23 July 2019

Dark secrets of the supplement industry

Ever wondered why the supplements don't work? Because they don't !!!

hey people what's up welcome to my

channel I'm mark and this channel is taught topics - which means I'll be talking about different kinds of topics which might seem obvious in life but I'm mostly hidden or were being ignored by most of the people those are those sort of things that I think are very very relevant and very important to everybody's well-being and and also to realize like what is going on behind certain stuff is very important and today we're gonna talk about well most topics that I'm always very interested in which is the supplement industry so what is going on with the supplement industry nowadays we all see that there are tremendous amount of supplements out there and you know people are spending big money's on those things but whether those stuff actually work or not nobody can really tell and that's why you know I dig deep into the subject and found out a lot of great information and here to share with you guys so first of all like we all know that we all took supplements at some point in our lives and some of those experience a positive some of them are negative and out of those positive experiences how much of those experience is actually

placebo and how much the others are experienced is it as a product actually works and we still cannot tell the first article I came across it says FDA wants marketers of products labeled as dietary supplements that contain I don't even know how to pronounce this by the way from for making unproven claims to treat serious conditions including opioid use disorder so you can see nowadays the marketers of supplements they basically say whatever and claim that their supplements are like drugs and can actually cure disease which is just absolutely ridiculous there's a lot of like words down there you can look into it if you're interested but the basic gist is that is there nowadays more and more companies started marketing their their supplements as medicines which is very misleading and oftentimes dangerous because people think they would take those supplements and their units will become better but you know those supplements are not drugs and therefore they will not do anything to their disease so which you know those companies I mean the public are not gonna end up very well I mean those companies you know but in order to make

that sell and get their profits they just claim whatever you know whatever unrealistic claims they can make next article I want to share with you guys is assess that study found that you know a lack of benefits from supplements it also found potential harms getting high doses of calcium from supplements but not from foods was linked to higher cancer mortality risks in the study so what that means is that you know too much it's basically overdosing on the supplements you know and if you're over losing earlier it's like everything else you're gonna have bad consequences and same thing with supplements and you know people take more supplements are actually gonna have a shorter lifespan which is quite shocking when I first saw this piece of information so remember to not take too much supplements for your own benefits no we can we can go check out some real supplements right I mean there are so many of them on this website I mean so many of them most of them have positive reviews but they tend to be very bipolar like we can open one to see what's going on so this one is s muscle

he claims muscle recovery and endurance supplement for men and women all right does it work or not let's go to the review section 68% of the customers gave it five stars which is not bad voting percent give it four star and 8% give it one star which is very bad so of course like the positive reviews are you know saying all those positive stuff but there's also many negative reviews we can see here if we go to the west star review page we can see there's a lot of claims that the supplement don't work so from my own experience most of the supplements I took after it didn't do any work superior waste of money and time but there's there's a few of them do work but the benefits are very insignificant and include inconclusive you don't know whether it's because you took in some food that actually you know helped you or it's because of the supplements that actually helped you there's a lot of like our certainty you know surrounding this area so when comes to myself my first advice is that always you know always do your research before you buy any supplement I often times just go to Google and search

whatever supplement I want to buy and see if there's any evidence and clinical trials that support this supplement actually works so most of the supplements if you don't have not been tested on humans and those supplements normally just don't work there's a few supplements that's been tested on rats or humans that have well documents in the clinical trials that shows whether this this product the supplement actually works or not so I know I only buy those supplements that have those type of studies and clinical trials one of the other websites that I use is called examing they're calm they are just basically a ton of you know researches different supplements they are very very down to the very very mythicality and there are some wild large collections of library that contains all those different information regarding different supplements both of those report are not free you know that's why I normally don't use it but you know sometimes they have three articles out there and you can take a look they are very helpful because they are those reports are being documented after Studies on humans and yeah that's

all I have to say about the supplement industry I mean just make sure you don't take too much supplement it's actually fasting and also make sure you buy buy supplements that sping has already been tested and well documented so yeah thanks for watching and if you find this helpful please do subscribe and hit that like button if you don't then don't do this then don't hit the subscribe button I mean it's up to you but anyway I'll be posting reviews like this on my channel and if you find it interesting then I will see you in the next video