10 June 2019

Day 3 of 30 days of healthy living - mind!!!

afternoon everybody it's my third day of

my 30 days and some other means I have 30 days to healthy living let me tell you today actually it feels I feel tired I'm like that didn't sleep well last night I'm not simply I know the first three day so if I see refined sugar but I'm stuck in my fears with for the past god knows how long and and yeah it's it's sort of sort of feel a little bit tired but I think that's that's it you know like literally tomorrow we find some full of energy again so today's one is I know that's probably a funny title to put on there and the world's weirdest failure but here's the thing and the businesses that I'm in I get so many knows it is unbelievable you know but here's the things actually this this whole fist online here's actually if I decision-making nobody makes decisions well at least you don't think you're making decisions and you you let you procrastinate your way through life and then if you think life's gonna happen tomorrow you get it tomorrow put them same thing happens again so here's the thing it's just like hi many knows which you do you know I've made a decision as to where I'm going in my

business my business sense and it doesn't matter how long it takes me to get there I mean it really doesn't matter I just know exactly where I'm going and that's you know that's what we're talking about the last couple days but having that goal and then it's clear and focused and that's where you're going regardless what it doesn't matter many people say no to me I'm just going to keep going until literally this you know everything is completely flipped over and it really doesn't matter anyway so with them you know this will create a design is like bulb it was what was it 10 person knows our 10,000 ways not to put a light bulb so we go on the 10,000 the first time you know hung how many knows you take before you go oh it's obviously not meant for me because it feels uncomfortable to get knows that's a really really big thing to do and when you make your goal and it's like having a decision on your goal so I'm going to put my little dude little glasses on here you see them I think they're cool on there and I'm gonna read some stuff this is from the thinking into results book and and literally it is it's all

about decision so individuals have become very proficient at making decisions without being influenced how they're paying others how many times we made a decision and then you've gone and speak to somebody and then they're gone oh that's not very good you know I knew that other people's opinion this way yo life so if you get a decision to go summer and they say no it's not very good but have a look at their life you know who you taking advice grandpa baked bean and done it that's a big thing have they been and done where you think you're gonna go and if they haven't what the heck do they know why you asking them in the first place you're a mom you've got all the answers inside yourself so the health of your mind and body the well-being of your family your social life type of relationships you develop all our dependence of vulnerability to make signed decisions so you know here's one of the things is that indecision causes disintegration so whenever I'm asking somebody to do something like oh listen it's a yes or no because I'd want to leave you in that sort of mindset or shall I jump I shall I shall die because

it's just like at the end of the day if you're in indecision literally makes you feel ill how many times you going on shall I get up shall I not show a little toilet show a lot shall I go out tonight showing up how many times you do Matt in a day you know should turn right to the toilet it literally is you don't make a decision about everything and remember indecision is also a decision so if you decide nothing to do nothing then that is your decision your sessions don't go into the past they are in your future you know who is only nice and the science behind them is unbelievable which I just literally was reading about and understanding even more about today but your decision will go into your creature because whatever you decide nyeeeeehhh is basically what your future is so indecision causes internal conflicts that can without warning assess can it and all that mental unemotional wars you can virtually eliminate conflict and confusion in your life by becoming proficient at decision making and decision making brings order to your mind a decision or a series of decisions

actually changes everything so once you make a decision you'll find all the people resources and ideas you need every single time to decide right where you are before you've got right now underneath the will to dick so here's the thing if your and you decide oh you don't beside something and so you've got literally the door and fun to be there and if you don't open the door you're making a decision before seeing what's on the other side you have to make a decision then you open the door and you'll be able to walk through then you will see everything hi Karen it's so lovely to see ya and you will see everything that you ever need to see but if you don't make the decision and you're trying to make it from the other side of the closed door well you never want to see the resources are you never so bear that in mind remember somebody actually make a decision but all that doesn't feel good because if you're going from your logic and your gut feeling you're going from the past you know you need to do something if you want to change and add anything different tomorrow you've got to do something that feels completely

illogical and here's the thing it's actually unnatural to be rich or unnatural to have loads of money on etc etc so you've got to do the unnatural to change to have something different in your life so there you go hope you call on this kid and let me see whatever you want to or not is the only consideration whatever you need to achieve your goal you will literally attract the greatest stumbling block you will make will make an important decisions your life is circumstances we left circumstances get us off the hook when we should be giving everything you've got more dreams are shattered and goals lost because of circumstance than any other factor so you know they say that they can't be something because they need the money but actually if you say that you are going to do something are you been lazy and if you need to decide neither then everything else follows so don't decide before that and so many times people go well and they decide actually when you're going to be happy don't yet you know I'll be happy when I've got normally I'll be happy when something when we move highs and you know what you don't you just move

that indecision even further and further away and weave happiness anywhere rather than the further away so unrepeated failures can damage a person's self-image causing to lose sight of the potentially they for make a decision to give up and run that resigned themselves to their fans so you know that's what sentence again in the but you know like I'm the world's greatest failure because I've had more know than anybody that I can that I can you know week just at this moment in time so it's you know if you've made a decision just go I'm not giving up until this comes through we used to have this actually whenever you've gone pick up a horse in the field who didn't want to be caught and I would just literally stay there in the field and gold you know what you want to be caught whether you like it or not any one time it took me an hour and a half the capsule authority run run to feel like an absolute idiot I brought my sandwiches I just like walked rind and I thought I don't swim keep walking toward you and walk around you and whatever and you keep moving but it just got so exhausted and so bored

then he came over to me in the end and he just said alright catch me yeah that's what your goal is gonna be like you just stay in that field until it gives up and it goes you are my worthy you're alive whether you have actually having me high and I'm done let me to see give us on a big way ever whatever I love honor and a good old whatever the heck and advance decision decision making this is good we make it fast bookings when we fly somewhere that's quite normal we make advance reservation to limit any confusion or problems from the time we rise for our journey so think of the problems you'll eliminate by making a decision before you go so say before you go into a meeting or you go into an interview that you decide that's my job this is the outcome of the meeting it's like setting an intention so decision making is one of the biggest things that literally and it will get you forward make a decision where you are with what you've got right now by making a simple decision the greatest of minds of the past are available to you you can literally learn how to turn your wildest dreams into reality and the other thing

about making a decision beforehand is if you're trying to lose weight if you make a decision and bounce you know if you offer a slice of chocolate cake they don't have to see gosh that looks good on it by should the decisions being made before hands especially if you are losing it so this is my 30-day to healthy living and one of the things there's no alcohol and when I visit the last time one of the girls you know what's filling to empty a fan meeting and you know I was offered a glass of Prosecco and my gut reactions just to go no I mean even she loves me when you say no to prospective on my way I got yeah that's really weird but I've already made the decision beforehand so that that said it wasn't such a it wasn't such a big deal so yeah that's it really it's decide what you want decide which prepared to give up together set your mind on it and get on with the work go as far as you can see when you get there you will see how you can go further so don't try to be one of the things I learned today was that we've got us accept six things of separation and actually when we try and work to high

when what were you know those sorts of things we're separating ourselves from so much you don't necessarily need to know the high right now important I don't know what so you just literally decide where are you going and you're going no matter what and the committed decision means that you're not looking back and asking everybody else's opinion you just go this is going to get me my goal this is where I need to be this is how I want to live my life and don't listen to anybody else okay so that's it really oh hey Gary so thank you all for coming on so that Wednesday three and down yeah I'll see you over the next couple days see ya bye