09 January 2019

Dr. Candice Seti discussing non-diet weight loss

Dr. Candice Seti, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Best-Selling Author of Shatter the Yoyo. On NBC Palm Springs Desert Living, discussed her book and ...


would you like to lose weight and keeping it off permanently our next guest is a clinical psychologist who says she has the secret to ending yo-yo dieting for good I'd like to introduce dr. Candice set the author of shatter the yo-yo a definitive guide to losing weight and gaining self-control while ending your dependence on diets and I love the cover welcome to the show thank you I'm glad to be here thanks for having me of course all the way from San Diego so this book obviously is close to your heart because this applies to you you ended your own yo-yo diet yeah well like everybody else when I first realized they had a weight issue I turned to dieting because that's what we all do that's what we all know and it's an effective way to lose weight the problem is that it's only effective short term once you go off the diet you gain it all back and I fell victim to that just as easy as everybody else and when you realize you've gained the weight back your initial thought is well let me go back on the diet because that worked so well the first time and before you know it you're in this yo-yo dieting cycle and once I realized that was

happening to me I I knew I needed to do something different and I'm a clinical psychologist so I'm naturally somebody who tries to look at our thinking our behavior and figure out what's going on there so I use myself as a guinea pig to try and deal with weight loss in a different way and that's what inspired this book absolutely ok so let's move on quickly and talk a bit about how sleep is imperative to weight management sleep is one of the things that we neglect and it is so valuable in terms of taking care of our bodies and our minds for that matter sleep is when our body replenishes everything when our hormones balance out and there are all these hormones that are involved in weight management and hormones like insulin leptin and ghrelin and these are hormones that get replenished when we sleep so if our sleep quality is low all of those hormones are off and those hormones influence our metabolism our fat burning our hunger and our satiation a lot of people don't realize that we have a hormone that tells us to eat when we're hungry and hormone that tells us to stop when we're full and if those hormones are off it's

a recipe for overeating so simply having your sleep under control having your sleep be of good quality good amount of time and putting emphasis and effort into that can actually do a lot more benefit for your metabolism and your weight than dieting can so get your sleep get your sleep prioritize that's me I think that's like the older we get we think that we can control everything I can function off for hours sleep okay so let's segue into water because you and I spoke a bit about this so I'm gonna go tell us how water can help water can help in a lot of the same ways sleep can because hydration is a good way to just take care of every part of your body which of course relates to your hormones your fat-burning your metabolism all of that but there's behavioral ways that water can help to for a lot of us we have a very difficult time distinguishing hunger from thirst so when our body is sending us signals to say we're thirsty we go to food and we eat because we don't know the difference and if we were to turn to water instead we can eliminate so much unnecessary eating in our day water is

also a great way to fill your stomach naturally calorie free right and so I encourage people to start every meal with a big glass of water and just fill up a little bit of your space in your stomach so you don't feel like you need to fill that with unnecessary food which to me is such a simple solution yeah what's that stuff that we put in water to make it flavor there I'm trying to think of ways to encourage people to do lemon is a great and easy one lemon and lime are great any fruit for that matter cucumber you know herbs there are a lot of ways you see spa water all the time right that's flavored with cucumber and basil and mints and all of these delicious things and it's so simple yeah and it can help make people who don't like drinking water like drinking water alright so how can you change a relationship with food just quickly because we're almost out of time well a relationship with food really has a lot to do with breaking out of the diet mentality dieting is all about restriction and putting foods into these good and bad yes and no categories and that restriction ultimately creates kind of power with foods that are restricted

become the ultimate power over us so eliminating some of that restriction can go a long way to making us feel like we have control over food in addition developing mindful eating skills is a really effective way to change your relationship with me and we're gonna give her you her contact info in a moment tell us about your special before we say goodbye oh it's right there there we go a free guide to help shatter the yo-yo right there so uh what does this entail it's a very simple guide that you can download that walks you through ten changes that you can make to Meal Time to effortlessly lose weight wonderful all right visit the website also on the best way to contact dr. Sethi that have purchased a copy of her book a big thanks to her two big things to you that does it for us have a great day see you soon [Music]