10 December 2019

DO YOU NEED DRU..I mean.. NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS?? | Supplements that aid health and diet💪

Have you ever thought, “I'm surely not getting all nutritional components in my daily diet, I should take supplements!” Of course you have! So this video is for you ...

no it started falling hey guys it's me

again alright so today I want to talk about nutritional supplement that I use as a random person normal person who would like to help their hair shine and their nails grow strong and their skin be beautiful and youthful for as long as possible so here we go what do I take there are three main things that a lot of I've researched I've done my research a lot of nutrition is certified nutrition nutrition it's can't talk nutritionists recommend multivitamin um that means your vitamins a b c d all of which do different things for your body your omega threes and your threes and your probiotics duh what I do you know on the train you without even knowing too much about this I had bought a bunch of like the correct stuff for me and I take these every day or almost every day to be honest not every day in the morning like right after my breakfast so what I take is these vitamin C plus Hillier onic acid capsules and they look like this yeah and it says to take three a day I know why they wouldn't just like pack more in the capsule this is like me taking three sure there's a good reason no no but yeah I take this because the

Lorana Cassatt what it is is it's a good moisturizer for your skin so like oh my god they're sticking to my skin it keeps your skin hydrated and it also is something from which collagen is built it's the main ingredient in what makes your hair more elastic and shiny your nails stronger your skin more elastic is all collagen anyway I will be taking these along with you because I haven't done them today should have done it this morning but Cheers am i weird for doing this with you anyway I am NOT a nutritionist but I do have a biochemistry degree so I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject of nutrition I just know a lot about how what they do essentially all right next up we have my Omega threes with vitamin A and D so naturally Omega 3 has a lot of vitamin D in it so that's what I'm going to do they look like this a bunch of fish oil in there if you don't know what omega-3 is it's from the liver of a fish I don't know something like that that's usually where the omega-3 oils come from you can also get them in algae and the algae form are more environmentally

conscious since it's easier to harvest the oil from the algae versus the fish but I don't think I've been able to find the algae version so and yeah these are all from the same brand it's like a French friend they all seem to be friends so I'm not really gonna bother show you the brands but but yeah and the way I like to take these is not by drinking water with it I'm kind of weird I actually enjoy the taste of the fish oil so I bite it down and I enjoy chewing on the weird capsule and I enjoy the taste and don't judge me but okay this is because I've been taking these like little fish oil capsules since I was young my grandma used to give me and my brother some everyday and we always like it was like a little piece of candy we loved it yeah we like the taste weird next up we have vitamin b6 and some magnesium so these are just magnesium chocolates and what magnesium does is it helps with fatigue it's very good for like an energy boost it's good for your bones have a lot of benefits so I highly recommend that anyone take magnesium supplement but what I found is that the pill is freakin huge so I always have trouble like getting it down it's just I

have to do this I don't laughs oh my god still there mm-hmm oh it started falling oh my gosh I'm so sorry that happens every time with the magnesium it's so big and it started falling apart in my mouth and I hate that uh if I could like get in a smaller form I would maybe I should break it into I don't know if you have a nice technique on taking huge ass pills let me know because I could use that help alright and then I take some additional vitamin B's if I need them I don't always take these next we have probiotics they are somewhere around here Oh No one second please two hours later oh I want okay I am literally the dumbest person I know ah hey that thing that fell earlier that's where they were okay so I really wanted to show you what probiotics look like and they usually come in a big rack like this because you take one every day and I do take a lot of care to take one of these every day because I have the worst bowel movement issues and I need one every day so yeah and these are from I think of German doctor doctor woods

again some European products that not sure who would who would know about these outside of Europe but yeah that's my daily supplements I used to have a syrup of collagen that I would also drink but I found that it went down really fast so I didn't repurchase and I don't plan on purchasing it again because I don't like syrup form of supplement and unfortunately collagen the only way you can get it is in like a like a matcha powder they have or a syrup so something that you're gonna be ingesting as a liquid I don't like that I like pills those are practical pills capsules whatever yeah so that's all the advice I have thank you so much for watching this and I hope I helped some peeps out and though I know nothing about nutrition but I'm a nerd I like doing research [Music]