01 May 2019

Diets Are Not The Easy Way Out

Most people are looking for the quick fix. The path to least resistance. The diet that will change their lives and provide them with having to do little effort. This diet ...

hey Justin Viera here so right now this

episode of truth together I wanted to discuss a little bit about how people will get into a diet or something and then find all these little ways all these little tricks besides doing it correctly right they want all these little shortcuts these pills these powders these programs of telling them what to eat what not to eat then by the end of it all they've gained all this weight back or haven't seen any results or if they are seeing results they're not feeling like they should be they don't have the energy that should be coming with a healthy lifestyle so you cannot go on a diet think you're gonna lose weight keep it off for the long run which is the rest of your life if you aren't taking part in some kind of physical activity we've got to be physical with through exercise and through activity throughout the house or the yard or some kind of sport we might play or activities with our kids whatever it is moving around getting off the couch getting out of bed and moving the body as it should be this will build muscle you don't need to be a bodybuilder you will put on lean muscle tissue that keeps fat off over the long

run the the muscles are kind of like a hot stove burning and then when you put butter on them it melts them off very quickly now you don't want to be putting a bunch of butter on but people that aren't working out and going on all these yo-yo diets that just end up getting worse than they were before they started them are basically not doing any exercises and then they get caught up and the idea is that they could buy all these different formulas and stuff or go on these diets where they don't have to eat fruit or they don't think there's these things where they can't eat certain things if a diet is telling you not to eat fruit it's probably the wrong diet now some of that keto stuff for instance might work for a little bit to burn a little the fat but it's not addressing so much the more importance of exercising is just trying to tell people not to eat things they already aren't really eating such as fruit so if you got somebody's overweight they probably don't eat much fruit anyway so yeah they're already halfway doing the diet now all they have to do is starve out all the other carbs and eat a bunch of fat this and that and

blah blah blah and art I don't know how well they're taught or to work out and all of that but you don't need a diet to tell you to work out it's very important to do when you do it no matter what that should be the first step before you ever do a diet at all exercise has to be known that that's what's gonna be happening there's no quick fix there's no easy path without moving the body as it should be so any diet and you supplement anything telling you this and that without addressing exercise as number one if they try to say with exercise it may help you lose weight it's just it's you will lose some weight you will feel better in your skin you will have more energy with exercise it's a it's a it's a fact and I live it every day myself I'm not perfect I don't have 100% energy at any given moment but I definitely have a whole lot of energy throughout the day that makes me feel extraordinary I eat foods as close as nature intended and I workout full body workouts as much as possible and I've enjoyed this higher level of health practically my whole life and I just keep getting better because I keep

getting smarter and implementing more things as I go to share some of the things that you guys use for your exercises or your nutrition or your journey to longevity and health and you guys have a great day get moving