08 April 2019

Day - 209 weight loss vlog

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make a stay a - oh I don't wanna say I wanna feel passion for son [Music] down monkey son [Music] everybody welcome if you knew my channels about my weight-loss journey and all the ups and downs that go along with it so don't forget to like subscribe comment down below and let's start [Music] I worked on my media room yesterday and today I did a lot of studying I did finish around five o'clock and I went upstairs and there's a little bit more work on my media room I have the clips from yesterday for some reason I decided not to record today I think it was mainly because I thought I had enough video from yesterday so yesterday I did electrical work and today I put in the last step I had to readjust it a little bit and I put up the molding so next step will be putting down the carpet doing touch-up paint and I'll be done with phase one of my meteor [Music] before

so whether that my ten push-ups and sit-ups this morning pretty much all I did today was study and then work on the media room for those of you playing trivia tonight's trivia question is what is Christopher Robin's old childhood pals name [Music] it's my choice to make [Music] so what I decided I'm going to do is starting this week I'm gonna take Saturday's off officially if I have anything good to report or something exciting happens on Saturday then I'll still drop a video but other than that I am thinking I'm just gonna take Saturday and rest and then start up on Sundays because usually that's when I mail crap and everything and get ready for Monday as always don't forget to like subscribe comment down below and we'll see them [Music] my things to go then it's my choice to make Brian sweat [Music] [Music]