11 March 2019

Day 5 & 6 weight loss challenge with Dr Choksy

Hi Guys, Day 5 My day started late at 10.30am. Lol. Slept in. I did the same things I been doing, breathing and going out for a walk, looking at the sun, then I had ...


hi guys today is day 6 of our weight loss challenge so I'm posting this last night I had food at 7 p.m. and then I went to sleep a few hours later woke up early had I didn't have anything other than just a little bit of water went out looked at the Sun came back and then waited waited until 12 p.m. so just at lunchtime I had my first run and I'm posting these pictures so you can take a look at it my brunch was ginger tea a Licata banana smoothie and then I had red dal-su with a little bit of rice [Music] so that was pretty filling because that was my first meal of the day but now you can see that since last night at 7:00 to today at 12:00 that's a huge long break when I had not had any food so somewhat like intermittent fasting right that's 12 plus at 17 hours so we're gonna change this intermittent fasting just a little bit so keep following what I'm doing you guys are welcome to try that at home if you have any medical conditions please consult me but today after twelve o'clock my second meal or was my last meal was dinner was at 6 p.m. and that was my actually what started I started at 5:30 so after 6:00

I had no food today and I had boiled moonbeam boiled brown China we had some cilantro chutney cilantro is great key later so you'll see I have a lot of cilantro in my smoothies and and my food every single day then I had a green green mangoes we had sliced up tomatoes and then what else did I have cucumber and bell peppers mixed in with some crunchy things that we made at home they were I was all right into coconut oil so I don't want to use any other oil other than coconut oil or ghee so that's what we did today the only thing that I had that was fried that we couldn't make it home was around round puff balls so yeah but it was great six o'clock I did workout today around 4:00 4:30 4:30 to 5:30 so actually from 4:00 to 5:30 and then that was great so I went out just jogged around a little bit at the gym played a little bit of basketball did 150 sets 150 reps of upper body chest workout so now I'm I'm feeling really great really fresh haven't had any headaches or back pain my body feels a little bit tired but it's all the endorphins and soreness that comes from working out and running so yeah that was my day tomorrow we'll

have another great start of the day and I'll post all the pictures soon enough I will have all the recipes so hang tight I know I haven't posted any of the recipes I've just posted most of the ingredients but keep following what I'm doing every single day we're gonna go down by one hour okay so today's day six it's at 6 p.m. no meals after that if you want to have anything have different types of greens herbal teas okay warm tea so but no food so tomorrow it's gonna be five you're ready and start out in your workout so workout can be anything from and 20 minutes of walking some light stretches you can go out and you know like jog if you're able to do anything right - anything that get too active or more than 20 30 minutes and then let's see let's see how you feel and keep waking up in the morning and keep looking at the Sun keep going out in the environment first thing in the morning absorb all those amazing energies that are in the morning out there and that and in the in the nature so you'll feel great and you'll see in about 30 days we're gonna be different people all right guys love you all