10 June 2019

Dr. Lauren Powell -#TheCulinaryDoctor - Bad diets worse for your health than smoking

Recent study shows that eating an unhealthy diet is worse for your health than smoking cigarettes. Please follow me on all social media platforms ...


hi hey guys doing my name is dr. Lauren Powell I'm a board-certified family medicine physician I'm also known as a culinary doctor I teach people how to use food in order to prevent and cure disease my goal my mission my passion is to help people understand the world a food place and health so that we can eliminate some of these patterns of food-related diseases that we see in families communities we all know like I know we see the same conditions and families over and over and over again and it's largely due to the food that they're putting in their body some my goal is to help in some of those disparities but anyway I wanted to jump on here because I recently a few weeks ago read the study and then earlier today I was listening to an NPR interview and was talking about study again so I thought I would share it with you guys and that is that bad diets poor nutrition is responsible for more deaths than cigarette smoking and I'm not just talking about in the United States I'm talking about globally so across the entire world bad diets the food we're putting in our body is responsible for more people dying then cigarette smoking

like listen we all know that cigarette smoking is bad right like we all know it even people who smoke know that it's bad like when I come to my patients they're like get up I know I don't need to be spoken I mean I know I need to stop like they know it and they're smoking understanding that they're putting themselves at risk but do we think about our food the same way like do we think about the food that we're putting in our bodies potentially being responsible for causing our death I don't think we do I don't think we do cuz I think if we did we would do better so what do we say what do i what do I mean when I say bad diets I mean the standard American diet standard American diet which consists mostly of sugary beverages the trans fats the highly processed food the sugary stuff the salty stuff our sodas the stuff that we're getting from the drive-thru the food that's already cooked that's bad stuff like that's really bad and you want to know something else I vaguely I listen to this podcast this morning and a company I'm not gonna say the name of the company but this company understands

that sugar is an addictive substance and so this company is actually exposing people to the sugar then measuring in the brain and seeing whether the addictive parts of our brain fire and that's how they know how much sugar to put in our food so literally they're there they're wanting us to become addicted to this crap like they want us to become addicted to it so that we keep buying it and then it kills us and then we're on a cycle we're eating bad food and then it's killing us and eat more and then everybody else is eating it anyway that's someone I wanted to talk about but I wanted to tell you that so bad diets sugary foods sugary foods sugary beverages this highly processed stuff the stuff that you're getting from the fast food restaurants stuffs all the salts the stuff with all the sugar linked to more deaths than cigarette smoking which to me is just like crazy right because we all know that when we smoke cigarettes it puts us at increased risk for lung cancer in death but we don't think about that when we're eating that doughnut like I'm increasing my chances of death when I eat this donut hope it was great but I may take days

off my life right like we don't think about it that way but that's how we need to think about the food that we put in our body so let me tell you guys something the countries that were eating the healthiest and living the longest Israel Spain France and Japan I don't know about Japan but I know in the other countries they're following more of like a Mediterranean style diet for anyone who is not familiar with Mediterranean sidon what you did just google the Mediterranean food pyramid now to give you a kind of an idea but in general you know our food pyramid shaped like a triangle the top part is what we're supposed to be eating the least of Bottom big sections reversals beating the most stuff so in the Mediterranean food pyramid which is basically kind of how I eat is basically how my husband eats even though he doesn't know that that's how he's eating the bottom part is like your greens your vegetables your your nuts your whole grains your fibrous food that's what we're supposed to be eating the most of and then it's the seafood in the next part I try to make sure that me my husband eat beginning salmon two days a week that's great

because that's how our healthy fats are omega-3 fatty acids but your oysters seafood is in that next section tuna the nice fatty fish and then the next section I think is like the chicken in the poultry so you eat that less often so I think my husband probably gets from me he probably gets one to two servings maybe three and four servings on a month this boy he's gonna get from me but he'll probably he probably eat some out as well and then at the very top it's like our sweets and it's our like red meat we want to eat that very very rarely more of like a special occasion type of thing so just want you guys to know how important flu that you're putting in your body and I know I like to talk about it all the time but it really is everything like the food that you're putting in your body is everything and I think in America we have become so accustomed to like quick food like give me this it's already closed I give me let me not have to be in the kitchen I read the story about this family who hadn't cooked in years and they were just getting used to eating all their food at like Denny's and things like

that and just the poor health of every single person in the family starting with it starting with the child looks like the child was giving poor health because they were just in this cycle and nobody in the family knew how to cook a meal from scratch listen how are the kids gonna learn that the parents aren't cooking meals from scratch and I know like I know the biggest thing is time right like who has time to cook a meal like we're busy and I get it but let me tell you what how I think about cooking that's like saying I don't have time to sleep who said that it's like saying I don't have time to sleep like I'm tired I'm really really sleepy but I got to work I got to do this and I don't have time to sleep listen you will never feel rested if you do not sleep you can take a sleeping pill you can drink the monster energy and you'll get some temporary improvement in your energy but nothing is gonna replace sleeping and that's how we have to think about making our food we have to get back in the kitchen you guys even if it's just a quick meal even if it's just a quick meal even if it's some things are kind of prepared and we're just you know

seasoning in ourself and in the oven that's better but we have to get back into the kitchen because that's the only way we can control was put it over putting in our body we cannot leave it up to these fast-food restaurants we cannot leave it up to these restaurants they're controlling our health they're controlling how long we live and that's not why are we giving them that power no no I control my health and the only way I can control my health is by controlling the food that I put in my body so that's it I'm going to put the link for the article in the caption because I want you guys to read the article and there's like a two minute and 30 second little NPR little interview and I want you guys just listen and it's really not even something so like rocket science but it's like yeah you got it all do better you have to all do better for the sake of us and for the sake of our children and for the sake of everyone that's gonna come after us we have to do better about our food okay so that's it I'm about to start reading I'm reading this amazing book it's called food WTF it's a great book so far I'll let you guys know

I'm still in the early early stages I'm up here sitting on my on my balcony trying to get some nice vitamin D and some sunshine is just great for the mood I just love being outside so anyway I hope that was helpful for you guys you know I'm dr. Lauren Powell a board certified family medicine physician also known as a culinary doctor so make sure you're following me on all social media platforms so that you can stay up to date and I can share information with you to hopefully give you some idea recipes hopefully get you motivated hopefully get you encouraged so we can all healthier fuller laughs all right y'all take care [Music]