10 June 2019

DocTesta Tips: Creating Health Morning Habits and Routines

In this video Dr. Mark discusses his morning habits and how important it is to develop a healthy morning routine that gets you going and aligns your actions with ...


hey what's happening doc test it here chief wellness consultant for pine pollen super soon foods and trained for longevity today I want to talk to you about morning routines my morning routine if you don't have one developing a morning routine I think when you have a morning routine and you do it you own your day it helps you set the day up straight so number one before I do anything my phone is not turned on or connected to the Internet I sleep with that thing on airplane mode I do not take it off airplane mode for the first hour that I'm awake I don't want to be interrupted I don't want to see something that's gonna upset me I don't want to start reading emails and problem solving I don't want to see something from somebody else where there might be some comparison activity going on and so first things first I don't sleep with the phone in my bedroom and I leave it on airplane mode for that first hour so right there that's a great way to start the day it takes a little bit of discipline on the front end but afterwards it is very easy to do and you're not missing anything right you're not missing a damn thing so

next thing I do is I get up and I drink about 16 ounces of water why because we are breathing all night long we're losing up to a pint or more of water just in respiration so by time you wake up you're already dehydrated so first thing I do is a couple about 16 ounces of water now some days I put a little Himalayan salt in there so I get it really absorbed into the cells other times I don't then immediately I go downstairs and I do body mobilization right I'm a fan of Agassi you eat os Cu II I've been given some some protocols by them I've got a jacked-up knack and a low back from football injuries and car accidents and and everything else so I do a routine of Agosti exercises that help mobilize my neck my thoracic spine my lumbar spine pelvis and hips I mean religiously it keeps me really feeling good and out of pain then what I do is I do some wim HOF breathing right if you're not familiar with that wim HOF breathing you can look it up but what I do is and I don't hyperventilate I do this through my nose inhale and not really you know excessively deep inhale or not excessively long exhale almost

just a little bit exaggerated but even not so much on the exhale and I build that oxygen up in the blood and if you know wim HOF breathing I do 30 reps of that and then last on the exhale I hold my breath yes you heard that right on the exhale so that takes a little bit of time your nervous system is gonna freak out a little bit you're gonna body's gonna want to breathe like sometimes I you know your diaphragm is trying to get you to breathe now you know I don't recommend doing this in water I don't recommend doing this in the bathtub obviously you've got to do this on land and preferably laying down now I'm able to do that for about a minute and a half I can hold my breath without air and then immediately I take a big gulp in and I'll hold my breath for about 15-20 seconds with all that oxygen and I'll do a second round of that I do two sets of that some people do three but interestingly I have found that to be really good I mean it kind of gets my cells going wakes up my nervous system and then I turn over onto my stomach I do some cat cow exercises mobilize the thoracic spine that sort of

finishes off my Agassi immobilization and then and then I knock out about 40 or 50 pushups in one set right I try to do it in one set and good push-ups right very vertical I'm sorry horizontal very stable I'm not just moving my shoulder blades I'm actually moving my chest and going down and getting a full pushup that's a great morning wake up now I've been a meditator for well before look before I get into meditation if this will be a video for another time but then I want to share with you a testicle massage this is a great technique for boosting testosterone I believe I haven't seen any studies I'm just telling you this from my own experience and from the Daoists who use this for for doing just that and and utilizing that sexual energy in a beneficial way by internalizing that energy another talk so I'll get up off the floor and I'll do some testicle massage to move that energy now that I've got from the breathing and from the push-ups and from from the mobilization right the Bloods flowing my body's rehydrated I want to use that energy beneficially we'll talk about that in another video I've been a

meditator for over thirty years and I do that first thing in the morning it sets the day I set an intention and I do some different things with meditation now I've been a meditator for a long time I've never really used an app or or anything for extended periods but currently I'm really really enjoying this app by Sam Harris called the waking up app it is a great meditation mindful meditation and it's something you can take with you throughout your entire day now here's the caveat ten minutes it's ten minutes every day and he guides you through a different meditation every day I think the first week or two weeks are free and then I forget what the cost was $60 for the year I find it to be very very beneficial and I think Sam Harris is a very knowledgeable PhD in neuroscience trained meditator I just like what he has to say as a good podcast but the waking up app is a great meditation app then 10 minutes look if you don't have 10 minutes to meditate then you probably need an hour meaning you're wasting time doing other things or you're obviously so busy and stressed out that something is missing in your life I would recommend going for an hour

or if you don't have 10 minutes and that's sort of a joke in the meditation community if you don't have 10 minutes you need an hour but I love the waking up app for 10 minutes then one of the other things I do a couple other things I journal I've been I've been journaling now for 15 years I have volumes of journals and sometimes it's a diary sometimes it's a bitch session sometimes it's just things I'm grateful for for the last two or three years some mentors of mine Brian Grasso and Carrie Campbell shared with me their four pillars of of a morning routine largely revolving around journaling which is learning your language like write down what's going on in your head what's going on in your head is typically your subconscious stopping you from moving forward in some area and if you're true if you're honest with yourself and you write about the things that have got you griping and bitching and stopping you from progress you're gonna find a pattern of something in there that is the catalyst that's stopping you from making good progress so learn your language review your direction so many

people set goals in January and 98% of them never hit them because they don't review the goal what was the goal you had in January that you were going to accomplish well unless you review it daily and reaffirm that to yourself and recommit to it on a daily basis you're gonna miss it it's I mean you're just gonna miss it like a ship going from you know California to Hawaii it's constantly resetting its rudder because it's drifting a little bit and a two-degree drift you're gonna miss your your target completely so review your direction now I take that review your direction and because I've been doing this a while I bake that into my meditation in what what's called a visualization right the body does not know the brain does not know real from visualize so I take what I'm what I want in my direction and I visualize it and sometimes I visualize hard for about 10 minutes and I try to feel what that feels like and embody it right it's not just a cerebral thing what does it smell like what does it feel like what does it taste like what does it sound like and I try to bring the five senses in so that it really gets ingrained into my body

and then sometimes in the morning mostly at night part of the journaling though is my winds counting my winds so what are your winds right you don't have to win a marathon for it to be a win maybe your win that days you didn't lose it in the office when somebody set you off maybe a win is you ate really well that day maybe a win is you got to the gym and you got the workout you want it may be a win is that 15 minutes with your daughter on your lap reading a book before bedtime I mean when you start to focus on your wins you start to see these things you start to see the good in your life and the good in humanity because it's out there it's too easy to see the negative and to bitch about and to turn on the news and get sucked in and so counting your wins really makes a big difference in your life and we have a part of our brain the reticular activating formation that looks for objects in our world to confirm our own internal biases see I told you the world was crappy see I told you right because you're gonna look for it to confirm it so the same works the opposite way when you are little counting your wins and you're seeing the good around you you

will continue to see more and more good now I want to ask you if this makes sense who share it with someone give me some hearts give me some thumbs let me know this is resonating now lastly I'm a big time restricted feeding person it's been an important part of my life I stopped eating at 7 o'clock at night and I usually won't eat till 9 10 11 depends what's going on I try to get 14 hours minimum of fasting in every single day if you don't have the Xero app I recommend you get that it's free Xero app it's a great fasting tool and I will fast every day so I don't eat breakfast I'll drink one cup of coffee and I even cook for my family I'm not really that hungry my body is now adapted to functioning really well on ketones ketones are what are released when your body's burning fat ketones are not released by eating bacon or butter that's a whole other topic we can get into and so I maintain my fast and that's really my morning routine after I get through all of that then and only then do I turn on my phone to start looking at emails LinkedIn Facebook taking phone calls so my phone is locked down from 9 p.m.

until 7:00 a.m. every day 7 days a week and I love that it you know it's you're not gonna miss anything remember before we had phones like that we didn't deal with anything like this first thing in the morning so a lot of good things that can come from your morning routine now if you don't have one take some of my ideas pick some of the things that work for you I recommend getting a nice blank leather-bound journal and making it sacred so that you know so that you do go to it now the value of having all those journals that I mentioned in the past is when I was in a low point in my life I started flipping through them and I found three patterns that I had been repeating over a 10-year period that allowed me to get some real focus and clarity on what I needed to do to shift that so there's a lot that can come out of a journal and so I highly recommend that now listen I want to tell you one last thing I've got a 30 days in 30 ways email sequence that will send you 30 different ways of implementing health into your life it could be toothbrush brushing flossing it could be the squatty potty it could be meditation it could be

journaling but every day for 30 days you will get an idea from me you don't have to do them all but I recommend finding four or five that really seem to move the dial for you seem to impact your life in your health in a beneficial way and adding that and making that part of your routine there'll be a link here you can subscribe to that it's free 30 ways in 30 days email sequence it's it's I'm not selling you anything it's just things that you can do to stay out of a doctor's office and as I always say beat your own doctor because nobody can make you healthy nobody's gonna there's no a pill that's gonna do it it only comes from your choices your diet and your lifestyle thirty days I'm sorry thirty ways and thirty days below so try this morning routine bring it into your life if you know someone who should hear this please share this or invite them into the group let me know if you like this with some hearts and some thumbs also post any questions below I'll be glad to answer them alright hope this is valuable for you morning routine when you have a morning routine you own your day and the beauty of discipline and routine is you don't have to think about

it we'll talk in the next video about a bunch of good stuff related to testosterone estrogen detoxification testicle massage and and other good things so we'll see in the next video alright have a great day [Music]