave me the recipe and I used to make it at home and I don't remember the specifics of the cake but I know that you took all the dry ingredients and then the recipe said that you make three little holes and the dry ingredients and I think you poured oil in one and you poured water in the other eggs and I don't remember but it was three whole chocolate cake and that

was one of my favourite recipes as well I don't even have that recipe I don't know maybe you could google it and find three little chocolate cake but today I'm going to share one of my favorite recipes and the ingredients they're just right over there on the just right over there on the counter top and that they did the recipe it's a rather simple recipe and chances are you probably don't even after go out to your store to pick up any of the ingredients other than maybe the the meat itself but it comes from this book here the Sonoma the Sonoma diet the Sonoma diet trimmer waist better health in just ten days enjoy foods with flavor lose weight for life and this is based on a used to live in Sonoma County out in California and that the diet is is based on a Mediterranean diet very very similar to what you might find in in certain regions of Italy for example and one of my favorite recipes that I've come to back to time and time again is marinated flank steak marinated flank steak that the prep time monitor is only twenty minutes you marinate it for marinate the steak for one to 24 hours grill it for 17 and and it's a rather nice recipe and

I I thought you know I was going to make that for dinner tonight and have a marinated flank steak put that on the grill and maybe make some baby potatoes and a little acorn squash or something like nough salad to go with it and I thought I'd share this recipe with you if only because it's just so easy so easy to make anybody could make this recipe so let's uh let's take a look at the ingredients these would be the ingredients for the marinade you have rosemary now they they call for either fresh or dried crushed crushed right at the spices and the recipe calls for 1 1/4 cup of chopped fresh rosemary or 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary crushed and then it also calls for a tablespoon of chopped fresh marjoram or 1 teaspoon crushed and then you can have it asks for oregano so I want some revenue which is be a tablespoon of fresh oregano or 1 teaspoon dried oregano crushed and then it goes on it asks for 3 garlic cloves which I've already I've already chopped those or minced those rather it's three garlic cloves minced one and a half teaspoons minced and the recipe continues on in it it wants one and a

half teaspoons of paprika 1 teaspoon of kosher salt one teaspoon of crushed red pepper and 1 teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper I don't have any freshly ground but I'm gonna use the pure ground that you see there in the can and then 3 tablespoons of olive oil and that is your that's your recipe so you can see what I've done with the you can see what I've done with the steak the steak I've actually flank steak is it's got the grain you know going to the lengthwise so what I did was I just took a knife and I scored it you see you just kind of like that scored it diagonally both ways crisscross and I did the same on both sides and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna rub that marinade that you see right there and what I actually believe that I might have not put in enough rosemary so I'm gonna chop up our grounder or crush a little bit more rosemary I think I only added a TSP when I should have added a tablespoon but we'll be right back and I'm just going to put the put the the marinade into the into the meat there I've added a little bit more rosemary and I've taken about half of the the marinade and sea marinade you could

almost call this a calm we'll call this a rub and I don't know if I can focus on that or not it's a little bit a little bit difficult with this with this camera but anyway we will what we're gonna do now is I'm just gonna rub this just gonna rub this across the steak just like that I'm just gonna rub it into the into the slots if you will and get it all nice and then let this marinade for the better part of the better part of the day and then come do Merton dinner time I'll fire up the fire up the grill and we'll have a just a wonderful wonderful dinner and this is a recipe really that anybody can do it's just so it's just so easy to to make this and the flavor so it's got a little bit of a kick with the with the red pepper it's got a little bit of a kick to it but not not too much to be quite honest with you it's just it's a little bit on the on the spicy side but it sure is it sure is good so I'm gonna let this marinade I'll put this into the into the refrigerator and take it out about an hour thirty minutes into an hour before actually putting it on the grill and let it come to let it come to room temperature but there it is folks

your marinated flank steak let's let's get it in the fridge and then we'll we'll be back a little bit later it is dinner time well almost dinnertime that steak has been marinating for the better part of several hours and I just pulled that out of the about an hour ago to bring it up to room temperature so I'm gonna put this on the put this on the barbie as my friend oz would say down under and then to complement the to complement the steak I'm gonna use my ninja foodie here and just a wonderful steamer you see I've got some broccoli already to go with the with this so I'm gonna go ahead and and just fire fire that up let's see if I can't get that going so that's going now that's demon and then some baby potatoes you know it's taken steak and broccoli and some some wonderful baby potatoes that I'm gonna cook at 425 for about 15 minutes and while all that's cooking there's the salad you gotta have the salad I love my salad this is probably the same salad that I've been making for years and I've never really had quite a complaint about the salad it's got the the croutons and the tomatoes and the

bell pepper and onion and mushroom and and then a mix of different leaf lettuce so let's uh let's get the steak on the barbie the temperature on the barbecue this is a little barbecue I picked up it's a portable barbecue we're supposed to be portable and I just have it sitting on a an old bookcase waiting to go out to Goodwill but I had thought I would just throw this in my truck and take it on my trip across America but ended up not doing it so we've got a really nice hot fire going in here right now and I'm just gonna take this and throw my throw my steak on and just let that just let that cook for a little while and boy that's gonna be good one of the interesting things I learned about cooking was it was all in the timing I was a cook I used to cook for 800 people a night that's right 800 my mother cooked for 12 a night and I cooked for the better part of 800 people a night and in doing so I learned very quickly it's all about the timing you know get everything get everything going and get everything done so it's gonna get everything time so it's just gonna come out just right and I've got the broccoli

steaming for about another five minutes potatoes are in the oven they'll be out in about five or six minutes and I'll go down and turn this steak over and give that about another five minutes about four or five minutes per side so it's all in the timing that's really it is and there you have it I've already I'd be lying if I said I didn't taste it already it is fantastic and you see I like it medium and it came out just perfect absolutely absolutely perfect so I'll get this served up with the with the with the rest of the dinner and it should be it should be a wonderful evening and dinner is served marinated flank steak doesn't that look absolutely fantastic with some baby potatoes and some steamed broccoli and a wonderful wonderful salad you know I've learned to do many things over the years I've learned to ride a bike I learned to swim I learned my ABCs I learned how to design websites but you know what I think cooking learning how to cook was probably one of the very very best things that I possibly could have learn and boy does that look good have a

great evening