08 November 2017

Easy healthy lunch ideas - Weight Loss

Easy healthy lunch ideas - Weight Loss This is Marcello Cicchini and what I wonder every day is: "How can I serve others?" I know that out there there's a whole ...

okay hello this is a teleological I need

to show you what I do for my lunch every day when I go to work I work in a company and I'll go there five days a week and so every day I take one of these full of this meal that I'm going to show you how you can prepare very easily very easy it takes an hour of your time maybe an hour 1/2 from zero to to put in containers I mean no so what I used is this this is a pressure cooker you know that and eventually for smaller sizes you can also use this kind that goes for a microwave is also a pressure cooker and you get this on Amazon I paid 35 bucks or something and it's like a plastic thing that goes on microwave inside a microwave so first of all I have here I cooked a little bit of garbanzo and before and you don't have to you don't have to put this as cook these separate I could disappoint because I was trying the microwavable pressure cooker yes yes because I want I want them to see me probably above so they can see these too one of the things that is the key here you have to use your fantasy in what you like to eat as vegetables there's there's no rule here the recipe is by you is on you you make it okay don't

touch it papito because it shakes okay so garbanzo beans you can put as garbanzo beans and cooked inside the pressure cook but I have this cooked already doesn't matter okay what okay so we have sweet potatoes for example and I wash this skin right maybe I peel off if there's something that it doesn't work is not clean you know it till the soft but I put the skin on you leave the skin and I cut pieces like this and onions you can I like it I like them I shall put two then you have also garlic and I have these two heads and you can unpeel these things but I don't I I cook with the skin with us whatever it is see I cook with this and when you eat this you have to then speed maybe if you don't like to swallow you can swallow the skin - its fiber it doesn't harm you but I mean you cannot you can peel this off if you want to work extra so we put two heads what is the what I do and then also I have a squash [Music] they have here another sweet potato gotten pieces and see for example be is you can cut the thing off right because it's like ugly whatever so so then I put already the garbanzo bear but this is

the you know raw thing that doesn't have anything in there so then split peas also I love them see how it goes here so this go evenly in between all these vegetables and then also you can use some of the beans pinto beans or whatever kidney beans I don't abuse with this because gives you gas a lot and so but it gives some yummy flavors very yummy and has a lot of vitamins and proteins also proteins amazing so then I put this salt this is the solder I use the pink salt Himalayan and then to not go farther than what I need I put in my hand like this and go ahead and do this then rosemary I love was married so Callie I'd like to feel this in my which we make teeth when I bite you have here a pepper okay and then that's it so that's it for now you can I repeat that you can use your fancy and I have also some you think I have hero pants already all of this okay I leave the the brown rice for now not this time next time and I will use some wacky know this kid Noah is calcium two percent iron ten percent iron very by means of iron mean iron yes just forget

about this it's good okay so this not much because we have to keep in mind that some of these ingredients expand a lot and then this pressure might be dangerous right right overall yes yes that's true Kali you're right so then some water here see all right so this is all here and then we close this we close this huh as too quick on here and then I from the sink and I turn all the way and this will take an hour more or less and I will be back to you when I'm opening this and you will see you will see what is going on in my kitchen with my son Callie this is Callie he's the star of the show so one of the things re for God now this is cooking here is to put inside this coat flour is very nutritious in has a lot of antioxidants and also pepper sweet these are sweet and then also some carrots carrots also so I'm going to use this pressure cooker for microwave and then yes it works in the microwave so right right it doesn't so this i forgot this very very very amazing amazing nutritious in fiber and vitamins and other stuff this what came out from the oven the pressure cook so the pressure cooker gave me this so I

put a bunch of stuff okay I put a bunch of things and so it was too much stuff and so you see how it came but it's all cooked it took an hour more or less so yummy and and then also I will start separating this I already prepare all these toppers and I also since I forgot the cauliflower and I cook this separate separately I will also put some cauliflower okay and I meet the water on that some carrots and some sweet pepper okay and I also put some of this usually I you know mix this a little bit because underneath you have you have in the beginning a bigger band so the curve and so and also other stuff but you can choose to mix everything also you can choose to feel as you go because you have different vegetables for different days so if you take this or if you eat this for dinner or lunch and a work or whatever you go and you can you can ease the different meal tomorrow lunch all right so I can it's too hot right now I usually leave this cool down before I separate this but this is the way you do send then this is what you do so then you put this in the freezer and you have meals and dinner or lunches for many days many days I mean I

make it usually makes eight nine but I will make more today because they have this extra thing the cauliflower and the other vegetables and so this is my contribution for you today I believe that small changes can make a huge difference make a huge impact in our lives small changes and this took an hour let's say an hour and a half by doing this every 10 days every 10 days every it will ever week say an hour and a half every week - prepper ate in this when you go to the store you don't need to go to the frozen department you need to go to the can department you can go and you should go to the greens and vegetables and fruits aisle so so thank you very much this is you have here see all the stoppers ready for for the freezer huh and I leave this cooling down cool down because it's still hot and one is cool maybe tomorrow morning I will put inside the freezer and then I take one a day for my lunch for my dinner for ever work or whatever you need to go and you replace this section of your daily routines like getting food from maybe some vending machine or some restaurant that you don't know what they put inside

and there are yummy things I don't say no don't get me wrong but the problem is that if you really want to make a change that that really help you is like helping the the the change has to be from raw materials from raw food from original jinhwan healthy yes genuine Thank You Callie thank you me more so genuine thank you and well Jenny genuine how you say genuine genuine because if you didn't notice that I and it wasn't born in the English country so excuses so anyways thank you very much and if you find this information useful you can always answer questions in the in in the comment comments down below thank you and also share this information and also subscribe to my channel if you are not yet subscribed to my channel and if you like this channel yes okay so you're talking bow I mean hiding come here so what would you say if you find this uh if you find this channel useful out that's really right if you find this channel if you find this channel useful then please subscribe to our channel if you haven't yet thank you all right good night