27 August 2019

delicious,healthy snack made from three ingridients

hello everybody welcome to my channel

today I want to make it very healthy snug and nice and you know you don't need too much really in credenzie you meet you literally some with one cup of the coconut shredded coconut one cup and 1 cup opinion what I have to cry a little bit to make it small anyway one cup and one cup of date and about 2 spoon of the Holy of serum whatever you like that's what I want to make very nice snack and let's begin now I want to make it in the machine too [Music] let's take them now harvest see it's not sticky yet so what I'm going to do now I want to put my 1 spoon of honey 1 spoon one moon of honey and 1 spoon of serum me the Stockton spoon this is the holy words like tick one yeah we chose the 2 spoon of honey so uh consistent my snack is the ready and lagunas you like this you come to see how this whole it shuttle it fit us that it's settled the one we want it now I have here I see sugar and I have another bone and yet to put on so let's make the balls and you make it like I just want to make it like equal balls not too big not too small Sakthi not too big not too small I choose

that's it don't cry but anyways just like yeah that's exactly what we do and we put on the icing sugar which is polite she's overly apparent this put icing sugar that's it and I put it here oh we do like that I will show you one zones finishing as to my last a snack so let's take away I put all to getting it so now I'm going to be using it like I see sure all I see she wants just to like this just like this I see show like this oh we take another boo delete Oh take it up it's very nice and I see sure Oh white so is this tuck away here's my snack is very nice and tasting healthy and it's very nice snack and thank you for watching and please if you are new to my channel subscribe and that if you like my videos I'll make it thumb up and you can also a comment below and thank you very much towards my video and see you next time for my next video thank you very much