28 August 2019


As a Mom we are always worried regarding our child's nutrition.Now we need not worry as @earlyfoods has come up with variety of food products which are ...


I love that welcome back to my channel this is my son Tyler is 4.5 years old now these are very active child you can always find either jumping and running [Music] as puppies we are always worried regarding our child's nutrition whether the food they eat is see whether it contains chemicals preservatives and so on [Music] but now he need not worry as early puts has come up with different range of put products specially for children all these food products are made from hundred percent organic ingredients and it does not contain any harmful chemicals of reservations so this is Marty Janine SATA power cookies these cookies are made from old leaves and jaggery this can be given to children for break first [Music] the second one in this rowdy chocolate drink mix [Music] it can't mean it's a big sweat bells are given you can also be used to make pancakes the next one is the right foods and seeds powder it is a cognition of

different rifles like almonds cashews watermelon Queens and this is juggling eat it eat jelly cookies and this is also made from whole grains and jaggery these cookies are really ready stop these cookies are really ready soft and they taste very fluffy this cookies can be given for babies who are who have just started with solid foods it can be mixed with well and given or even you can view them as finger foods so my thought is delicious cheese cookies [Music] rardy chocolate milk is very easy to make just mix it melt and give since it is chocolate flavor kids will really love it [Music]