25 September 2018

DAY IN MY LIFE | Workout | Healthy Eating | Friends | Day Off

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[Music] the world welcome back to my channel a very good morning right now it is a sixteen I am eating my my cinnamon and my CS today I don't have any classes and so I thought maybe I could record a day in the life but not actually a day in the life because this is the only day that I don't have any classes so this is my everyday Wednesday so if you want I can also record another day in the life where I actually go to school and do my everyday thing so this isn't every day but not an every day I put this on my Instagram if you guys would like to see this and it was 100% yes so thank you so much for that so now I am making this for you guys I've never a court at a gym so it this will be very interesting also I'm gonna try to make this as interesting as possible because my life I love watching other people's a day in the life and just like those jhalak whatever they do videos I'm dessert so I've ordered some loving earth chocolate and this is might fold in my favorite this is vegan chocolate game sugar free soy free dairy free and it is amazing it doesn't give me any stomachache thank you thank you so I can happily eat some

chocolate a dessert it is short now I am going to jump into my gym clothes last year I had a bike but now my school is out of bikes so that means I need to walk for everything goes Marshall oppa very good for them my ex pro let's go [Music] I will do this workout right now so I'll take a picture of this and this one I will smash in the gym I mean there's all this cell phone as soon as possible so I love going to the gym with a plan so that I know exactly what I want to do where I have to go and that I smash it and do an effective workout he's gonna show what I brought I brought my headphones I brought my computer because I am going to do some schoolwork when I'm drinking my coffee I brought a towel I brought my water normally like when I train later on I would bring a protein smoothie then I brought some deodorant always useful in my sunglasses oh and this is my new bag by the way I love it yeah bro II the grey squad yeah so now we will actually go [Music] [Music] [Music]

I'm just out of the gym and I had such a good session I'm so happy so right now I'm going to a coffee shop slash bar called the Fang cozy Vienna and that's like my go-to coffee shop I'm really craving an egg I love going to the gym in the morning because they're not that many people so that's that okay let's go let's go I am doing my assignments and I had a cappuccino with almond milk and a egg with some gluten-free bread living life so right now I'm going back to my place I am going to shower it's a makeup on no clothes on and then I'm meeting up with a friend okay little change of plans I am first of all going to clean home this mess then I'm going to shower here we are again I am drinking this thing it's called a kombucha this is one of my favorite drinks ever it is very good for your gut health oh I totally work am i you drinking is like from time to time and I'm having another piece of the loving her chocolate I'm obsessed with this amazing ice all right now I'm here sitting at my computer and I'm going to edit a video for my mom because she gave an event last weekend and so I recorded and we have to make a promotion video so

I'll do that and then after that I'll do some more editing for the artists I work for [Music] all right Charlotte is ready this is my first ever Oh Oh TV so what's up this is one of my go-to outfits this is very Charlotte B these are feliz shoes this skirt and to stop are from forever 21 this white thing is from sting I don't know if that's like international and this head I have forever I've no idea I bought this and this scrunchie is from brandy melville this is a new one and I'm obsessed with it so let's go to the store to satisfy my sunglasses obsession these are the glasses that I am wearing today and we're going to a store where we've never been to before that we've been dying to go through for ages this is the poor end we don't know how to translate it it's like they don't have any packages so we're excited my other students in my apartment yeah hey girl hey I'll give you some water there you go thank you Cheers 20 minutes and I'm cooking something so oh my god very quickly and stop working that well

so I'm cooking up some chickpeas some carrots and some zucchini that has some tomato sauce planned then another friend came so I couldn't but I totally don't right this is Charlotte's quick back-up plan so this is how it looks like right now this is like the paprika you see okay it's not burning guys burning and I'll eat some more coconut yogurt update so tonight I am going to a student kind of party like opening of the new school year while I'm eating with I'm eating my vegetables with a spoon yes Charlotte this is my student life you guys I'm meeting up with a couple of friends and then we go to that party spot thing so I'm pretty excited and we will see what will happen you guys are lucky that I vlog today Charles party site No so this is the last part sometimes look what I'm going to wear so let's do this just got ready in five minutes this is a record for Charlotte so the outfit I am wearing actually I have no idea where this bands comes from this is assured from lucious amazing band check them out so let's party [Applause] but to come back though [Music]

hey guys I'm just done editing this video let me take another sip of coffee I just watched the entire video and one way or another I just get a look that I got my life together I just want to say that is totally not the gaze that was like one day in my life and that was a really great day so that doesn't mean that the rest of my life is all really good and I just want to point that out because when I watch other people's videos on YouTube or just see their pictures on Instagram I always get a few like oh my god their life is so amazing I wish I had a life like them like I always say I tried to make my videos as real and as raw as possible yeah this is just what happened and I just want to give you the advice that you have to do things that make you happy if you want to meet up with that friend meet up with that friend if you don't want to meet up with that friend just don't so that day I planned in a lot of activities a lot of things to do this is not my everyday life that was just that day so I just tried to give you guys a look on what I do when I have a day off I try to do as many things as possible that I like to do so I hope you

guys liked it if you did please give this video thumbs up please subscribe because it really supports my channel this week songs oh my I cannot see this week's song goes to Don Johnson tell it like it is I'm upset [Music]