16 June 2019

Diane Daniels Founder of Weight Loss Nation Program and Podcast (part 1 of 2)

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welcome to courageously go where we will venture into places we've been afraid to go women of the world we are going to start a movement a movement towards courage hello everyone welcome to courageously go my name is Debbie DiPietro your host and this is the show where we have a global conversation about courage and I'm so glad you're here each week we have an interesting guest and we talk about living a courageous life why do we do this I believe that when we live from our hearts by choosing courage the life of our dreams and a better world for all are possible no matter our age or circumstances we never need to feel stuck or alone our essential truths are as follows I choose courage I use my voice I embraced the new I welcome challenge I continue to grow I am a woman of action I courageously go if any of those resonate with you then you are most certainly in the right place and on today's show I'm going to introduce Diane Daniels she's the founder of weight loss of a weight loss nation program and she has her own podcast this is from Diane if you if you visit her website she says this my name is Diane

Daniels and I'm the founder of weight loss nation I started weight loss nation out of necessity a lifetime of using food for comfort in between diets I've tried every diet program out there had left me 80 pounds overweight and too tired to truly enjoy life I needed to do something but none of the programs I had tried had worked I needed something new and so I created it and it worked Diane Daniel's welcome to courageously go age Deborah I'm excited to have you I think you've been doing a little bit of traveling and and I'm glad we were able to connect because I've been really wanting to learn more about this whole program it sounds like you have quite an exciting community built around this and you helping you're doing a lot of good work out there helping people so so welcome and I just would like to jump right in and I often like to ask ask my guests you know what are you excited about these days what's what's getting you excited when you wake up in the morning listen when you're over 50 when you can wiggle your fingers and your toes and

you're taking that first breath that is a beautiful day that's a day I'm with you I so besides that so now you know you're alive and most important thing in that every day is a new day and there's always such exciting and wonderful things that can happen during that day because it is a new day if you miss a day it's all over okay so that's the end of it's a new day everyone has to take advantage of that there's so many wonderful opportunities out there every single day that's what I'm excited about this is not the truth oh and you know you just you're right you know I'm I'm I'm over 50 myself and you know you you do get to this point in life where you don't want it you don't take anything for granted right each day is a gift and and with that you know with that perspective that it it really does put things in perspective you know and and so I'm that's just awesome and so so with that being said so let's I would love to hear more about this weight loss nation I was on your on your Facebook yesterday and kind of looking at it just looks like you have an amazing community out there and I'd love to learn more about it well then I gotta

tell you it really started we're gonna go way back all right I'm seven years old okay and my mom and dad are having an argument and my mom and dad had lots of argument that was very typical in my household they argued very frequently but today on this day it was a really bad argument and it scared me you know I had a one-year-old sister and I picked her up and I ran into the kitchen because it was just very loud it was the voices were so violent it really scared me to death at seven years old and I was in the kitchen and my heart was pounding because it was very different argument and I didn't understand I didn't know what to do and in a few minutes I heard my mom and she was screaming my name I mean she was literally Diane help me help me and I said why is my mom calling me and I looked out of the kitchen and I peeked out and I could see my mom was curled up on the couch and my dad was leaning over her and he was beating her with his fists and she's calling my name she's dying help me out but I was frozen I couldn't move I couldn't speak I

couldn't really do anything my heart was pounding and I almost couldn't even hear anything anymore hmm and and I just felt so ashamed that was the first thing felt this guilt this huge feeling of guilt and I felt like whatever a seven-year-old could feel like to be a coward because to be courageous at seven I really don't know if a seven-year-old child could be courageous or feel it but I just felt like the most worthless human being on the planet at that moment because I did nothing I let my mom get beat and soon after that it was only within a couple of weeks my dad I'd moved out and they eventually got a divorce but from that day I was on a mission I just I had this inner drive that just steered me in a direction that I had to help everybody that I could that's just what I was doing I don't think I recognized abut I was trying to help and please everyone and I was going to be the bravest soul on the planet and I would play with the kids in neighborhood and I was going to excel I was gonna be at the best of everything that I could and I was playing with baseball with all the boys and I was

right there with the best of them I was fantastic everybody wanted me on their team can you imagine a little eight-year-old nine-year-old girl and everybody wants you on the team and that's crazy but in between it all and with school and trying to excel in school whenever I would feel guilty or if my mom would call my name and she would call your full name yet a lot of parents do that when you hear that that's yeah for me it was Debra Lynn I knew that was where my dad wanted me to clean my room Debra Lynn a lot of resonate with that because you know what that means oh that's the call that's the Anoka yeah I would immediately feeling that guilt I rushed to food and we had a junk drawer and my mom would buy all the chips and the chocolate chip cookies and all the crap was in this junk drawer because I was raised during the time when processed food made a huge entry into America and who the hell didn't love junk food so when I felt that guilt I ate and I loved chocolate chip cookies and I would eat chips ahoy cookies and I loved potato chips and I would just eat and eat and eat until I felt better

because that's all I knew what to do and I through high school and I gained weight and my athleticism helped me to bring it down for a short term and then I would gain weight again because the guilt was just so built up and I would be playing sports again and I would lose weight it was a total yo-yo effect just being a natural teenager and when I was 18 and I was in college I took a an emergency medical technician course as an elective that just to take it it just sounded okay and amazingly when we were doing CPR I was like city structure I was like you mean I could save somebody's life he was like yes yes you could be saving lives all day long that's the point you need to stabilize people and try to save the people you can and get them to the hospital that's very important you're here to stabilize them and save who you can actually Wow that's what I left knowledge and I immediately started working for the city of New York as an emergency medical technician and I was stationed in Manhattan and I mean it turned out to be the most wonderful job I've ever had in my life I truly loved it because that

was my mission I was here to help anyone and everyone I could and now I'm doing it right so I mean I'm saving lives Deborah I am so brave I'm running into burning buildings and dragging people out of burning cars and Wow fearless fearless I'm so brave and I felt good about myself and a few years later when I was 24 I worked very close alongside the police officers and the firemen and I said wow if I become a police officer now I can go catch the bad guys too and I I can still save lives cuz they get their hear on all these emergency calls I was like that's like the whole gamut so I became a police officer and I'm still saving lives now I'm arresting bad guys and you know what I was even returning kidnap children to their mother's arms I mean who wouldn't love that feeling right mm-hmm but when I started going on cause of domestic violence which I can't tell you was one of the most common cause I would go on as a police officer I felt the guilt I felt the shame I felt the uselessness and I would eat I mean I'm in Manhattan can you you know you imagine all the wonderful food my weight just kept going up and up and

they're still feeling like a coward still feeling useless still feeling that I'm not deserving of anything good in my life not deserving to be loved Ian Here I am saving lives but it nothing was solving that issue for me and I went to the doctors when I was around 40 and I got on the scale and I weighed a little over 260 pounds and the doctor was like yelling at me that you're too young to be this obese you're gonna kill yourself you know you need to lose weight I mean so here he even my doctor and for our generation I mean we held doctors to the highest esteem huh okay nowadays it's not like that but for our generation and our parents and our grandparents we really held them to a high esteem so again I felt the same and being feeling useless and wow I'm a police officer I'm saving lives you know it's like well you're too fat so I just kept eating more and Chips Ahoy I used to come in a sleeve of plastic if you remember they used to come in to sleeps in a package well I would eat a whole sleeve with no problem that was just like my serving and give me a sleeve of chocolate chip cookies chips ahoy cookies and that's all I knew to soothe

me to make me feel better and years go on and I'm almost 48 now and my partner calls me and says it's over and after 16 years you gotta get out you got to get out of house and in my head I'm like what I what do you mean I thought this was gonna be a forever and this has been my home for 16 years I'm like what and leaving that again I mean the feelings were just overwhelming and I was sitting on the edge of my bed in my new apartment about just short of three months later and I had just finished a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream I mean who didn't love cherry you know Garcia and I was trying to stop the feeling of the uselessness and this the shame and not deserving of love but it really didn't work and at that moment I was in so much despair because no matter what I did I was just a failure so I I took my pistol and I put the muzzle to the right side of my temple and I was praying for the courage to pull the trigger and I was crying and the tears were just flowing down my face Deborah and but I suddenly feel my my dog my Jay Russell her name is Jenny and she's she's licking my feet and I looked at her and

her tail is wagging and she's you know trying to jump on my legs you know to pick her up and at that moment I am looking at her and I could feel how much should my dog loved me and how much she needed me for that brief moment I felt some love and I put the gun down and I picked her up