24 September 2018


Hello guys, today Im talking about feeling tired and sometimes lacking motivation to lose weight, stay fit, get fit or focus on health. Sometimes we all feel tired and ...


hey guys welcome back to another video I hope you can hear me I didn't realize how windy it was today what I wanted to talk about today is alright I'm not trying to like demotivate anyone but sometimes does anyone else find it sometimes a bit of a struggle does it are you finding it hard sometimes trying to I don't know trying to stay in shape trying to get in shape trying to lose weight loose fat like if you are I completely I completely get it guys and I just wanted to share with you a thought that I had a couple of times and like it only creeps into my head for literally like lived another dog oh gosh and this thought only creeps into my head like literally for five seconds and then he's gone but sometimes it creeps in and I don't know why okay um and I thought about this last night like my legs okay Baxter my legs are killing I've been running like everyday at the moment I've done a couple of heavy heavy leg workouts and like things her and I was running this morning and like my legs are killing like maybe ever don't I don't know probably and last night I was thinking about I was watching them a

vlog of someone that I you know I'm subscribed to and like they were just they were just like out having a merry time with their family and they were eating junk food whenever I watched this person vlog in it's always food and crap food and never overweight like this person i watch is very overweight stones and stones overweight and they don't give a monkey's they don't give I mean you never hear them talk about healthy foods or like diets or exercise it's just not in their world and I watched them and they're just like shuffling about eating all this crap and they're going on vacation eating more crap and like they're just sat around in the evenings watching TV stuffing in crap and this seem happy do you know what I mean and like I've been watching it for years and they never talk about Oh something burst they never talk about weight loss fat loss trying to be healthy like for myself like I'm not on about like losing weight I'm just one about you know I eat vegan food I try knee you know hope I'm trying to you know I'm trying to get my body into a fetal health he stay on trying to stay fit I'm trying to build

some lean muscle I'm trying to stay what what if i sat on is that a bee I just I'm trying to get my body into a lean and a you know a lean healthy stay and that's where I know I'm happiest and I feel good and I like to go running and I'm just thinking sometimes like literally like last night I was thinking about it just for five seconds like what's the point what would I be happier just not bothering with this but I'd be happier just eating crap and being you know like a few stone heavier than I am and not worrying about running and like checking the weather to see if it's gonna be good running weather or if not I'm gonna run indoors or if not do so like the people I'm watching you know I watch a few people and like they're not I do watch a lot of health and fitness people but like the some of the vloggers that I watched 13 20 of that they're just like living their lives eating their crap I'm being honestly in that crowd but they seem like merry and happy and I'm thinking sometimes but it only inches my head for like a few seconds and I'm thinking no Amala you wouldn't be happy but tonight I mean it's just like sometimes when it when it's hard

like sometimes it's just it's just hard isn't it and it's not like I'm not doing it like I said at the moment I've ran every day for like three this is my fourth day running and like I am active most days I did cardio and I try and do resistance most days I'm trying okay and you know I try and eat healthy foods and I'm I'm just I try but it's like sometimes it's I just get tired and it's not like I'm demotivated and that's and that's not really the problem because it's like a happy for me and I do it but I'm when I watch these people I just suddenly think you know sometimes should I just like would it be easy and not to bother with any of this just to shuffle around and eat crap and just at night sit on my fat ass in front of the TV watching crap talking about crap just shoveling more stuff in on the weekends just go out with my husband and have nice meals and restaurants and eat you know meat cheese and dairy and all this crap and not give a crap about myself and just be happy and not have any stress worrying about exercise or do you know what I mean does anyone else understand that and like I said it's not only like a very small

like amount of time like maybe once once every couple of weeks but like it'll pop in I'll be watching a blog thinking I'll but they're happy they're happy right eating crap and being overweight and then just then live in their lives and it's not all about you know making health and fitness videos or talking about Oh mad or reading labels or 20 or healthy or tryna do you know what I mean it's like it's not even in their world and that they're getting by and they seem happy but are they is it a facade you know I know there's times in my life and I've been really overweight and sometimes I pretended to be happy sometimes I've been ignorant to what's going on sometimes I've been really unhappy sometimes I've just been neutral but I've never felt comfortable and I've never felt confident and I always knew that I just couldn't continue in that route you know 3-stone heavier than I am now wasn't a happy place for me and I know that if I'd have just carried on on that lifestyle I'd have been maybe four stone bigger than I am now and then what happens you're not in a happy to talk then it's really really hard to actually turn

things around but like I so people I'm watching don't want it maybe I don't want to turn things around maybe they're happy being a plus-sized really really overweight and it's like because to them they never mention it they never mentioned anything to do with healthy eating okay and they drink alcohol and like their lives just seen one long marry sort of like pardon not a party but they eat crap all the time they're always drinking they're always going out having takeaways and eating bad stuff I'm thinking is it they don't care but they sit they seem fine like they don't look fine like from a health bite I can see obviously that best by struggling with some things like mobility and they're always moaning about like covering up because they feel like you know feel fat sometimes but then they they throw out this body confidence thing oh I'm body confidence so doesn't matter if I'm fat and I'm thinking would that work for me do you know like sometimes when you just feel like eating the world and you want to eat that bag of donuts and it's like like that's not going to do anything to me really it's not gonna make me fat but

you know making making the better choices when sometimes it's hard isn't it and I make them now that habit and because like subconsciously I know I don't want to go down that Rufus sometimes just sometimes for like five seconds I look at these people and think you know if they got the right idea you know I was out running this like running this morning and it was like I don't know half 7 quarts wait my legs were killing like serious I've been running every day and I did a leg workout the other day and like my legs are killing I'm thinking this is hard I just want to be at home in bed like rolling around eating toast in cereal do you know I mean like just got a split second I was like this is hard and I did my run and I did it you know and then it went that and then I walked the dog on the same route and I've come back out to the same route so I've been like literally in and out for the past three hours but sometimes you know like I do my cardio most mornings but sometimes like not only sometimes I like it's hard especially not on Sunday mornings like especially in the winter oh my god and I'm like playing ten layers on to go out

on my bike I mean and you do think what am I do and everyone else is in bed like you know eating bacon sandwiches and like I'm low cycling across sheet ice down the park just try and stay fetched try and stay shape in shape you know like who's right and who's wrong like we're both right but I can only allow myself to like and and like I said it's just a few seconds that pops into my head like would I be better off just not doing any of this you know like I'm not here to try and do motivate you and because it's just like a very brief sort of like sometimes five seconds and you know what sometimes if I'm feeling like oh really cutlet bothered you know I do i watch durianrider i watch during my dif literally 20 seconds any of these videos and sometimes that has been enough for me - I'll - know what I'm al I get on your fat ass and got on you suck get on your saddle and get cycling or go out for a run the amount of time you I've tuned in to jury and Rider and I've thought just go do you know what I mean well what time the day he always like because he walks the talk and he's really I find motivational I'm going off topic now

anyway but the theme of what I'm trying to say in this video is it's if you are struggling like with the mental aspect of trying to stay in shape get in shape lose fat lose weight whatever it is trying to be healthy you're not on your own it's not always a hundred percent easy for those of us that have been doing it for a while it's not we all have those moments of this is hard whether it's physically because everything hurts like today I'm just like sitting on the toilet seat is killing me my legs are just dropping off you know nice sometimes it's just hard and sometimes you just look at the people maybe in your family and your friends and you think like they're they're living their best lives you know and I'm trying to live my best life but I I mean I know why don't we don't notes or something I don't know what it is like you're going through but you're not on your own if you are struggling sometimes with those thoughts like understand that they're just thoughts and it's just like sometimes you maybe you're comparing yourself to someone else and as long as they don't take home and

it's don't long as you don't put that into practice because you don't want to go down you know what I mean you're hiding that you're resonating at a higher frequency and that's why you're watching this video because you don't wanna go back down or you want to carry on going up to that make sense but don't don't be alarmed if those thoughts do pop in on you do get tired like mentally tired of trying because you know we all get that now and then but it's short-lived it will go if you're looking for motivation go and check out doing my distal Tanny bra she's very motivating sometimes snap you out of it like I said for me it's very rare that I get these thoughts but sometimes sometimes it's hard isn't it guys you know what I mean sometimes sometimes it's hard but then I think why would I be if I wasn't conscious about trying to make a change here or wasn't conscious about what I was eating doing any exercise I know what I would be I know how I would look and I wouldn't feel happy I wouldn't be able to run I'd be overweight my knees would hurt my hip more my hips but her I would have no confidence I wouldn't be able to wear

what I want to wear I just I don't know it's not what I want you know yes and sometimes it's not easy I'm still doing it and we're all still doing it aren't we but as long as we understand that like we're not alone with these with these thoughts sometimes if no fried food and playgrounds of chocolate whatever it is that you crave anyway guys I just weird video today but I wanted to share that with you because sometimes it just pops in it just pops in anyway I'm gonna try and stand up literally my legs are falling I can't even tell you how much pain I've got to run again tomorrow it's gonna be our five days in a row my legs are gonna fall off like this will be the last video with you know me until the next video of interest guys have a great day bye I hope you could even hear hear any of that I know literally I think I've sat on a bee or a wasp and it's like stung my ass because I heard it buzz and then my are starting to really hurt right let me go home another look