07 June 2019

Dietitian follows a Standard American Starvation Diet

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recently a dietician named Abbi sharp

criticized the carnivore diet in reality she is just another pseudo-intellectual using bro science and appeals to Authority she says things that are commonly accepted in our society yet far from the truth the main issues with dietitians are that they were educated on the wrong information their whole career is dependent on our modern conventional wisdom the incorrect nutritional advice that has essentially made America the obese and unhealthy nation that we have today to say these people are invested for the wrong reasons is a bit of an understatement and as a result in the day of eating video that we're going to look at today she is literally starving herself and I would like to call this the standard American starvation diet you are consuming a lot of food eating very frequently but you are depriving your body of animal protein and animal fats so it is constantly hungry and does not have the vitamins minerals elements and fatty acids our bodies need to function the reason people can't lose weight the reason people are unhealthy is simply a lack of quality nutrient-dense animal foods let's see why this dietician

thinks she's better than everyone else okay all right so it's like 5:30 in learning and I'm gonna start to get ready because today's spin day yeah I don't wake up like that I just hopped out of bed I'm ready to run through some drywall it's just you know a little bit stressed but this is a good stress reliever so there is no skipping workouts at this point in the game and and we gotta get we gotta get going so I'm going to go make a little coffee after this brush my teeth and over to the gym I don't drink coffee [Music] hey guys I am already in the spin room and always the first one here excel like to do another pre-workout warm-up to get ready for the killer road ahead I'm already out of breath so I guess that's a good sign so I'll catch you when I'm really hot and riding this buddy and do a little pulse for kids snack okay see that hey guys so I just got out of my spin class this is what a badass work that looks like really red really sweaty I'm exhausted but I feel great and I'm so ready for a little post-workout snack so come back to my kitchen and are we going to show you

what I'm gonna eat [Music] I know that in America it is the norm to feel like and it's unfortunate everyone needs coffee to exercise in the morning just to get things going this is primarily because of vitamin d3 deficiency although they don't teach you that in dietitian school unfortunately the other issue with things like coffee especially these nut milks she's drinking like almond milk they are liquids very high in anti-nutrients phytic acid oxalates you're essentially dousing your digestive system in the morning with a mineral absorbing liquid not exactly good from a micronutrient perspective in getting your minerals and elements in your diet I have a whole video on coffee why cortisol goes up how it can be very stressful to the adrenals and the overall hormonal system in woman and especially when you combine that with a diet that's lacking other nutrients you can see exacerbated issues you know she was out of breath after being on the bike for a very short period of time her post-workout shake isn't really doing her any favors either she has more

almond milk more anti nutrients she put some cherries in there which is just sugar you know frozen cherries very oxidized low nutrient content not a quality food you know herbicides and pesticides frequently used protein powder does have reasonable availability because it is a laboratory isolate what's lacking in protein powder is the micronutrients found in animal protein a lot of the minerals and elements not only that you know protein powders can contain dozens and dozens of chemicals and harmful ingredients that we haven't really done a whole lot of research on knowing how safe they are for us long-term overall so far she hasn't really had a significant source of fat or micronutrient nutrition in her diet you know no semblance of vitamins minerals elements or fatty acids just really protein and carbohydrates she's giving her body some form of energy but not enough to perform basic cell functions ok guys I'm all recovered after my first spin work I've already answered some emails and run a few little morning errands and I'm ready to make a quick breakfast [Music]

[Music] she mixed the egg whites with the oatmeal all that's gross [Music] so I just finished up my weight training session with my trainer I try to see him about three times a week on the same days that I do my spinning or my cardio so I'm not doubling up on the weights and I'm starving right now so I'm gonna go make myself a little something for for lunch plan that's really high in protein that of course it's gonna refuel after that workout so let's go through it [Music] [Music] the breakfast with the oatmeal the egg whites blueberries almond milk is an example of modern fear-mongering around animal products around fat around cholesterol if she was actually eating egg yolks she might not have to eat three or four meals before noon she is depriving her body of the animal nutrition and needs to recover from a workout and I was gonna say this young lady doesn't have the best body composition you know she's not really too lean or too muscular I'm assuming

she doesn't do weight training but if she's doing weight training three times a week and she has that amount of muscle mass she's clearly depriving her body of nutrition notice how she had to put salt and cinnamon in the oatmeal to make it taste palatable you know despite having the sweetness of the blueberries and the raspberries apparently that's not enough and then she moves on to lunch but puts like five tiny pieces of chicken on a giant plate of vegetables not only that you know she put soy sauce in there salt and sugar she's dousing it in sriracha her body's missing something you know I did a raw meat mukbang the other week where I ate a giant plate of raw meat and felt super satisfied that's all I ate the whole day humans need animal nutrition to be satiated and recover and she's clearly depriving herself of it so here I am again I know I'm looking a little different than I was before but we've been filling some of Abby's kitchen videos here today and I'm just getting ready to set up for another one so this earlier time I need a quick little bit of energy and I still snack to get me through the next few few recipes so I'm gonna get to that right

now really high-protein cereal [Music] so we're just wrapping up we're just cleaning everything up and getting all the food put away but I need a little quick something something to get me through the rest of this cleanup so I'm gonna go make my public quick little snack hey guys so I'm about to have a little dinner so I'm gonna make something for myself and I know you're probably thinking that girls eating so many times of the day and I know I am I'm eating frequently because of course the last week before the starving yourself of real cute horse we need to fuel those workouts and I think that's one of the big mistakes that a lot of brides make is that they cut calories so low but by the time they get to the honeymoon they totally rebound because their metabolism is so shot so I haven't done that I've really focused on getting really good quality food in and feeling satiated and just feeling good and it's working so I'm gonna make my little meal here and I'll see you soon [Music]

surprise fries guys snack number three I love baby bells I always have baby bells in the fridge for an easy quick snack and I'm gonna really enjoy [Music] hey guys so I'm just getting ready to finish up my last snack of the night this is a little cottage cheese with tons of almonds on top and some toasted coconut such a great snack it is loaded with casein protein which is a really slow digesting protein so it keeps me fuller longer which I really think is great I don't wake up hangry and you know I hope you really enjoyed my little what I eat in a day the week before my wedding it's gonna be fun I'm gonna definitely do another one of these when I get back from the honeymoon so that you can kind of see how I incorporate healthy foods into my everyday balanced diet when I'm not trying to fit into a really tight backless not forgiving dress if you know what I mean also what's the thing I want you to know is this whole time I still be eating out and enjoyed myself I mean even just the other day I went in for dinner I had dessert a head of beer it got how many how much money enjoy yourself so it's

all about you know moderation and balance so I hope you guys like this if you did please give me a thumbs up leave me a comment below about of course what you're making for dinner and what you're eating today eating 10 times a day is moderation and balance she literally had nine meals during this day of eating this is a testament to how much plant food herbivores need to eat how little nutrition these plant foods have in comparison to animal foods you know the high protein cereal dozens of negative ingredients really low-quality grain based crap yogurt has all the fat taken out sugar added in more crap no nutrients no animal fats not enough animal protein and she had celery with almond butter more almonds more nuts very high phytate content I wouldn't be surprised if this girl was anemic just based off of her incredibly high consumption of these mineral binding substances she said that a lot of pregnant women have a slow metabolism because they rebound too fast from their diet no you're depriving yourself of animal fat animal protein that is wreaking havoc on your hormones and then you go

crazy eating out and indulging in restaurants because when people go to restaurants they feel like they could eat animal foods or they don't like purchasing them themselves she had zucchini noodle Turkey bolognaise just a bunch of high water vegetables with very lean turkey protein this is tying into like the calories and calories out thing how people are afraid of calories which they really shouldn't be she was snacking on some baby Bell doesn't have any understanding of food quality how important it is to source things like raw grass-fed cheese's because of their nutrient density and then she had cottage cheese with almonds and coconut in it more nuts more oxalates more phytic acid she goes on to say that cassia protein digests slow so it's better no that's not better something digesting slowly the large casting particles found in cow's milk is an indicator that there's more inflammation it's harder for your body to deal with it drinking a fast digesting protein like goat or sheep milk why would you want your body to take longer to digest something it

doesn't make any sense 15 grams of casting protein or 15 grams of whey protein if 15 grams of protein absorbs faster in your stomach why wouldn't you want the quicker absorbing option there's no reason to delay the absorption of nutrition in your body your body can always utilize whatever it needs so we have all these people who think they're healthy and intelligent misleading others to do the same thing yet they look pale they don't have a good body composition they're lacking energy taking everyone else along the ride with them so thank you guys for watching I mean I'm never too optimistic about the future and really finding a solution to all the misinformation out there but if you guys would like to support me further I just check out some of the other videos on my channel if you could please like the video subscribe hit that Bell icon and share it if you can recently I've launched Franky's naturals bringing you guys high quality minimally processed minimal ingredients cosmetics and toiletries you can check those out at Frankie's Naturals comm we also have Frankie's free-range meat bringing you

nutrient-dense animal foods at an affordable price so if you guys want to look good on the inside and out you can check out Frankie's Naturals as well as Frankie's free-range meat at Frankie's free-range meat dot-com thanks again guys for joining me and enjoy the rest of the day