25 September 2018

Doing The 3 Day Military Diet – Day 1!! The 3 Day Military Diet Review

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every shot before our three-day diet

get Auto goodies and we can our grapefruit everything we need we buddy lose a ton of weight in three days [Music] let's shop [Music] oh we got we got ice cream we got a bread got this list tuna eggs ice cream I'm like I'm off we're here we go everything we need is through day day all right day one weighing at this military diet by to get on here make sure stays over I asked me at right now you can see down 187 already lost damn weight I was 192 way to go before I even started this but we gonna say where we at tomorrow and we'll see where we at Wednesday take it from there all right guys it's your boy this is day one of the 3-day military diet this is my breakfast got me some tea got me a piece of toast with peanut butter and got me a half a grapefruit all right and I hate grapefruit but I see something cod is gonna be disgusting I know how

to have alright I'm gonna eat this see you at lunch we go meal number two this is lunch day one the military diet you got the black tea nice piece of toast we're not a damn thing on it and a uh four ounces a white tuna so I'm about to eat this see you at dinner all right guys we back first day at a three day military diet and it's dinner time all right check this out and I'm feeling kind of damn weak so that's gonna come in handy I got half a banana I got a small apple this is really small my little bigger real small this right here this gonna be the hardest thing ever in life I hate green beans he's funny eat a cup of these damn green beings and a mother lady nothing but this is uh three ounces of tuna but they said you gotta have three ounces of any meat but this is just more convenient this look nasty as hell but uh somebody eat this now I don't got it in the video but I will be eating which is on the damn menu vanilla ice cream one cup so at this point I'm very excited about this so this gonna wrap up day one I made it so far hopefully if I can make it through these green beans

which is gonna be very difficult and then I will see you day two how exciting all right guys stay tuned and as always put that work in yum yum annex are you putting that work in make sure you listen to my new single when available now on iTunes Spotify description [Music]