11 March 2019

Day 0 - Keto Weight Loss Vlog

I felt it was time to start taking this WOE seriously and get healthy. Join me each week as I set goals, review results, and share my menu for the week to come.

hi guys as I hear I want to take this

opportunity to start a new vlog series where I bring you along my weight-loss journey and share with you what my goals for the upcoming week are how the goals in my previous week went the successes the failures and perhaps a few tips and tricks on how to overcome those failures because we have all been there in addition to that I'll be doing my weights and measurements because it's important we do those and I'll be sharing with you what I plan on cooking my family in the upcoming week if this all sounds good to you let's get started [Music] my current weight is 233 pounds my total body measurements are two hundred and seventy eight point seven five inches my goal weight is a hundred and eighty pounds now that might still seem a little heavy to you but I'm quite tall and a hundred and eighty pounds is going to be a perfect goal weight for me to hit my plan is to maintain a daily total carb count of twenty to thirty carbs I'm counting total carbs instead of net to limit the amount of processed food so I don't accidentally eat something that's supposed to be a low carb but really isn't

I'll also attempt to keep my macros within the ideal parameters for maintaining keto alright so let's go over the goals this is week number one and I've picked out five goals that are going to really help me get back into that keto way of eating bowl number one will be intermittent fasting I'm gonna start trying to eat within a 16-8 fasting window that means I won't have my first meal until around noon and I won't eat anything else after 8 p.m. now intermittent fasting comes very naturally to me I'm quite happy to do this and when I'm fully in ketosis and my hunger and cravings are all under control I actually pushed that further out and prefer a 24 eating window but seeing as we're just starting out gonna go with a 16-8 this also goes well with gold number two which is go to bed early look I know I'm not the only person that suffers from this problem but until I'm in ketosis and my superpowers kick in where I'm no longer craving anything at night I'm gonna need to go to bed early so one and a half to two hours after I've had my dinner it is time to head to the bedroom because I know I'm not the only person who's sat

there and went I could do with something sweet so to avoid that problem I'm going to go to bed for this next upcoming week nice and early goal number three to track my macros I need to be really good about tracking my macros every single day when I'm solidly on the keto diet for several months at a time I do sort of drift into that lazy keto where I stop tracking them it's mostly because I know what I'm consuming in a day I really have a solid understanding as to how many carbs I'm eating and so tracking becomes less of an issue but when I've been off keto for a while like I have now it is super important that I track my macros because my idea of how many carbs I'm eating in a day can be a little distorted considering I've been offered so for the next week I plan on solidly tracking those macros every single day just as a reminder as to what my parameters are goal number 4 will be meal planning yeah I know I already said meal planning at the beginning of the video but this needs to be a goal that comes up every single week meal planning is super important especially if you're really busy and for me I'm the person who cooks in my family

and I'm the only person doing hito in here that being said the meal planning allows me to come up with the solid ideas to what I'm cooking for myself and my family for the rest of the week and goal number 5 will be eliminating Splenda from my diet this is not a goal everyone has a problem with this is certainly me based I like Splenda in my tea and coffee everyday I drink a ton of tea and coffee I have one cup of tea in the morning and a cup of coffee in the afternoon but I sweeten it with Splenda why because I hate sugar alcohols they're gross they taste bad it's unnerving to have that cooling sensation in your mouth and the only one that does taste good which is monk fruit by the way tastes terrible in a cup of tea so you know what it's not that big a sacrifice I'm just gonna have to adjust my palate and learn how to live without Splenda so that's going to be my fifth goal for the upcoming week tonight I'll be doing a broccoli chicken which is super easy delicious meal my family loves tomorrow I'll be following that with tostadas now obviously I'm not going to be eating the tostadas myself I'm gonna be taking that taco topping

and putting it in a bowl adding some avocados cilantro and some jalapeno ranch for an incredible salad I won't even miss the chip following that is going to be chicken-fried steak with a couple of fried eggs and some green beans next day is going to be chicken tikka masala my family absolutely loved this dish and traditionally it is served with rice and naan bread and I will serve it that way that being said I'm not making that stuff I'm actually buying the naan bread and just heating that up and the rice i buy the microwave container that way I'm not spending 20 minutes on something I don't plan on eating but they still get to enjoy it their way for me though obviously my curry is still gonna need a filler so I like to use maybe a cauliflower chop it up into nice big chunks and then boil it in some chicken stock or chicken broth to add some flavor mix it in with my curry and so it can act as a potato and really a filler for the dish next it's gonna be grilled pork chops this is when my hubby comes in and he's gonna go ahead and Grill those outside that'll give me more time to relax or work on a really nice side to go along with those

chops and finally we'll be having breakfast for dinner yep why not it's delicious in the morning it's just as good in the evening we're gonna have a really grand old breakfast sausage eggs mushrooms to my the whole kit and kaboodle only thing I'm not gonna have is bread I hope this is useful to you and join me next week see how it went by I hope you enjoyed watching this video and if you'd like to see more please click the subscribe button the like button and ring that Bell for future notifications thanks for watching