09 April 2019

Discover a Low Carb & Healthy Snack Solution Delivered To You

Another month means another box, this time we are unboxing a tasty low carb Keto Delivered. Join us and Nina Osegueda for another cocktail and silly ...

hello welcome to stuff my box with from

a sound of thunder and now Boris we're super excited to be back for you another episode what are some what do we have today today we have Quito deliver because the winter is over and it's time to get our beach bodies on a low-carb from me I really need to eat low carb to stay healthy that's just diabetes runs in the family and I feel bloated when I eat carbs so getting new keto snacks is great because we always get tired of you know salads and meats and cheeses so having something different you know needs so much meat I mean maybe but before we're starting to get into that Keter box you want to be drinking today because it is spring finally and the cherry blossoms are blooming we're having a cherry blossom cocktail and it looks beautiful hmm so this is actually super easy because you got some raspberries and you muddle them and I added some kumquat liqueur from the Philippines that our friend Michelle brought oh that's awesome yeah so I use kumquat liqueur with the raspberries I muddle that together I add some berry flavored Lacroix and then I put a shot of cherry flavored Smirnoff

oh so you're a lot of calming there yeah our favorite yes well let's try well now let's get into eating the bus all right oh look at all those things all those things okay so heavy streams usual we've got a nice card here oh oh look it's got a recipe on it oh and it's got an explanation of all the things that are in the process and just great retail prices so that's really nice well I see some almost carb looking things there little crackers so these are actually really good I've had these before oh yeah they're cauliflower thins and this is what I like about them there's no dairy in them usually when you do like keto chips it's mostly cheese these are not these have cauliflower they have red lentil flour so to me for means and interesting yeah I don't know should be real interesting in it because that's my was a problem with looking for healthy snacks you so cheese I love my cheese but my partner can't eat that much cheese so it's not something I can do well let's open we're Dems mm-hmm but not a lot of flavor you're good for dipping things yeah very like I'm

feeling it a little bit more now this is really nice it's definitely much feels heavier than the regular snackies but at the same time it being low-carb which is great what I like about them is like whenever I do a cheese board with like the dips and things I can't eat chips so these are really nice for them you know I like putting smoked salmon and oh you've got me and smoked salmon how long is it great mm-hmm this looks like some season it's called a dash of desperation oh it looks like looks like a what do you call it a sample this is a natural sea salt garlic onion black pepper and spices directions sprinkle on everything sprinkle me really nice chocolate coconut chocolate epoxy mix chocolatey tell me 140 calories okay that's good for me yeah so probably a good idea to split some mhm okay so that's what it looks like on the inside mmm well that's really good yeah I'm going to cut a little bit but it's not too heavy either like flavor-wise because a lot of those bars often make me like have this awful aftertaste

this is way better than most keto bars that I've ever done well this is really good it has it doesn't have that bad aftertaste that you usually get from the artificial sugars yeah so this is very good oh you know it's the coconut expedition pili butter is it like the brown butter I think it is like burn buds fat for that fuels so what if you own like that this is after many years of guiding high altitude expeditions in Alaska I discovered nature's perfect ketogenic nut the pili nut oh it's a it's a different nut no no so it's pili nut butter okay how do you peel it not terrible okay so we've got inside here is pili nuts organic coconut butter extra virgin olive oil olive oil and Himalayan salt and that's it and that's four total carbs and two grams of fiber so that's really really good nice there's 200 calories in this little guy here so why don't we try it on one of the oh yes oh no don't want oh it's gooey it's good it's good everywhere I think you're meant to eat this like this packet in your mouth it's really good well it's just way better than burn burger mm-hmm which makes me

feel very disgusting well burn bar you put in your coffee and you got to blend it up yes it's just oil sitting on top of you've done with totes on toast and it was delicious yeah this is very good Wow I really like this yeah oh it's California with a k' for colour for Nikita peanut butter chocolate Kbytes what's a lot okay in there I wonder if it's funky no people you have to okay well maybe we'll make it we have to make it a mix in a bowl you add the nut butter in water and then you mix and then you make it two little bites or bars okay okay easy customize your mix make 12 no big energy bites oh no baby that's great so it'll be much quicker yeah well maybe there'll be a video just for that oh yeah miracle noodles I use these oh they're made of konjac so they're made out of a root from Japan and they literally have like they're ten calories I had those made out of mushrooms I use these all the time I make like if I'm having a hard day I'll make spaghetti and just put these in a pot with some spaghetti sauce and it's still keto yeah so this one's actually have ten calories free soy free paleo friendly organic gluten free and vegan I

see the organic book kind of before you know where they sell them H Mart oh I'm not surprised HMI sells everything yeah they make him even in macaroni noodle style what is this it's tempesta spreadable salami oh no I make no I'm real excited I like oh we can use crackers with that oh yeah we can use crackers I mean the artists we eating the bugs with the buzz this is a you know if you're into it yeah yeah you know it just has more to grab onto okay so this is its oily selection now spreadable salami so it doesn't have a natural casing that's why we need to spread it on the crackers and you know if it's flexible ooh the spreads far everything can be dirty when you have a mind like mine let me get you another practice so you can also have some okay all right oh that's really good little slice it's probably sorry at the end really good it's gluten-free spices sea salt pork raised without antibiotics ever that's great yeah this is really nice I I really could see myself buying this yeah just what one of my problems that I have with buying like salami and things like

that sometimes they add sugar but there's no sure in this this is just meat I'm gonna have to buy more of this this is really nice I could see me eating them again and again it's a Walter town eating here's the last thing in our box it's a keto hot breakfast that's awesome I love me a hot keto I do do I miss eating like oatmeal and cereal so having a keto alternative is great this is a peaches and cream flavor will be kind of the consistency of oh yeah looks like it says coconut flour your three old monk fruit Siloam husk and dried apple or gum ground cinnamon so how do you make it let's see say you mixed with 1 cup of water 3 tablespoons of hot breakfast misc and 1 tablespoon of butter okay so now we're gonna try out some hot Kiera gonna take a man who into eating Kiera cook them you know that would be delicious but no we're trying the hot cereal yes so we made it in the microwave and it actually made a lot more than I thought like this is the texture it reminds me of cream of wheat which I'll be honest I hated when I was growing up because there was no flavor so I'm hoping I mean this looks really

gooey so I can almost expect it to be disgusting actually tastes really good hmm I could see myself eating this yeah this is nice this is great tastes better than what I assume is cream of wheat is no idea what that is one bag contains eight servings that's good and how long did it take you to make this this is two minutes yeah this is really fast two minutes in the microwave you put three tablespoons in yeah this is a lot of food for us so just three tablespoons I'd also like you it spreads so is good with us friends yeah I like the peaches and cream flavor yeah to me it's very light in flavor I'm not tasting a lot but I could see me eating this so I tend to eat a lot of like smoothies for breakfast but sometimes I miss kind of like something more like hardly a food I can also see myself taking this to work making me a snack like living the day like after lunch from working late I wish you definitely take this tour and just cook it up in the microwave and have a nice hot cereal if you don't add the the butter or the coconut oil it's only 60 calories Wow

yeah no this is good so how much was this box this was a $40 box okay and I'm like I love it I know this is awesome I'm I'm definitely gonna use all these things this is gonna go for a while like I'm not gonna eat all this in like one day you know these are the little crackers I think will go the fastest yeah because they're two servings in these in these two bags so that's four servings let people go pretty fast and this was a 1 a 1 use thing yeah I mean you know is poured into like a container yeah yeah this is a one serving and then of course the miracle noodles that's that's like a meal yeah that's a meal another one person yeah and the keto bar this is really good yeah this what I like about this box is it's introducing me to things that I've never had before yeah yeah you can see us going and actually trying to buy this stuff yeah outside of this box yeah the big problem was other buses which has some bonuses that I didn't trying things again Oh as you can see you know right now it's going for another sort of this so no overall I would say this is an excellent box of course we'll try it again

and we always stuff my clogs but this is definitely a winner it might be one of our new favorite boxes are welded with try this is a keeper yeah yeah I've cancelled boxes before but I'm keeping this one no I'm gonna have to order one too this is really good just really fun and it's great to have some like healthy snacks as well as a variety of healthy snacks because we feel about busy life it's hard to eat healthy exactly exactly so yeah well where can they find you you can find me at a sound of thunder bang calm and you can find me anywhere as nom de borders dot-com or any social network and this was yet another episode of stuck on balance let us know what you think of this box and if there's any other boxes you would like us to try and of course drink and drink I'm surprised by how well this mixed it's a point of caprese if there's no tomato gonna be coming back in a second you get out of here Willie you want to have our babies alright so now we're gonna try some California keto no oh we're gonna turn the hot cereal well yeah well brother to reset I'll count you down three to me look at the camera one