23 July 2019


Hey guys in today's video I am gonna be haring a #workout meal.that is a post workout meal.this is soo #healthy way to make and also very full filling...This is ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel and I

hope you guys are doing great so today's video is a different video a lot of you guys have me requested me to show the recipe which I generally eat after post workout so here is the recipe this is the easy peasy lemon squeezy recipes without further ado let's get started so for this you need a full egg and I just break it and after that you need few vegetables few coriander leaves 1 slice of the capsicum which I cut into very very small chopped pieces so you are gonna also need a very small size of tomato and again I'm going to chopped it out into very small pieces so that it can melt with the egg very easily [Music] so finally I also use 10 to 15 grams of the paneer now I cut into into the slices very small slices which I will use as the toppings so next little by little I am going to add the tomatoes cap C comes as well as the coriander leaves into the egg but I'm not going to add the paneer right now so I'm going to quickly add some black pepper a pinch of black pepper for the taste also adding some : amok which is known as black salt next I'm going to give a quick mix to everything so that it can mix easily and

it will be a like blended mixture I have taken a fine friend on the oven and I'm going to take four drops of oil into it when the pan is completely hot next I am going to take a small brush and I'm going to brush the oil all over the pan to spread it out properly and leave it for a few seconds to heat up slowly I am going to add the mixture on the pan and I'm going to spread the mixture a little bit to spread out the vegetables on top of the omelette [Music] and I will keep it like this for one minute so that it can get cooked from the lower portion so after one minute when the omelet is half fried I'm going to add the slice of paneer as the toppings on top of the omelette and I will again keep it like this for another 1 minute so that it can cook properly with the toppings as well so next I am going to quickly flip it off so that it can be fried from the another side as well and I'm going to give a quick press so that it can be fluffy as well as it can cook properly say again I'm going to flip it off and you can see that the paneer is totally smoked up and that is it is done so next

I'm going to quickly transfer it into the plate and I will now enjoy my recipe I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe if you liked it make sure to give it a big thumbs up also subscribe to my channel if you haven't already press the Bell button beside the subscribe button so that you never miss out any of my future video make sure to check out my social media for more updates and this is me the vertical signing off for the day I will see you wear super duper soon with a brand new video until next time bye take care stay happy and stay healthy [Music]