24 September 2018

EASY & HEALTHY Meal Ideas | Homemade Vegetable Stock

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hello and welcome back to my channel

today I am filming a what I eat in a day video these are some of my favorite videos to make some of my favorite videos to watch I love getting ideas from other people's kind of day-to-day diets and seeing what other people like to eat getting some inspiration getting some cool recipes so I hope that you guys get that from me today these are some of my go-to recipes for breakfast I pretty much always have a smoothie depending on what's in season the fruit varies a little bit but there's always plenty of tropical fruit lots of oats chia seeds and water I try to get whatever oranges are in season to make some fresh orange juice and always some sort of leafy green to boost that iron intake you know for lunch today and this is a regular on my weekly menu my sort of like cheat sushi which is super easy to make you can put pretty much anything inside it sometimes I put just like raw vegetables that's really great with avocado cucumber and today we did tuna with jalapenos which is tonight for dinner we're gonna have like a homemade sort of Thai style curry and where I live you can't really get pastes so I've learned to kind of make my own I'm sure

it's not super authentic but it's really delicious it's full of whole foods and I feel really good eating it and yeah good morning so I usually start my day with a smoothie some chia seeds banana oats often ginger tumeric passion fruit oranges and whatever leafy greens I have in my fridge I put it all into my my blender here there's really no rhyme or reason I usually juice the oranges before I put them in and then I end up with a delicious green smoothie like this guy this is for two people I usually share it with my boyfriend he's being nice I really like making my own vegetable stock basically what I do is I collect all the scraps from the vegetables that I get this is probably a week and a half's worth of scraps I put it all into a pot after I don't defrost it or anything they just put into the pot I fill it with water and this is a pressure cooker which is literally a lifesaver it's so much quicker I put it a little bit of rock salt and then I put the top on and I put it on the stove for probably about 30 minutes once it gets to pressure and I end up with one of the most delicious super healthy homemade really quick the

vegetable stocks it's so simple after I let my pressure cooker cool down and come you know lose pressure I just strain pretty much all of it through the sieve into a bucket this was actually quite a lot of stuff usually I just fill up that little bucket and that's enough to last me for about a week but this was a really big batch so I ended up using quite a lot more but look how delicious that looks me to clean missing sorry guys and once you get to the bottom of the pot you'll have like all the vegetables kind of pouring out there is so much more deliciousness in there so I pour it out and I use a spoon and I just squeeze out the rest of the juice do not leave this part out you can keep it in a talk where in the fridge if you're gonna use it pretty quickly but I tend to put it in these ice cube trays and then put them in the freezer they're super easy to add like a little bit of extra flavor it's of things by just popping one or two ice cubes in or you can empty the whole tray into like a soup it's super simple and really quick and easy okay back to what I ate today I made some sushi rice this is just normal rice

but I made some sushi I cook the rice I let it cool because if it's too hot you're just not gonna have any sushi I do it kind of like a Chiti way I put the rice onto the paper I just have the paper on like my chopping board and I spoon it out and then like kind of smoosh it down with the back of my spoon you can see there is no special way there's no like measuring I have this is I'm not fancy I'm not like special I'm not super talented about making these I even eat the little pieces that fall off and I just smooth it down so it's like all stuck together and there are no parts of rice kind of like coming out this was just a little bit of tuna fish that I put in there and you can put in literally anything it's super simple you can make this totally playa based I like to put jalapenos and tuna and mayonnaise and a little bit of mustard in there and then you literally just roll it up roll it towards you use your thumb to keep tucking the rice under and literally that's it once I've made all the rolls I will just slice them basically like you kind of let it all get stuck together for a few minutes and then it's a lot easier to cut make sure you're

nice is a little bit wet and it's nice and sharp I use a serrated one because I find a lot easier to cut with that voila lunch for two of us I eat two of these each we dip it with a little bit of soy sauce and vinegar and it keeps me full for so long so for dinner I'm gonna make one of my favorite like super simple soups it's an udon like Thai green curry soup i buy these kind of packet udon I throw away two sachet and I just use the noodles but otherwise everything else is homemade except the tofu didn't make the tofu can you make tofu I've got the veggie stock that I made earlier I'm going to roast this tofu so it's like good a little bit crunchy on the outside it's super nice texture to make the rest of the base of the soup I'm gonna cook up this red onion ginger garlic and my stock has like chili in it so I'm not gonna add a chili but usually I would and then once that's cooked a little bit I'm going to blitz it all up so it's smooth so the most Poli texture is really gonna be the tofu and I'm gonna add some broccoli and at the very end it's a little bit of coconut milk it's the best

well can't wait it's a little purple from the red onion but otherwise this is such a delicious and nutritious meal obviously you saw me in my kitchen making some veg stock it is literally the easiest thing to make in the world it was really brave outside today yeah it's super easy to make I showed you if you have a pressure cooker literally making your own stock is like laughably easy and quick so I hope you guys get some good ideas from the video today and if you have any questions or you'd like to see more videos like this please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and let me know in the comments and what you thought the video bye