05 January 2018

Delicious Grilled Healthy Chicken Kebab - Quick Easy Dinner Ideas For The Family - Kids Love It

Welcome back to another video- Today's video is a quick and healthy, low fat, guilt free Chicken Kebab, which is great for the whole family. This is a great meal if ...

bitch I was going to be one of the fun

take on stuff and we just try to be healthy so this is what this challenge it's going to be about about yes and this is Sophie's new take on our health beauty for 2018 2018 now so what we're gonna do today we're gonna do locker focus but also breathe in a down pinic book of C for healthy food eating and there are some things like there's no time getting really healthy this year the rubbish the sugars etc etc exception to see some really good pure healthy foods so today we are going to cook like a bad something in this video anyway I wanna get the take away bad and you can be paying maybe so you can cook it's at home healthier lessen half the price we're gonna show you how close anyway so ingredients like a group and we haven't got a grill pan that'll be the easiest way to do it trying the hope with a grill pan Ted of olive oil that you maybe just want to just cook it with you don't have to use olive oil obviously even won't cut down the oil but we're just gonna we're gonna do our under the grill so we are gonna do our own take on it so we are actually going to add superfood salad source of vitamin A and calcium and so you can

pick this a trigger so you've got you guys food in here you've got some beetroot with rocket Land crest baby spinach baby kale and chard Lee superfoods we got obviously some chicken you can't just have a whole chicken breast if you want you can cut that up but I've seen we've just gone for some mini mini Phillips makes it be easy and quick as well so pitabread obviously every kebab has to have his pita bread tomorrow's just we're gonna cut them up and it may be nice about his picture up so we're gonna we're gonna try and implement this picture and you know say lemon there as well and actually you can add other things as well like peppers that's another way of getting money or five a day and you can add mushrooms etc there's a lot of other things just improvise it is thank you fancy add it in as well so this chicken kebab that we're going to go through today it's really great for stabilizing your blood Sugar's so really ideal for people with diabetes type 2 so it's a really good one for weight and money and so a lot of people on a detox that is enough one that it's going to be really good so

hungry once again underneath the chicken raw and bitch I was gonna be more like a fun take on stuff we just try to be healthy so this is what this challenge it's gonna be about about being on yes the chicken paps gonna be good because there's not a lot of fat in it you've got the protein you've got the superfoods Bobby so clean fresh ingredients so we're gonna get on and do it now let's go [Music] it would be easier with the rule pan pan use grill pan if you haven't who do they like this or you can fry it lightly in olive oil [Music] and I'll so yet again very simple the end yeah prepare the offensive and it's a practice match I think courses cut the pit block can even happen a hundred well I'm suing for the cooking to chick chick chick who came to check the chicken to cook the cook into chick it's a good that's a new one [Music] okay so we're also gonna add some red cabbage you to a meal as well this guy's this is a red cabbage actually maybe if you do so you will have at least

supportiveness in your diet every single day okay so there are top five red cabbage benefits one boost the immune system it's vitamin C content is crucial for our bodies to have a strong immune system number two it fights information and arthritis number three improves bone strength and reduces osteoporosis risk number four combat chronic diseases and number five strengthens gut health [Music] as we got something they grew up to turn its gonna drizzle a little bit of lemon on it as that tastes a little citrusy just on this outlet here we go yeah there we go it not this will cook off so you add garlic so that's another help yeah a little lemon and garlic or lemon anchor derby cut no ice have been pick garlic on the graters or with the squeegee feet and just that's another lean glue to make this as healthy as you want it's coming on quite well now this is our salad it's looking really colorful right now really good once it's finished so we've got our lemon we've got tomatoes onion cabbage lots of healthy things there guys so really good if you're trying to watch your weight or just trying to be a bit healthier and

add some of your fiber day into your diet it's also just discovering that you can actually make this up a night before and this would be a really healthy lunch that you can come once this coats and shield so you could to make double quantity so that you could if you could take it for two or three of your lunches and instead she came you could put something else in what else cuz you have two chickens hello if you could add some rice crisps or quinoa other things that you could add to its making hope it's a it's another thing that you could do to help with your lunches and you just want to put your pizza bread in the oven to grill as well so the chickens done staying warm underneath and we're just gonna grill the pit breads until they're done groom or oven put me on just just into a warmer coat Ruth Phelps you cadet not so hard to build it yeah okay excitedly pizza bread sit down now with just put these down on the plate finish up the dinner now and cutting the texture so you can be careful because they voids released a sting pocket so just be careful when doing that look and see anyone out there this is literally a

dinner that you can have it for the whole family including this little one who's gonna have some you have some chicken there's a red and some peppers yeah and some pita bread [Music] okay so that's it guys here is our finished dinner come on this is really tasty sorry you're looking forward to eating it yep and you're through like the chicken here like it so yeah there we go I hope you did enough for everyone the whole family so um I hope you enjoyed the video and if you do try our home little alien abduction below and so until next time guys we'll see you really soon goodbye [Music]