10 June 2019

Do you know that Major Health problems today are Beacuse of Milk ?? | Khadar Valli English Speech

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so with after finishing my degree I went

to America to do my postdoctoral fellow in Oregon Beaverton in a place of environmental science where I was dealing with microbes and toxic chemicals like dioxins and while doing that I also dealt with natural systems like lignin and things like that Oh what I'm trying to communicate is I did hell a lot of so called frontier science in biological systems while I went there just first today as you go into your corporate world they wanted you to get a medical certificate though your feet too just a formality like this when I come in you have a formality so I went to the hospital and I was waiting in the reception then I see a small girl of six year old a this is 1986 I believe 85 or 86 I I don't remember exactly 86 six year old girl looking into space not able to meet the eye to eye contact was missing so I just sat there and looked around and their mother walked by so being what I am I generally don't keep white I just want to converse with people just I'm a very talkative guy so I was actually trying to talk to the baby what is your name and things like that and she didn't respond so a mother came all that I what baby doesn't speak

to what do you want she said what's the problem in the baby she looks beautiful yeah yeah she's been menstruating and the bleeding has not stopped for the last three weeks so I was shocked because where I came from the ladies used to menstruate at the age of 14 that's what because just before I left India I had a case I by the time I left I was also studying homeopathy at the when I started my doing my PhD I chanced upon em system called homeopathy where they declare there is no molecule in the the medicinal system so I was shocked because being a scientist I just entered interest of science with a lot of merit and things like that so I said this homeopathy is What nonsense these people are talking so I just walked into the homeopathy store and carried a medicine and said I will take this and then say if something happens so I started experimenting upon my body about homeopathy being bogus and things like that and then this background experiments I was doing slowly I was finding the truth of homeopathy so that was also going on background so by the time I finished my PhD I was also a

practicing homeopathy doctor just then I had cured my friend's wife who had a big uterus fibroid and they said it is cancerous they said they have to operate and remove it but then I told them if you eat certain food and then if you take this medicine it will dissolve no one believed this was I was a young boy of 20 to 23 and then they said they laughed at me but then anyway this he was my friend and it is his wife I forced them and then after six months that uterus fibroids was not there and she was okay so they were all so what is this what's going on and that was my experience and I just left to America because I had to go PDF and I was from a poor family I wanted to go to American make some money I studied under the streetlights when I was growing up so nothing else was in my mind at that time as I just went and then this small girl comes up and says she's bleeding and I was shocked what happened I mean there's some screw-up in the hormones I mean that was very obvious because did my stupid PhD on steroids so go there and then this girl comes up I was shocked how come on this planet a girl six years old menstruates and it should happen at

the age of 14 as far as I know I just did my PhD and I wrote a lot of theses and big blah blah blah here coming all the tester and then I went into the doctor's office and said doctor what is this girl hey you've come from the you do age we don't know you just stuck this shoulders like typical American Way just go and mind your business that's what he meant so but that was not possible I could sleep for the next 3-4 days and as usual I was investigating and then within two days I recognized that whole America was drinking milk that was not natural and they were already producing in so-called biotechnology IVF IVF we are aware of I think now many women are going for IVF it was the case for cows in 1980s now every man women is going through IVF almost now 38% people are going to IVF because they cannot have proper sex and they cannot produce babies and that's what I mean it is the extension of this is the first statement of mine when I came and started my talk so IVF is in vitro fertilization because naturally the fertilization cannot take place so what these guys do is they inject different kinds of hormones again some

of them are being steroids estrogen and other other things and initially they have growth hormones like oxytocin then so they change the metabolism so that the cow that produces one liter or one half liter milk when it gives birth now it can give 15 liters or 20 liters of milk so when it gives 20 liters of milk what do we do this so-called hormones also pass through the system and you have some residues left in the milk so these guys for building an economic model they make more milk but then the feeding their babies with this milk for the last 10 years changed the hormonal balance of the girls first it is felt in girls but then slowly it will be felt in boys and that is the reason why now men have no sperm count many many of tech guys especially software engineers but less than 20 million of their sperms which should be are 100 million 250 million this is all these stories have happened in America long ago we are just repeating after 20 years as simple as that so now what happened there 1986 I recognized that these guys because of this milk the ladies in America same problem work pressure they started

leaving their kids in nurseries and then this milk bottles and nipples all rubber and polymers entered into their lives and they started giving the milk to the babies at the age of three weeks four weeks onwards they started feeding this extra milk instead of mothers milk the dance of the steroids slowly changed and the girls started instead of menstruating at the age of 14 it became 12 it became 10 in a 15 years gap many girls in America start administered in the age of 8 9 and when I went that girl was a rare specimen who started at the age of 6 but then now the average menstruating period in America is settled around 6 point 5 to 7 now in India it is around nine point five because we followed the same model we imported all these cows and this IV of technology and started producing the same milk and same stories repeated now all the world the so-called scientific books of written milk complete food who wrote this the scientists who are promoting milk as babies know why babies every one should drink because calcium is there in milk so when I tell stop milk the next question immediately all over the world

wherever I give less is what happened calcium that's what question is bothering in everyone's mind as if calcium is available only smilk nowhere else in fact sesame seed has got 10 times more calcium then milk that you are all thinking and so far everyone has been drinking milk in tons of it as if it is not enough we're eating paneer which is concentrated milk and still people have calcium problems because everyone has osteoporosis rheumatism calcium tablets calcium supplements so people say oh we have so many supplements so you are calcium away when you're drinking coffee tea will grease cream everything calcium rich foods why is calcium less in your body no one asked this question what does that mean you are not observing the calcium so supplements and these artificial things cannot make your body or because body is designed to do things differently it is designed to absorb from the food not from your tablets and from artificial food processed items so fortification became the science the fortified milk fortified food fortified five fortified that's absolute sheer nonsense it's a business model it's not

the biological model because they want to sell their product they want to sell their steroids they won't sell their technology you have IVF you have this enters this enters and to the extent that it is science so milk complete food is advertised in the textbooks in the TVs in the news media everything is controlled by these companies in America if you go and say we are selling hormone free milk you will be put in jail this is an instant that has happened eight years jail term is given to a person who said he's selling hormone free milk he didn't even sell he just wrote a sentence [Music]