01 January 2019


Did getting dentures help me in my weight loss journey? Watch to find out :)

hey guys it's destiny again so I wanted

to come on in here and just check in with you guys again I'm doing pretty good like I said if you haven't watched my previous videos make sure you check them out I refer to them a lot when I'm talking to my viewers on YouTube and my subscribers so definitely check out my other videos but the last you guys heard I was figuring on pushing back my appointment or I had the decision on whether I should push it back or not because it's right before my cruise so I figured I'd go ahead and push it back just to alleviate that anxiety that I had about getting it done and so I went ahead and pushed it back and so I'm feeling so much better and thank you guys for your guys input it really helped a lot us to what decision I made but ya know I'm doing really good my implants are doing fine I was having a little bit of pain in one of them that is kind of above my gum I went to the dentist he took an x-ray said everything looks fine when your gums wrink you know it's bound to happen that an implant kind of you can kind of see it poking through so he said there's nothing to worry about and as far as the pain it was nothing major so it's probably me

just putting too much pressure eating on that side I feel like I'm talking a lot better these days like I said just a small little little s like I have a little bit of a problem with my asses and that's it other than that no everything's good but there is something else I really wanted to come to you guys and talk about I know that my channel is mainly based around dentures and living with them and my personal journey but I also really want to mention something that is a big change in my life and that is dieting and eating better and I want to talk about how dentures of actually like contributed to that okay so if you guys were like me before I had dentures I was a late-night eater I would get up and just eat whatever I could raid the fridge you know ten o'clock and eat all the worst foods you could think of that was definitely contributing to my weight gain and so I've realized this is crazy I've realized now I have and I've heard other youtubers talk about this but you kind of develop a habits during the night and morning of when you take your teeth out when you soak them when you get up when you put them in you know it does take

more time out of your day but it's definitely really important to have those habits because I feel like it's also helped me in my eating habits so I have a 8 to 5 job so obviously I have to keep them in then and so I come home I around 5:30 ish I get home and I usually eat a small dinner around 6:00 or so do some chores clean the house whatever chill with my boyfriend and I'm usually taking my teeth out and soaking them by 7:00 usually so that right there I mean that means no more food I am NOT one of those people who risks eating with no dentures in I've done it before I don't prefer it I have actually tried to eat something I thought was soft but then I look in my mouth and my gums are actually bleeding from it so I definitely don't recommend that or trying to do that so when I take my teeth out around 7:00 7:30 I'm done eating it's it's done so no more eating for me after 7 or 8 sometimes a um but yeah that's definitely contributed to some of my weight loss but I am also sticking to what is called the keto diet now I'm sure a lot of you have heard about that and if you haven't I highly suggest looking into it it has helped me

and my boyfriend so much on our weight loss journey I'm gonna insert a picture right here of us that's about a year's difference so the first picture on the what'll be your guys's left side is our first vacation last year in April I believe and we were both pretty hefty back then and then cut to the one on the right that was actually my recent Christmas party with my company and I never in a million years thought that I would wear a dress like that I think in total me and him have lost combined let's see 90 pounds together so about 45 pounds each and we've only been doing this like I said per year and kido is such a great weight loss tool I I can't even explain to you we have found what actually works for us I know a lot of people want to hate on it a lot of health nuts want to kind of rip it down but we have physically and actually seen a lot of positive changes my boyfriend definitely I mean his triglycerides last time he got tested were off the charts he just had some testing done and his regular sorry I can't say that word his triglycerides are so much better now it's insane guys so I just want to come

in here and talk about that a little bit sorry I know it's not my usual thing I talk about but I really wanted to throw that in there guys because this is something that means a lot to me this is my journey and I just wanted to share that with you guys you guys could maybe look into it it's gonna be a really quick video I just wanted to share with you guys how I'm doing in life what's going on my smile is looking really great and I don't know I'm just really loving like these days stuff anyway you guys have a good day everybody no matter where you ride at your journey just keep believing you can go through it I went through it it gets easier it gets so much better guys so just hang in there wherever your thanks for watching make sure to subscribe guys bye