10 June 2019

Dr. Komer - Understanding Vitamin D for Optimal Health

Most people are not getting enough Vitamin D. Learn why getting enough D is key to your health and vitality. Warning: This video is intended to provide general ...

we have now got a sheets that I change

probably every month or two on the supplements you need not only to heal the brain injuries that's why we did it but to keep your brain sharp and healthy forever the doctor in San Francisco called bredesen has come up with a protocol which now cures Alzheimer's disease and 90% of what he's doing is what we developed separately and independently in our brain protocol so I thought that's interesting we're healing brain injuries were keeping brains healthy and now he's carrying Alzheimer's it shows the importance and what does he do he was a neurologist didn't hear anybody and he went in functional medicine which is why he would I do hormones and supplements and he's getting people better and it's a radical new thing but it works and everybody knows somebody with Alzheimer's are worried about it so what's on my sheet well the first thing on the sheet is vitamin D vitamin D is not a vitamin so they messed up the labeling it's a hormone the definition of a hormone is made at one site you make it your skin used it another it's used in bone breasts brain and all three of your body

why are ninety-five percent of Canadians tired of vitamin D it's also 95 percent of Americans are why are they short well vitamin D comes in international units so a thousand your national of item units of vitamin D like a thousand that sounds like a lot so I'm one of my patients are on a thousand international use of vitamin D today they're sitting back like that's the large amount that a thousand actually units equals one 40th of a new around so if I said I have a drug or a supplement that reduces 17 different cancers will help prevent Alzheimer's disease and works as well as Prozac and had dad's things to improve your mood and I'm gonna put you on 1/4 of a milligram most people say that's not very much talk if I translate it into 10,000 units of vitamin do ten thousands way too much it's the same same amount so that's one of the reasons today is a short of vitamin D including those taking supplements well I just take them in the winter 95% today is they're short of vitamin D all year-round so a thousand is very little our usual starting gnosis 5000 of nationís of vitamin d one of the reasons why people

are short is in in canada you can only get vitamin D in tablets or you can get a liquid form but there are a thousand international units and so that's saying oh that's a lot when that's not the case in the United States you can get vitamin D tablets of five or ten thousands and so it makes it a lot easier to take the other huge problem is that vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and most people aren't told that what does that mean if you don't take it with fat you won't absorb any so have people saying well I take my vitamin D with fat okay where do you take a well I just take it with a meal we've looked at so many meals people that do that don't have good levels of vitamin D how do you establish a good level of vitamin D the range of vitamin D in the lab 75 to 250 remember that 75 is in the bottom three percent of the population would you like to score three in your health exam No so you have to be up levels over a hundred and fifty and probably closer to 200 to get good levels and what do you need to do that most people we start with 5,000 there's the odd person we can reduce a bit but most of them we put on higher doses I'm on 10,000 I know what my blood

levels are that's an ideal level to reduce 17 cancers one study shows an 84% reduction in breast cancer Y or 95% of Canadian shorter vitamin D can I even get letters from doctors how come you put my patient on this huge level of vitamin D of 2,000 I write back that's a twentieth of milligram so you can't be afraid of the vitamin D then you hear all vitamin D toxicity I've never seen it there are now articles talking about the myth of vitamin D toxicity when 95 percent of people are short of vitamin D you shouldn't be worried about high levels the thing you can do to also counteract one of the things with vitamin D is you can reduce the calcification and heart valves and blood vessels by going on vitamin K at the same time and surprisingly vitamin K which most people don't take and if they do they don't think it was fat it's another one of the fat soluble vitamins so you're taking the fat and what do we suggest a tablespoon of either olive oil or coconut oil or medium chain triglyceride row MCT oil comes coconut that's refined it has no order or no taste so I put that in my black coffee I have that I've got my

tablespoon of oil then I take my vitamin D so that's one way you'll know you take it in the States you can get the vitamin D mixed in with a vitamin case you've got your vitamin K right away and it's all in one neat little package in Canada if you buy them separately you want a 150 to 200 micrograms of vitamin K that you're taking with your vitamin D dose and the vitamin D dose is selected depending on how you react and what your blood levels are and that's the only way you can do this you