19 July 2019

Day 22: I’m home! My weight loss journey and daily vlog.

Thanks for the prayers.

what's up guys I'm on day 22 I just woke

up nurses woke me up his first night with the CPAP machine I'm really groggy so I'm gonna get right to the point here breakfast is here and this is what I'm having looks like the ham and eggs again this time with toast coffee mix fruit Cheerios yogurt and my condiments not bad I'm gonna eat this I'm gonna wake up and I'll be back with you guys we'll subdues I just received well sup guys it's lunch gave me a little bit different missing though like it's the middle of the night I'm Am I I feel like I'm at Woodstock where I didn't have seven days of sleep so just bear with me okay lunch is here and it don't look bad there's some kind of Italian thing chicken Tetrazzini either let a bunch of my plate yo order that mr. counting carbs stays in gravy I'm not I'm not a I'm not turning potatoes down they are instant they are low-carb but I'm not turning them down a dinner roll salad that looks like pears are probably done sweetie my butter dressing I apologize again I'm gonna eat this I'll be back with you guys I really grow you so bear with me

it's a little after 3:00 I'm on my way home they've discharged me so I'm waiting on my taxi my wheelchair I'll be back with you guys [Music] [Music] [Music] one thing I wasn't ready for is walking out after being in there for two days or third day or however many days it's been I wasn't ready for that blast of heat it is hot out here guys I mean to tell you home sweet home what is up guys I'm home bear with me here I'm back home now it's about see here it's 5 o'clock finally got settled in got me a little spot set up on the recliner over there thanks to my two kids I've got my laptop in there and I'm gonna watch Netflix movies I give this bold first two today tomorrow thank you all who watch this and go to my grill I did post that we were gonna be shut down the rest day that way Tracy she's very overwhelmed I don't know what I would ever do without my wife I wouldn't have made it through this she's the reason I went her and doctor's orders but she took care of me

110% she's she's I I can't live without Tracy that's a big shout out to her in the meantime it's a good song quiet shut up space hog he hates that song I love it anyways I'm gonna grab a shower cuz I'm spun bash there's a sponge baths this didn't do it for me I feel 110 percent better I am a little groggy I will be I'm a little weak I will be that's a side effect from the the medicine they gave me at the hospitals that's why I have to just chill for the rest today I'm kind of a fall risk but nothing major nothing major this will be sort of a short vlog maybe maybe not I was able to upload on hospitals Wi-Fi last night that's why you got the video early so I excused my hair like I said I just got back and I'm getting ready to get a shower but I'll try to get it uploaded tonight if not I'll post it on Facebook maybe do a shout-out on YouTube explaining or we do it tomorrow you know like we used to that's kind to get back on track with that because I'm back home and the Wi-Fi is slow here even though it's AT&T it's slow so I'm gonna grab a shower feels good to be home

I love my wife I love my kids I love my family and I love you guys for hanging in there with me thank you for the encouraging words thank you for the phone calls and texts I'm sorry I didn't get back to everybody I was so done up with my my hands everything IVs in both hands two and one I could barely type a lot of the time Tracy was doing the typing for me so thank you for understanding and I was very overwhelming the response I you know i i'm home i said i'm still in afib I'm still in afib but I feel like a million bucks it's possible I could have had this most of my life and now that I've been diagnosed with sleep apnea and I use this CPAP machine it's it's everything's different it's a different feeling overall so that's a shout out even though it's only my second ride they say you hate the my first night last night and then off and on today with a CPAP machine they say it takes forever to get used to it well guess what I love it I love it there is it's nothing to it so if you're supposed to be on sleep CPAP machine do it don't hesitate because it can be deadly they're thinking that this is caused by

sleep apnea my heart the afib caused by sleep apnea caused by weight gain I have a lot of fat around my neck and it has to do with the throat so that's one reason I'm doing this is a better lifestyle anyways I'm rambling again I'm gonna grab a shower and I'll be back with you guys in a little bit a lot of your gonna ask me oh by the way the shower was great well are you gonna ask me how do you feel the medicine they put me on controls the afib you know what the f it I'm sure you've looked it up or you already know it has to do with your heartbeat like that steady like that steady like that mine is one like that like that stop boom stop boom boom boom stop boom and that scared me cuz it felt like muscle spasm I've had it before shook it off everything was fine this one lasted for over six hours and I decided when I called my doctor he said go to the hospital so I did I have sleep apnea I quit breathing one night and the in the intensive care unit and see the nurses came innocent Toby and I woke up oh yes you need to breathe honey your oxygens at 50% said what so I

started taking meat breaths and then went back up that's a low oxygen sleep apnea serious guys I know people to have it and I just didn't think nothing of it it can be fatal if you're prescribed a mask I know a lot of people that are and I know some of you are watching this and you don't use it you need to I'm one of the few percent that since I've worked just those two not are just the one night in them the napping yesterday and then the napa took today it is so different they said I didn't quit breathing once that's good as I was sleeping my afib was better and it will get better through time I'm happy with that I feel amazing now that I've had the medication that's calmed it down I don't feel anxiety as much my breathing is a lot better of knowing your lungs and your heart's connected it's a lot better so anyways I'm chilling here in the couch in my living room then I mess around I got my laptop set up here got why don't we were taking care of me Tracy's in the bathtub soaking and relaxing see there's that she deserves every bit of it I don't

know what I'd do without her guys I don't I mean there's there's things that she did for me that you know that she had to do that she didn't have to do but she did because she loves me you know help to take care of me it was embarrassing to me but there's only a limitation it was limited on what I could do in there it was there either her or the nurses doing it so shout out to her babe I love you if you're watching this what you do I love you with all my heart to the staff if you get hold of this because several of them asked for my YouTube account thank you for everything you did I don't care what people say about punk city hospital you guys did an amazing job and I'm here I'm the most critical person you'll ever meet you did a wonderful job I'm very grateful to have you guys here thank you very much for everything you've done I'm gonna watch a movie I don't want to watch life y'all remember life Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence I just felt like getting back into my old self and being a goofball I mean I'm comical so I'm gonna get the blood flow in here get this watched and I'll be back to you guys in a little bit

all right guys just come see what's in life again I always watch that movie love it I have I'm not cheating but I'm spoiling myself to fast food well no it's not fast food this is its head country barbecue here in town well they call it Danny's barbecue but it's always gonna be a head country I decided I wanted ribs air low carb two ribs coleslaw that was my double side and deviled eggs let's not too bad spoiling myself cuz I've been on hospital food for three days so this is what I'm having like I said slow carb no barbecue sauce unfortunately and she got some chopped brisket too I might have a few pieces that but there again it's all it's all just protein so I'm gonna eat this I'll be back with you guys all right guys I just finished dinner I had two ribs only had some deviled eggs I had some coleslaw no sauce on anything so I'm still doing my low-carb it was good shout out to Danny's barbecue aka head country very good I'm in the vlog a little early tonight I don't have a lot of content but when you read this I want you to know that tomorrow I'll be back

on track so you will not get a vlog tomorrow does he watching this tomorrow I'll be back on track it's it's hard to explain this log will be uploaded tonight this is today me and now the hospital the date is what is today the 17th Wednesday a Thursday so you'll get this tonight whatever date it is it's Thursday you get it tonight I'll be back on track tomorrow thank you for your support and all your prayers I feel amazing this the sleep machine man I'm telling you if you have to have it stay with it stay with it I'm encouraging you day 22 right see I'm behind day 22 is in the books I'm going to relax and watch TV like I said so it's weird being daylight and ending it day 22 is in the books I will see you all tomorrow