23 July 2019

Dr John Rengen Vitamin worked 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry reveals all

35 years of my life working in an

industry the pharmaceutical industry and they do nothing but annihilate the population of this world and why do they do that because they want to make money money money money money they don't care about your lives they only care about their wallets my hands are just as dirty as these people the pharma industry gave me a good job and I felt that I was in medicine because that's what I studied so I started as a salesman and as I moved up in my career where I eventually became a director for a company in Sweden if the the affiliate company of one of the largest and most evil pharma corporations in the world Eli Lilly and Company because I was part of the evil I had a career I did a lot of bad things they fired me I started my own company worked for several other pharma companies big was wordplay dying from taking medication that was legalized because I had bribed the Swedish government to get this la song for prozac in Sweden now can you imagine that Sweden is reputedly one of the cleanest most transparent countries in the world they have the Nobel Prize of medicine the Americans they love the prestige of the Nobel Prize that is why

it was hold on for them to get the registration of Prozac what is the pharma industry doing to us they're the most powerful industry in the world they sleep in the same bed with governments they used corruption to get what they want corruption involves money they have lots and lots and lots of money and that is how they make their money they also kill more people than the wars we have in the world we need the pharma industry because there are some good things out there but most of it is rubbish they're not interested in curing any disease you may have they're more interested in making you get diseases they're interested in symptomatic treatment they want patients who are diabetics cardiology patients Parkinson's disease rheumatoid arthritis arthrosis because you live a long time and the drugs that you have to take you take that for the rest of your life eli lilly and company was fined straf guilt but a Justice Department in in Pennsylvania in America one point four million dollar for one product that I have written about in this book two

years ago that product was used to treat it was a neuroleptic a psycho drug that was approved to be used on schizophrenic so this company it wasn't satisfied with that they went and sold the drug to old people's home because they say wouldn't cost so much to be there in this home because you give them the spill and the old people will sleep so that the workers wouldn't have any problems at night but what they didn't figure on was that this drug had the side effects which by the way before it came out they had hidden under the table the clinical results of these side effects a lot of people died of heart failure kidney problems and whatever the patients that receive this drug is called sigh pretzel also got diabetes and who is the largest diabetes medication producer in the world Eli Lilly and Company speculating speculating so they were taken to court and they were fined it's the largest staff killed in the history of the nation now there are a couple of other companies that were fine heavily for all the drugs in there for my industry and these are these are huge companies but it never came out you know

why because the press the press works also with the pharma industry just like the government does the pharma companies use the media to implant his dirty work on you don't take for granted what your doctor is telling you because the doctors these days they don't know much about medicine and they don't care much about the patients I think about how much they can get paid and this is how the pharma industry reigns stays in power they buy the doctors they picked them up when they're in medical school pay their tuition the concern is brain them because the doctors don't get information from anywhere else except the pharma industry and I know because when I was a Salesman the pharma company used to tell me never talk side-effects they taught us something called father if a B features advantages and benefits I also know that they hide the dangerous side effects because I was in charge of a clinical study for fluke teen or Prozac when the doctors came rushing into my office one day because we were running a small trial in one of the largest hospitals in Stockholm if the first week this started the trial two of the

patients tried to commit suicide and this is a major side effect of these psychotropic drugs they call them the SSRIs 17 selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor the pharma industry by law is not obliged to give out information like that have you guys heard of a BHS or ADHD but all these years are bitten medicine nobody can come and tell me up till now what ADHD is syndrome makes it a sickness since they can prove that this is a sickness they changed the s to D calling it disorder and when it comes to that kind of disorder for example how do they measure the serotonin in the brain of a child do you know how to do it doctor with a Ouija board that's such one way with the psychiatrist to sit down you know with a little bowtie psychiatrist these are mad people they sit every year and is sit in a room and they make up what they called the Bible for psychiatry the DSM if this Bible was so good and so needed and doesn't exact job why did they change this the rules in this Bible during the last few years so many thousands of times so they're targeting the children

they are calling these new fancy diseases they're targeting them with these trucks strattera prozac ritalin paxil so long I don't know about you guys in here but that's not gonna happen to my kid ever never