27 August 2019

Does Tongkat Ali Work..? | Powerlife Global | Best Testosterone Boosting Supplement | New Pre Launch

hey this is Michael spacing with your

testosterone tip today we're gonna discuss my favorite testosterone boosting supplement tongkat Ali and I'm gonna answer the question does tongkat Ali work let's get into it Tonka dolly works yes a resounding absolute yes I love this stuff let me tell you why I mean in general I wake up every morning and I just have more energy I feel like I need less sleep but I also feel like I've got more motivation to do everything I feel like I'm motivated to go to the gym I actually want to it's not a drag it's not just part of my day I actually look forward to it now I play league basketball and I feel more competitive and frankly I'm scoring more points not because I've gotten better at basketball but just because I'm feeling more competitive I'm more likely to take that shot to take the drive I also do martial arts once or twice every week and I feel more like kicking ass not that I've become better at kicking ass but that I want to do it more I want to destroy my opponent and that's a wonderful feeling I even feel it at work like I want to get ahead of my co-workers and I feel it in my other projects too even just

posting on testosterone calm if I'm on the tongkat I'll be cycle I'm more motivated more motivated to post to research this stuff and I get real excited about it and I also feel it in my sex drive my libido shoots up like a mother and I love that and so does my girlfriend now that that's just me I mean you don't have to take my word for it obviously if you scour the internet you're gonna find a lot of totally unsolicited testimonials from people that have absolutely no financial motivation they're just posting on bodybuilding forums and on kind of old age forums or rather forums that are dedicated to aging I even found a unsolicited testimonial on reddit now this was pretty incredible the guy had a hundred and four percent increase in free testosterone and an 88 percent increase in total testosterone I posted this study on the related post now the guy was already on testosterone replacement therapy so the tonka doll he was completely incremental it doubled the already existing increase from the testosterone replacement therapy this other one I saw on a forum this guy kind of over shared he talked

about how he had an elevated mood he had better workouts and his balls doubled in size and he's walking around basically with a half stiffy you gotta love the anonymity of the internet if no one sees your face you'll overshare and then on the second forum a guy had a very similar testimonial he talked about how he had a boost in libido an increase in erection quality and an increase in sperm volume now this guy was a little bit more scientific but still probably oversharing finally there's a bunch of studies that confirm that Tonka dolly increases your testosterone levels significantly now a lot of these studies are unfortunately done on rats because it's obviously cheaper and a lot easier to do than doing a controlled study in humans but I'm not gonna go into detail those studies are frankly on the ones done on humans but I will summarize them I'll tell you this there are three studies the first one proved that on kadali significantly increased athletic performance in men and this was a study done by the British Journal of Sports Medicine it's a very credible source the second study confirmed that Tonka dolly significantly reduces the symptoms of

hypogonadism and hypogonadism is when your testicles stop producing testosterone and this happens generally with age but a lot of times it affects younger men too who happen to have naturally low testosterone levels the third study is pretty remarkable they gave a bunch of infertile men tongkat Ali to try to increase their testosterone in semen production and it actually worked in a significant percentage of these seemingly hopeless infertile men were actually able to conceive and get their wives pregnant so certainly a positive result anyway I love this stuff I love Tonka dolly it makes me feel great apparently I'm not the only one who makes people feel great on the internet and there's a bunch of studies proving what I've been saying for a long time that this stuff is amazing anyway if you want to learn more about Tonka dolly and get the same stuff that I use learn where you should buy your Tonka dolly where to get the best the purest stuff go to testosterone calm that's my site that's testosterone with a D at the end isn't it's time to get to stas droned this has been Mike Vespasian with your testosterone tip of

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