30 April 2019

Day 63 of 365 Days (59-89 are 30 days to healthy living)

No sales, nothing to purchase just a video that is less than 120 secs. How many companies or leaders can actually give you 365 reason to join them.

hello world and welcome to day 63 of 365

reasons why you need to join our group etre Blazers and the company I've aligned myself with our bond so today on day 63 as I stated for the next 30 days we are talking about the 30 days to healthy living program that we do at our mom so yesterday I gave you step 1 there are 3 easy steps to this step 1 as I told you was eliminating and I'm going to go through it again your wheat gluten your dairy your sugar your alcohol your coffee your soy and your artificial sweeteners in your packaged foods hello my god that sounds like every food you've ever eaten in your life if release it's ok trust me it's just those little things you find in those prepackaged foods that do a lot of damage and make you feel sluggish and tired and medicinal and all those things just going to be feeling ok again the whole idea is to have you be shout out of the candy when you get up at night in the morning get up in the morning or at night and sleep a good six eight hours a day with no disturbances by hormones or even men have fun oh so don't go there men okay this is for men and women and for the whole family actually we do this on a daily basis in my house and my

children eat the food that I cook every night for the recipes and they love them so it's not something that you have to have a separate meal for you and then one for your family everybody eats the same thing and it's delicious the recipes are phenomenal so on step two I tell you what exactly this entails okay now here's the thing I don't want you flipping out okay okay what you do is you replace two meals a day with a healthy shake two snacks and a meal okay the whole idea of anything you do in life is not to be hungry okay food is fuel that is all it is okay we are just living breathing talking plants you have to give us nutrition in order for us to move forward if the nutrition is improper we start to wilt okay so think of yourself as a plant when you feed your plants what it needs that plant blooms and fly and grows and the colors that come out of it are just phenomenal and people pass by and their goal pretty and so beautiful as human it's it's the same way if you're eating the proper stuff okay and you're taking care of yourself okay people look at you and see you glow and shine because you feel good you

eliminate those feelings to others and you just are happy all the time if you're sluggish and tired and cranky and all this other stuff nobody wants to be around you okay and that is all because of how you eat and how you feel you should never wake up in the morning grumpy or in a bad mood it just it's just there's no reason for it okay yes there's other things in life and that's not what we're talking about but um when it comes to your health there's no reason for you to like I said not be shot out of a cannon when you walk out the door so there's two healthy shakes a day you think to yourself I can't do that it is not just a shake we put stuff in that shake also okay it is a pure pea protein and cranberry rice shake okay we put fiber in it okay you put green vegetables or fruit in it we give you recipes for this they taste good now that being said you can add what you choose to put in your shake okay now if you saw my shake but it tastes good to me okay so in my shake every morning I put kale I put a beet I put banana and I put blueberries and I put flaxseed oil I put our digestive which we'll get to later

what else goes in mine because I put so much in this sometimes that the Machine doesn't blend it right okay so I got the flat got that if I have any leftover greens that I know aren't gonna do very well and a salad or anything else in cooking I throw those in there too so if you look and fiber if you look at my shake you probably go that's just gross I look at it and go that's just gross but to me it tastes good okay but that's my personal recipe okay we give you recipes like a strawberry shake in the morning or a blueberry or we have one that's mint or when I taste a coffee or that's different things you can add to it but we give you the recipes okay so it's real easy to have it on hand throw another thing and go okay so you think yourself I'm having a shake I'm gonna be starving by lunchtime no you're not because there's a snap in between that and a very big healthy snack it will fill you up again when you're doing the clean eating it's not about being hungry in any way shape or form it's about eating clean and giving your body fuel to keep moving and to have all that energy and you're going to have okay so

you're gonna have the two shakes a day the two snacks in between and then the healthy meal that your whole family can eat so that's step two so step one as we showed you what we're gonna limonade set to is showing you what exactly it is and tomorrow I will show you what step three is have a great day bye