03 November 2018

Do I Regret WLS (Weight loss surgery)?! VSG My Story

In short Hell NO. SW: 415 LBS CW: 360LBS GOAL:280LBS Follow me on IG @JACKEDFATGUY.

so what's up YouTube what's going on

do I regret getting surgery how fuckin know I don't regret it I was in a point of my life that basically everyone's different you know I I I've seen I seen some people in the office and stuff that I'm not you know big and I'm like why are you getting this surgery you're 250 pounds and I'm just thinking to myself ok that's really windy um I'm just thinking to myself I don't like a simple cold kids make you lose all that weight like why are you gonna put yourself through this shit and people say it's easy it's not easy it's not an easy way out it's hard and it's hard work it's the hardest one of the hardest things I had to do just getting ready for it was really hard you know all the appointments you have so many appointment you got to go to and I worked midnight so it's so hard to do so basically let me tell you a little bit about me and my story and everything and how you know I came to be getting this surgery because it's it's something you got to think about it's not for everyone and it's not it you know it's not a quick fix I'm only I'm only six weeks out right now so I'm I'm I'm on cloud

nine I love it I it's great it's a little bit of a a mindfuck coming from a guy who used to eat so much I ate a lot so much it's only being able to fit maybe three ounces of any protein in my in my stomach at one time and that's a lot probably 2 ounces like this morning I had one egg and an ounce of hand and it filled me up it's insane so I mean I've always been big all right well let me start my weight again my heaviest weight um before my 10 day post-op liquid diet was 415 pounds I was a big boy I am 6 foot 3 so I am a little bit tall but um right now I am this morning I was 359 6 weeks 359 so in 6 weeks I am down 56 pounds I think yeah roughly so 56 pounds in we're just doing the math in 6 weeks it's pretty good all right so yeah a little bit about me so when I was like 17 I started powerlifting I loved it so much it's my favorite thing to do I did it that's all right that's all I thought about see what me I'm I get a very very addictive personality so once I start something I like it it consumes me it consumes my life so even then I was still big I was probably like 310 300

pounds when I was 17 but I started lifting weights and that's all I did my diet was still shit everything was still shit I remember when I first got to the gym um my first couple days I worked out with uh with a friend and he was really big he was probably like 65 but he was he was in shape he worked out a lot like I remember him throwing around like the hunter pound dumbbells and I was like wow this is like my first day so him doing that was like a real feat of strength and then it was so weird like three weeks later I'm up there with 120 pound dumbbells you know doing a incline presses with 120 pound dumbbells and he's like what the fuck and I was like I don't know man and just the strength was just quick I was always really strong and I was a kid um but still my diet was shit I worked in McDonald's which didn't help I was 17 so whatever I could do to get money you know it was great at the time I loved it all the chicken fajitas I wanted I never think they make those anymore anyway um so my dad was always shit I mean I was I was always hovering around 300 even then but I was I was working out I was powerlifting it was it was I didn't care

what I look like just if I was strong that's all I cared about um then in like around 2005 I was still working out there all this time powerlifting and stuff like that I never competed I did a couple like benchpress competitions but that doesn't count um so in 2005 I got a job working as an electrician and this is when like I would say my diet really turned the ship because I'm like I said where I worked but they're all alcoholics all of them I mean not me I don't I don't like I mean like drinking beer but I did then because everyone was doing it so when everyone at the end of the shift everyone would hang out and go drink and I would go drinking and their diet was so horrible and I used to just do it with them and sure I would get into these like spurts of eating clean and bringing my meals and eating chicken and rice every day for like a three month period lose 40 or 50 pounds and be working out and be like okay I'm good now I can go back to what I was doing and you can I couldn't I couldn't do it because I always fell back into eating like shit and then I would stop training it was weird I would I would eat right now would train I would eat bad I

wouldn't sure that's the thing in 2007 I left that job to go back to school and this is when like everything went to shit for me I quit the job to go back to school I wanted to get a degree I hate to say it's a scam but I don't I don't think school is for everyone it certainly wasn't for me because I I ran out of student loan money couldn't get any more student loans I couldn't finish my degree I was almost there couldn't finish so this was like and then this was like 2008-2009 no 2009 or something like that I tried to get the job back couldn't couldn't get it back they didn't want me it could have been the way I left I didn't give him any notice I just walked in ahead to my date card and left and that was it so probably I'm assuming that's why they didn't want me back but in this time I got extremely addicted to online video games I would play non-stop all day this could be a reason why I didn't finish but my school but I don't know I would play 12 hours easy easy easy easy easy 12 hours playing video games all day and this is when I I really blew in depth I think I think I got up to like 430 at

this time um and most unhealthiest I ever was you know sitting in a chair all day not moving playing video games and in this time I worked part-time at like a jewelry store where I was doing repairs and stuff I was pretty much like a jewelers apprentice I would do although watchmaking I would not watch making but like the repairs on watches and stuff he would teach me what to do when everything like that it was fun it was really fun it was a fun job but it you know was an off-the-books nothing nothing job so this is when like I really ballooned up ballooned up like huge didn't really train sure I would go into these spurts of six months training and lose 60 70 80 pounds and think I'm on top of the world I'm invincible I'm back again I'm good and then the video games would suck me back in and that would be it I would be back to square one sitting in the chair all day playing video games and fucking ordering dominoes I love that time in my life because I spent so much time with my brother and I made a lot of friends online and it was fun but it was it was decaying my existence I was I was just perpetually getting worse

and worse health-wise it was bad um so after that in 2000 I would say 15 I started working for the post office now if you I'm sorry if you work for the post office but it's a shit job it's the shittiest job ever had even worse than the jewelry store people say oh you work at the post office a really great job must be really great benefits no it sucks it sucks shit they should look they should give that job to parolees I don't know like people who it's a bad job I'm pologize to anyone who works at the post office or loves their job but maybe it was where I was it was bad crap a crap benefits and they hired the fucking dregs of society just saying but tip on that note tip your mailman please sit they work hard tip them tip them to convictive I tip them a hundred dollars every year and any other holiday I give them cases of beer or whatever but I give them shit every holiday because they work fucking hard I know they weren't good and then this time I would I'd probably walk like 10 miles a day I was still even like garbage still eating like shit eating McDonald's Burger King two or three times a day and I I still lost 100

pounds cuz I walked a hundred fucking miles so still even like shit and everything and I was this and this time I started lifting again so my strength was like through the roof I was this is when I was like seriously thinking about like alright so let me go back I'm sorry I'm jumping around I stopped playing video games when I got the job to post office because it was just too much time I couldn't play anymore so um and then I started picking up the weights again because you know my addictive personality I got a substitute one thing with the other so again lifting weights consumed my life again this is when I got really strong and I was you know I was bench pressing maybe for 35 for 50 I was squatting upwards of like 600 pounds dead lifting close to seven so I was really but me being 400 pounds or 300 pounds it's not really that impressive those numbers but I was still thinking about competing and everything like that and you know I I wanted to compete and everything like that uh it just seemed like really cool atmosphere to me so in around 2017 I left a post office this is when I got my job I have pretty na now and this job is a sedentary job

you just sit all day so me still eating like shit and I'm working out I'm still you know I packed on weight quick I play a game like 60 pounds like three months first three months of the job and everything became harder I couldn't lift this not as much I could lift same but things just became harder I lost mobility I couldn't do shit so then I just I just stopped because it didn't it didn't uh appease me anymore because I was just I just felt horrible um so yeah the this takes me to like now which is I was 415 pounds I had him worked out in like eight months and I always toyed around around with the idea of getting this surgery the sleeve but I never did I always would start like the process of going through it and then never do it um I would chicken out and everyone does it you know it's it's just human nature but do I regret it absolutely not I I feel as those that I got a new chance on weight loss and being healthy and living longer because at the rate I was going I couldn't see myself living past fifty years old like seriously but being six weeks out you know sure um I'm on cloud nine

um it's easy right now it's gonna get harder again I know it and if anyone's out there that you know is thinking about it and doesn't want to do it and they want to talk just write down in the comments below or follow me on instagram i'm i'm always on instagram I'm always on YouTube too so if you--if YouTube is the only way you want to reach me shoot me a message on YouTube comment whatever you want to do and it's probably the best thing I've ever done and it was it was the surgery itself was the easiest thing it's not just getting up to that like the surgery getting the surgery and the recovery it's easy it really is it's just it's easy sure there's some could be some complications but that's you know either you get the complications now or you get them later on in life when you're you know diabetic and high blood pressure I'm lucky enough that I didn't have any of that stuff beforehand I mean I did have a little bit of high blood pressure but now it's low that's one of the side effects like um I've low blood pressure now I get up too quick I get dizzy so oh no I think is the best decision I ever made in my life and I bet you if you did it too you

would think that so if you need anything I'm here let me know and I hope to see you soon