17 June 2019

Ditch the Mayo! 4 Healthy Hacks w Greek Yogurt

Slash calories, fat, and SP in all your meals with my 4 Healthy Hacks using Fat Free Greek Yogurt! In this video I'll show you how to use Greek Yogurt to make an ...

hey guys I'm gonna talk to you today

about four of my favorite ways to use Greek yogurt to lighten up your cooking I would absolutely consider Greek yogurt to be one of my heroes of the healthy cooking world because it's so adaptable and you can use it in so many different ways so let's dig in the first one skip the mayo cut the fat and use Greek yogurt instead and I'm gonna show you my secret formula to make the best Mayo knock off out of your Greek yogurt so we're gonna start with Greek yogurt and then you just need to add a few simple seasonings what I love to do first is add a little bit of mustard now you could use honey mustard Dijon grainy whatever it is you have on hand but it's gonna give the yogurt a little bit more color and a little Tang that you would associate with mayonnaise stir it in you can do this to taste too by the way it all felt based on what you're going to use it in what recipe I love to use this for things like chicken salad egg salad deviled eggs on sandwiches okay once we stirred in a little bit of your favorite mustard the next trick fresh herbs always fresh herbs and two of my favorites for this chicken salad that I'm going to be

making scallions are a great one they give that nice light on uni flavor to things they're nice and kind of neutral in a way they go with just about any dish you're gonna add mayonnaise to and what I'm doing today is tarragon which is one of my favorite herbs it goes really really nicely with this chicken and grape a chicken salad that I'm gonna be making you could do parsley chives dill whatever it is you have on hand so Greek yogurt mustard herbs and then finally never forget the salt and pepper [Music] and that's it I promise you I have tested this on so many people nobody can tell it's not mayonnaise and in fact some people prefer it more than mayonnaise this is actually a really great one for the people that don't like mayonnaise [Music] so that's my first half with using Greek yogurt okay now that we've eliminated full fat mayonnaise from our eating to use for the everyday we can use Greek yogurt to make our Mayo well let's invite the hero to the party too you can use Greek yogurt in place of sour cream and just about any different

party dish that you like to make any dip recipe just swap in Greek yogurt for the sour cream here I've made an awesome ranch dip using just chopped up mixed herbs fat-free Greek yogurt you could add a little bit of garlic if you like or a little bit of lemon zest and if you're a Mexican food fan and love to put sour cream on your tacos or on your nachos I'm going to show you how to make an excellent sour cream substitute with Greek yogurt start with your Greek yogurt and we're gonna add a little bit of lime juice just to give it that brightness and a little bit more Tang just a tiny bit okay once we've added the lime juice this is one of my favorite tricks you guys lime zest I'm gonna give that bright lime flavor without making things too tart and I love using this microplane to get a really fine grade on the zest [Music] hey definitely a little bit of salt don't forget the salt and now is where you can have fun if you wanted to spice things up for your Mexican dishes you could add some hot sauce some Chipotle and adobo a little bit of cayenne pepper

or whatever you like you just stir it in and this lime crema is a hit every time I make it add - nachos black bean soup chili just about any kind of Mexican food garnish okay you guys I promise you four fave ways to use Greek yogurt to lighten up your cooking right so the last two may surprise you and maybe I saved the best for last when you're making soups or different dishes where it's pureed vegetables and such and you want to thicken it and give it a little bit of a tart edge instead of using heavy cream butter flour like a lot of recipes call for or even potato you can actually puree I love to do this in a lot of my soup recipes some Greek yogurt right into your soup it's gonna make it taste like a cream soup without all the added fat and calories of cream and by the way if you're not using one of these immersion blenders you really need to all you need to do is put it in the pot put it on the ground and the yogurt will puree right in you're gonna get thick rich luscious delicious finish and then the final fourth way I love to use Greek yogurt to lighten up my cooking actually in baking recipes you guys check it out I have a lot of cupcake recipes where I

actually replace most of the oil if not all the oil or butter in baked goods with Greek yogurt and it gives a nice rich dense dare I say moist finish to your your baked goods - so those are my four favorite ways to use Greek yogurt to lighten up your cooking and if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to share it with your friends subscribe below and also don't forget to check out my instagram at pudding W Julie and my website cooking W Julie as well