09 October 2019

Daily Vlog: Healthy Trader Joe's Haul + Meal Prep (Dairy & Gluten Free)

Hey babes! I wanted to try out a new video concept to see if you guys like it. Today I'm showing you my grocery shopping haul and meal prep ideas for a gluten ...


good morning everyone welcome to today's vlog I hope you are having a great day so today we're gonna go grocery shopping um it's Monday I didn't meal prep yesterday cuz we had my boyfriend's mom birthday and all that so you know didn't get anything done this weekend other than editing the video that went up today which is Monday so you know things happen so I'm gonna go to Trader Joe's I'm gonna get a bunch of stuff and I'm gonna show you what I get coz I'm also gonna meal prep today a bunch of meals for like weight loss um I got my blood test results back I just haven't gotten any word from my endocrinologist I'm like what issue I actually have but I can see my blood work so I'm gonna try to make sure that my food that I got today reflects my blood work I don't want to like tell you guys everything yet until I talk to the endocrinologist and get a better idea but I think I know the problem and how I can like solve it myself now I might need some meds or whatever but you know we can do what we can nutritionally so yeah I'm going to go to Trader Joe's that's in Winter Park and you go to coffee I haven't been coffee all week like I made coffee here

I didn't buy it out all week which is crazy for me because everybody knows I always buy my coffee out all the time and it gets expensive so I don't know what else I'm gonna do today but I'm gonna like have you guys follow along so we're gonna do a little vlog alright guys I'm about to go through a building there's a Starbucks that's what really threw me building the drive-through is is really cool I'm not trying to show you it was hard cuz it's kind of like dark but I'll see what I can do good morning could I get a quad iced espresso and a venti Cup with extra almond milk and could I have that blended with no base I squat espresso I fancy not with almond milk and nope that's all thank you I look her going to the building how cool is this what does somebody tell ya [Music] hey guys I finally got home I'm gonna show you everything I got I got two of these almond milks that are literally just almonds and water which is super awesome brown rice for meal preps some corn and some green beans for meal preps and I

got three of these vegan kale cashew and basil pesto to go with it's like a pasta to have it throughout the week whatever I want pasta I got a lot because I don't want to go to Trader Joe's like every week because it's like pretty far so I got hash browns and eggs for breakfast almond cheese because I'm trying to do no dairy yeah so I can put this on ice dinners or like eggs or something I got chicken stock to me crock-pot chicken with and then some spinach for a salad broccoli for meal preps and then I got this dairy-free salad dressing literally just those things which is pretty awesome strawberry it's gonna need some fruit green tea all this was from Trader Joe's these are from Whole Foods because Trader Joe's only had two unsweetened green teas so I also have this cashew dip because they're having like a nacho night here at the house so I wanted to like be able to have my own nachos and I have paleo chips that like I can use and then I got some those bacon keto chocolate chips because I use these for like little treats throughout the week for like paleo treats or whatever and then I got these to snack on I think it's literally just broccoli and yeah

broccoli rice bran oil salt super awesome and I got a paleo barbecue because they're making like barbecue chicken nachos and then nutritionally because I'm try not to do what is it called parmesan so hey guys so life updates here I went to Trader Joe's I went to Whole Foods which you just saw but I didn't get everything I have to get some stuff for my boyfriend too because I kind of helped him meal prep and like navigate his meals throughout the week or else he'd eat out all the time watching you Nick but yeah so I am gonna go to Publix I'm going to get some stuff for him and then some stuff that I couldn't find at Trader Joe's in Whole Foods was just so random I'm like I need cold brew cuz I'm trying not to drink coffee out everyday last week I didn't drink out at all I didn't have any Starbucks I drink all my coffee at home and have my green tea at home so I'm trying to I know I drink out today so you got Starbucks but like I was on a mission you know sometimes you need the coffee to burn berm around town loving it so anyway I'm gonna go to Publix and then get a ton of stuff and I think I might make this like a two day

vlog I think I'm just gonna grocery shop today and then I think I'm gonna meal prep tomorrow and I'll show you me meal prepping everything tomorrow so I don't know what I'm gonna eat today I still haven't eaten breakfast and it's 11:38 and I never skip breakfast so I don't know today's a weird day for me but it's fine I'm going to get some stuff at Publix and then if I mail prep anything today I'll show you I kind of want to give you guys an idea of how I always start my weight loss journeys I mean this is still the same journeys just taking a little turn so yeah I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna make alright guys I will see you after Publix [Music] all right so all the pasta and broccoli are in here I'm just gonna add on my pesto I just kind of do a super thing honestly I'll probably use the whole container for all three meal preps because I still have to put chicken on top of these [Music]