08 June 2019

Day 27: Nutrition plays a huge role in our well being. What to eat and what not to eat.

Day 27: Nutrition. What to eat and what not to eat. Our body and mind are closely interconnected in ways we not fully comprehend yet. Our body chemistry ...

nutrition why does it matter so there

are so many concepts or parts of our well-being that influence each other and everything is connected we talk a lot about mental aspects of you know how to deal with other persons how you change your perceptions how to change your feelings on all of that but we're really one big machine and it's all connected so if you don't take care of our physical body which includes nutrition of course which is basically the biggest thing that we kind of expose our body to right we put stuff into ourselves so what that type of stuff is really impact how this machine is working and also impacts your brain chemistry and Zener there have been found linkages between food intolerances and depression and of course these are extremes but this this is a continuum so the more bad stuff you put in our put in your body the worse it will function and unfortunately in today's world in 2019 we put a lot of into our bodies constantly and often unaware so I'm going to talk about two parts of nutrition one is what we eat of course and that's where most people are focused on and when we eat what we eat so first of all it is kind of when you think about it it is kind of

common sense that our body should work really well when we put into it what nature produces so really practical tip number one the closer you eat to make sure the better you will feel now together with that of course the more balanced your diet is you want to get a little bit of everything again the better your body will probably get and for me this is again common sense what it needs now the closer nature of what does that mean that means actually as close to nature as possible if the stuff has gone through a factory it's called processed and it's not nature anymore so a friend of mine once said whatever has a label on it you would you wouldn't eat and that's quite extreme of course and it's difficult in today as well but again as with any concept I talk about it it's not about achieving perception it's trying to do your best and the more you try the more it will become a habit and the easier it will become I switch to and obviously this is a luxury to be able to do that but I switch to cooking most if not all well not all my meals but all the meals are you at home are self cooked and I live eat a lot of at home I found both

pleasure interesting it's something that I never thought I would find pleasurable in cooking it's can be a very meditative exercise so I love actually the cooking more than the eating now when I cook myself but also it allows me to control what's actually in there from the fat I'm using to the type of food where the food coming where the food is coming from and what it actually is and so when you when you look at where the food is coming from you want not only to eat as close to nature as possible so it hasn't gone through a factory but ideally it hasn't been long in transportation which is how it loses its nutrients ideally it hasn't been treated so you want it organic because otherwise you eat just all the stuff that was put on it and it you know it accumulates your body can cope with a lot you know if you give it bad food it's no problem to go to McDonald's once a month or to eat like genetically modified food or to eat food that has been treated with herbicides and pesticides that's all fine but if you do it every day three times a day for 10 years 20 years 30 years your body will start worrying off and won't be able to fight and then you get things

like cancer and all the other modern diseases that we really don't have to have if you just take care of what you put in your body so first as close to knowledge nature as possible secondly as little treated while it was in nature as possible so I only eat organic except when I'm out at friends or when I'm in a restaurant I can't control that so then I just eat whatever is there but as I'm mostly eating at home and cooking at home I have like let's say 80% control over what I eat and I think that's that's that's a good balance and are as close as you can get to that thirdly so again close to nature as possible as local as possible as least treated as possible and then you have to go into more specifics as balanced as possible and when you go to the more more details for example white rice is again treat it like you want to have brown or wild rice because the white rice has the germ removed and basically it's empty calories yes it's gonna give you energy but it has removed all the nutrients so again and then then you need to take some supplements which you know possibly you otherwise wouldn't need supplements

is another topic the problem with most food that eat today while it looks great it has doesn't have any more stuff in it that we need because of where it's coming from because it how it has been treated because of depleted soils all of that so even if you eat really healthy you might need supplements and you can do checkups with your doctor or mineral tests you have to be kind of careful where who where you do the tests from because how reliable it is but there you can easily see your differential deficiencies something also recommended is looking into food intolerances your stomach might just not like certain food and might impact your bowel and your digestion and how you absorb food and generally your general health and just test to to check that and then you sometimes it's enough to remove those foods for a while and then you can eat them again and so you can discover things like you know gluten and trolls or any type of in tolerances and that impact your your well-being because the more your body has to fight against stuff that you put in it or that it doesn't like or cannot work with it's kind of like putting the wrong type of

gas into your car just that in a car it will immediately break down or let's say you do dilute the gas a certain way you put water into it the car is gonna be okay for a while but then it's gonna break down it exactly the same is gonna happen with your body and and it goes for example also the the oils that you use to cook it has a huge impact some are really strong in omega-6 and that's really not good for your body you want to have a healthy balance between omega-3 to six people say it should be one to two so I use virgin olive oil for most of it but when you cook really hot that's not not good and you want to use rapeseed oil and with rapeseed oil there's different types there's a type that's called canola in the US and that's the healthy one so that's what I use now you might think okay this is really how freek and you know a year or a year and a half ago I started getting into this stuff but the more you research the more you realize really this is relevant and unfortunately the stuff he gets served in a supermarket even though everybody gets it from there and eat or what you get served in a restaurant

everybody does it doesn't mean it's the right way right that's why people get sick that's why you have all these modern diseases of affluence like cancer diabetes cardiovascular disease it's all it's not that you know just because we live longer no it's because we treat our body the wrong way and modern lifestyle with all the stresses has it made really difficult to kind of eat healthfully so I would encourage you to try to be more aware of it more conscious and try where you can also you know limit red meat intake for your own health obviously also for the environment and ethical aspects I eat basically no red meat at all anymore I still eat a little red and little little meat like chicken because I'm still exploring how to get the perfect balance without me eating any meats so I'm taking b12 supplements etcetera you need to do like if any topping in life to really do well you need to really look into it and try to understand all these aspects but I gave you a couple of pointers another thing you want to make sure you get enough fiber fiber is basically eat plants like eat fruits and vegetable and don't press them into a juice there's

again that's too concentrated and you get a lot of sugar which again then Creed's generally any sugar or processed carbs create insulin shoot the sugar up create insulin spikes create insulin resistance creates pre-dive a this creates diabetes again you don't want that and these things takes time right just because they eat sugar now won't be a problem so you don't obviously want to drink coke and all of this stuff and I'm running out of time here so I will cover the other aspect of fasting and went to eat in another video but I hope I give you a couple of pointers and if you like this video this was the first one you see you can find all of my videos on my Facebook page and my Instagram page subscribe to it if you have any topics you want me to cover please let me know I'm always looking for new stuff I mean I have plenty to cover but I love to hear what you want to hear and on my website you find links to all the videos as well as so you can see what I talked about it already as well as books videos etc that are related to to the job topics I cover have a great day and start making changes and life will never be the same