22 July 2019

Day 7 Carnivore Diet From Keto UK

good evening everyone it's late here in

the UK and I'm off to bed and ruin it but I thought I would do a quick live update on day seven of my Carnival diet just to just to bring you up to date with where I am and talk about this past week and yeah just just give you the lowdown so yeah full week today so when I weight at the gym this evening I've lost seven pounds so half stone in a week without any hunger or without you know going without meals or anything like that that's been fantastic and I did expect weight loss I I think I expect a little bit in terms of water loss and I think to be honest that's that's what it's been mostly so I'm really interested to see now that the water last resort happened what comes in the next week because I've got a feeling that the next thing that the body will start to have to burn its fat stores and let's see what happens there other things then I've got skin breakouts I'd be really really honest about it and I seem to be sort of breaking out a little bit not that I I never do I often have breakouts so whether it's anything to do with with the change of diet potentially potentially not I guess we'll have to see as time goes on as to what happens

with that in terms of hunger today on day seven I really couldn't be bothered to eat and that's been the first time that that's happened since since last week so I did eat I had lunch and dinner so we did eat my two meals i sat there and I got through it because I wanted to go to the gym and I want collective energy and I didn't want to get into the evening starving hungry so we did eat but it was the first day where I really felt that I could have taken it or left it and and I wasn't really bothered either way yeah so that's kind of where we've got to at the moment no other changes in terms of digestion or energy levels still feeling really good felt great at the gym I did notice a slight change in how I felt between weights and cardio this evening I did feel maybe that I wasn't having the the sort of maximum output on really really heavy weights this evening however my cardio game was great really good so that's probably got to do with glucose versus ketones I think in that I probably got very low glycogen stores and my muscles at the moment which is meaning that low intensity so the cardio stuff where I'm sort of plodding along

at a reasonable pace I seem to be doing fine and whereas what I'm really sort of trying to lift heavy this seemed to be that moment where I just didn't have that little bit that I have done previously so not not that I sort of had to come down the weights or anything like that but they I didn't notice it I think that's key to again giving sort of the honest assessment of how I go through this journey so so yeah Jim was different card he was great weights not not so amazing and we'll see how that picks up I've got a feeling as I adapt again to this lower level of carbohydrate because to be honest I'm struggling to sort of put in five grams of carbs a day at the moment so this it's really low although I feel that my and that is where I wanted to be and and more than happened with that but I think there's gonna be adjustment period I think that the rate that my body is going through gluconeogenesis and actually making the glucose and and sort of filling up those glycogen stores he's gonna take a bit of a you know a transitionary time before the rate sort of gets to to where it was so those

those the main things really in terms of ease I can't fault it it is literally the easiest thing I've ever done there's nothing to think about other than you know putting some meat eggs and fat on on a plate and eating it so very very simple my electrolytes have been fine they've been on point haven't needed any extra that I would normally need she's put a salt my magnesium nothing else and ya know no significant headaches or anything like that but again as you're probably aware I'm not coming off at a high carb diet and coming off a ketogenic diet anyway on to carnivores so no big transitions in terms of the amount carbs are meeting yeah so so that's it and I feel good no problems at all today and I'm really interested to see how it carries on if you have any comments or any questions and I'm more than happy to answer them and I'm really interested to see if there's anyone else in the UK going through this at the moment and making the change and so if you you are eating carnival let me know doesn't you don't have to be in the UK yeah am i joking you can be wherever you like but it's it's interesting to hear what people are

doing and and in different areas and how they're finding it and had a conversation today with with my family about what I think I may do after holidays because obviously at the end of this two-week period I'm I'm off to France and I don't know what I'm doing there and but when I come home I think it's gonna be the big thing really is it will I be going back to quito with my vegetables and the green and everything else or will I stay carnival and that'll be difficult because yes I do love things like chili and garlic and herbs and seasonings and things like that they're fantastic but I really haven't missed vegetables so maybe there's there's somewhere around the 95% carnivore mmm that I will be falling into we shall see which I'm quite interested to see what what happens but I'm certainly not in any rush to start eating broccoli again or cauliflower or or you know spinach or anything like that this that's of no interest to me however I did cook a rather mean lamb curry today and it did look nice when everyone ate it and I just had salmon and eggs and butter and they don't get me wrong it was fine and

it filled a gap but I did want to carry so let's see let's see where where we end up yeah drop your questions below I would love if you are at all interested in this journey subscribe to the channel have a look at some of the other stuff I've done there's an absolute ton of keto videos that I've done previously and I will be continuing to do some sort of vlogging and I'm talking about this journey and when I come back from holiday well I might do it on holiday if I can get good Wi-Fi then then I will um but when I get back I want to do a few other things I've been talking to someone who's doing keto meal prep services in South Wales really keen to maybe try those meals and give you the lowdown on those and I'm really interested to also consider where they can't afford something I want to do more long-term as well so yeah interesting times coming I'm just realizing but this is what my hair this is how fluffy my hair is when I haven't I've just had a shower after the gym and not that I mean whenever I look better in my other videos you can go and see them [Laughter]

anyway that's it for tonight and I will be back with you when I've got another update for you so yeah weekend week to go and so far so good