26 May 2016

Dr. Sebi - The Protein Food Myth (Clip)

Openupyourmind101 Dr Sebi Clip from interview. Explains the truth about starch foods and protein the word what it is. Do Vegetables or plants contain proteins, ...

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I'm glad that you asked the question about birthing growth in is a word that we all are try to like melanin melanin Rutledge's graphene does make this even work in the world that give us to use but if you had someone a very intelligent question what's the professor is it a fact that the human body is electrical and that it is alive yes hmm this is a fact but the body that's alive leave my pool you said yes okay it's protein alive plant proteins would be black that we have any protein that has little yes they are living oppression in the world that has protein we have a horizontal letting to go on Q yeah okay protein vitamin and enzymes these are artificial food or the fisher work but i'm nothing behind them look when we he the product of africa look at the way we live when the brothers are to make us slaves we was very farm I didn't have any protein didn't have any chickens they didn't have any cow they didn't have any hog they didn't have any land because those things are important to Africa those things are not found in Africa so that is it that causes us to have more

muscular like and athletic build because what I noticed like a run with certain people there are body types out debt relief like for more firm and muscular as the post is like more flabby even when they don't exercise is it that this minerals which causes like the build-up minerals the water early yet literal little is important but we are behind anything we were brought from Africa we Gary the mineral among 102 that was removable diet and we have great need for it today everybody in America and in Africa the Caribbean South and Central America is anemic we are we lack of iron when you're lack of iron you are vulnerable to all disease will you want to determine the quality of life that you live not protein and vitamins and minerals there's a hundred and two minerals you find 102 minerals in the cloud and the sink in the river and the soil and the plants and the human body they all died in to 102 minerals the bank of those minerals I found is ready Ricky said within the earth everything that you need is part of the earth when I believe to go on this journey I have

to pick my brain all the way about the Africa to investigate and to research why our walk brothers in the jungle was so active when I found out it was before that they were dealing those toys don't leave those not to food and I'm not talking about apples and pears and peaches those things are artificial the hybrid handsomeness we have got that I put electric food he you see there is such thing as electric food the body is electrical the body B that is electrical is alive how could a live body use dead boom no I live by the need live food you call that chemical affinity but many people that in judges in life to make a mistake because of using and the beginning and processing thoughts starch sta are CH stars are very dangerous start on cyanide and the opposition starts now once upon a time African people didn't have starch in their environment no right will be no cassava no yams your potatoes didn't have that that is not African those things kills you but we are aware of that we like the gorilla with a diaper on eat that a bit of day but the gorillas don't happen easily

disease in blood and stocks show he's insane and this was done in Kenya you took a group of gorillas and change their diet at the ending of 5 year the gorilla was fighting for a bone and that is what we're doing today fighting for a bone when we have the opportunity to reverse that of course we do because the one thing that removed from us in the process was love the love that we had to each other the love that fused us together youtube.com / open up your mind 101