23 September 2018

Don't feed free range chickens ! Supplement their diet and cut that chicken feed expense.

Be 1/3 of their 1/3 of a lb a day chicken feed needs. Chickens will let you feed them if you're willing to do it. If they have plenty of greens and area to graze, then ...

hello welcome to Windy Hill Sunday it's

been raining since Friday as many of you know we have gotten a lot of rain and it is muddy and nasty out here but kind of struggled with this video all week I get asked a lot about what I feed my chickens and I usually fall into the trap of telling them what I feed them when in fact I really don't feed them that much as I do let them feed themselves and I just supplement what they eat by that I mean a chicken will eat about a quarter pound third to a quarter of a pound of feed our food a day and what I want to do is supplement that because out here they've got plenty to eat out here so there's not I've got grasshoppers or bugs there's possibly something for them to feed themselves if they were come if they're confined to a cage yeah you you need to feed them a lot of feed every day but in this case I've got acres and acres of very healthy grasshoppers and other bugs that they can eat around the farm so I'll show you a little bit of what I do feed I do feed thank you I do feed a little bit of wheat and oats the oats are about 14 excuse me that weed is about 14 percent protein and the the oats are about 9 percent protein I will give them mill

worms I give them sunflower seeds from time to time when I have they get scraps from the farm during the growing season they get plenty from the garden they get whatever we have left over from meals anything if my bread goes bad they get it if I have leftover rice thank you if I have leftover meat they do so nothing here really goes to waste and into the trash so I'll kind of show you what I do what I do feed him when I do and during the winter I should say this that during the winter time is a little different we're I'm blessed to live in area where it's not cold for months and months truly this is September and as you can see everything's still bright green there's still lots of bugs to eat October still in October things are usually still good for them so we're really looking at the end of November when things start to get a little shot of bugs even December if you recall December for us we usually have some 70 degree days so January February are usually the two months that I have to do something I'm pretty busy I work a job

also work here I have three jobs I have the farm I have my regular job and I've got to somehow wash my clothes and clean the house which didn't get done a whole lot but my clothes get wash house so I do feed him an organic feed during the winter when I don't have time because there are times that I just don't have time to mix food or things like that so there are occasions that I do purchase feed organic feed is it's typically pretty expensive usually somewhere in the neighborhood of about 25 to 35 dollars per 40 pound bag not 50 pound bag I can buy a bag of wheat for about 14 excuse me 1295 and a bag of oats for about 10 50 that's 50 pounds each and it works out to about 24 cents a pound versus an organic feed usually typically around 50 cents a pound so quite a bit more expensive to feed my starter chicks my meat chickens do get a starter organic feed because that's just something I just feel like I don't want to mess with I want to I want to be able to they eat a ton and so for them it's easier for me to to buy the food it's a little more expensive but it is easier on me as a person to deal with they are just eating machines whereas these girls

as you can see our content looking for bugs eating grass things like that so I do what I do want to show you the meat chickens today so we'll look at that I'll make a short video there we'll show you the feed that I do feed them and it's just it's just a 50/50 mix of wheat and oats and that should about do it for today I kind of struggled with this video all week because I watched literally probably hundreds of videos at their own feed and the magical feed that they feed and all of them usually are feeding 14 chickens 10 chickens 25 chickens they're not feeding hundreds of chickens in that case I think I think probably the recipes would change a little bit because your feed bill could be quite expensive if you're if you're feeding on like that so let's get started we'll go over we'll check out the new meat chickens because I think everybody wants to see them and then we'll go over well look at the food and that'll be it for today's video I know it wasn't very exciting I had no magical recipe for feed it's just an all-natural feed that my chickens get 95 percent if not more of the nutrition comes from what you see

here the grass the dirt the rocks they he rocks they bugs whatever they can find here on the farm so truly truly a natural a natural source of nutrition for my chickens let's get going we'll go over there and visit them keep this video short because I know everybody likes to sit here and watch a really long video these guys are tomorrow will be five weeks they present excusing bumped into Center they way wait a couple of them they way rut at two pounds some of them one point seven nine pounds watch some of them to a little bit better than two pounds so they're coming along a really nice as you can see still very mobile running around everywhere so something something I really really liked about them probably next weekend I'll have their their grass area set up so they can get out and get some greens I've been I've been kind of watching them pretty close these guys will be a tasty meal for somebody yes I if I don't protect themselves they've got to got to have a special area that you get out in and be protected from aerial aerial predators I can keep them protected from coyotes etc

but the aerial predators are are the ones that will get them for sure this is the magical mixer as you can see this out in for me everybody likes also people are fishmeal around it's an excellent source very high protein and I'll mix that with their food from time to time as a protein booster along with the mealworms I also keep a little bit of oyster shell just because it's it's cheap and it keeps their egg shells nice and firm just in case they're not getting enough calcium in their diet the oyster shell will help in that respect just to recap the meat chickens are doing fine I feed a ration of wheat oats fish meal mealworms sunflower seeds when I have them and they get oyster shell just Alucard I guess whenever they want it when they need it so that's about it be sure be sure and subscribe hit the button below and subscribe it's always nice to have more subscribers so do that and we'll see this coming weekend at the Keller farmstead n have a great week and make happy memories