10 January 2019

Day - 122 weight loss vlog

a bit under the weather but the weight loss must go one #weightlossvlog #weightloss #losingweight.


and then thanks to the dust and not love just to mess up and tell the today 122 years I've gone to the words of Saint [Music] crazy brinjal come on hey everybody and welcome back to my youtube channel I like to thank you for joining me if you're new to my channel please remember to Like subscribe and comment down below I always like to hear what everybody has to say let's get started [Music] when you call my name [Music] this morning I woke up and I was super sick I couldn't even get on the bed I got up I tried to get dressed I said nothing happened so I stayed home from work today I slept half the day but then I realized I did need to get up and I did need to do some kind of exercise otherwise I'll end up gaining the weight that I've lost sorry about that [Music] sorry about that usually I do this at night and they're doing something else so I weighed in this morning at two hundred and thirty two point four pounds with a BMI of 32.5 that happened I finally broke to thirty two point six

officially I lost point two hours yesterday I'm really excited about that I'm sorry I'm just a little under the weather today so I ended up getting a bet noon and I ran two miles in twenty seven point four three minutes I was happy about that plus I didn't work out this morning so when I was done running I decided to continue walking for another 30 minutes I ended up walking a little over three miles at an incline of six for 164 vertical feet and total of 424 calories so I was kind of happy about this I got my running in that I was supposed to do this morning and my cardio which I usually do in the afternoon after I finish running and if I'm not too tired deceiving I'm gonna go ahead and try to do a lift ago tonight before I go to bed after that I worked out my back I did 25 minutes I did six thousand seven hundred and sixty two pounds in twenty five minute which was five different exercises with 24 sets in 25 minutes so I'm happy about that and hopefully tomorrow I feel a little bit better and I continue to lose weight was he high cuz I Candice when you come on man when photos of you playing trivia the first

three to answer last night were pirate princess red don't whip dad kinda lands and gone thank you for playing you each to the point everybody else you'll be added to the raffle for the end of the month drawing and as always don't forget to Like subscribe and answer tonight's trivia question down below tonight's trivia question is in the movie a new hope the moon sized space station is called what [Music]