21 October 2018

Dad Cooks A Healthy Meal - Lamb Liver Meatloaf - A Hit?

Lamb Liver Meatloaf. Not exactly a normal meal... Good healthy natural, almost organic food.


that cooks a healthy meal when you're running around busy this is a cliche but it is so true it's hard to it's hard to cook healthy meals I had a couple hours afternoon we were in town at an appointment we were home we're going to soccer later and I decided to put together a really healthy meal I have lamb meatloaf here lamb liver and that that's the liver at the bottom if you look at it honestly most of this is liver and then I'm using some bread crusts some I've got some slices of bread here and some crusts of bread and some oatmeal to extend that out I've got thyme rosemary oregano pepper salt we'll put some garlic and onions in there before we cook that and then my sister grew these a bunch of beautiful seminole squash otherwise known as Seminole pumpkins it's a ancient I'm can I say ancient very old Native American variety a squash / pumpkin and I have peeled them and put them in these pans here what we're gonna do next is grab some olive oil and we're gonna drizzle this olive oil over the tops of all this squash salt thyme thyme for salt pepper pepper pepper pepper pepper

pepper cup and a little bit of lavender why not this food is not going to be ready before soccer still have to eat when we get back from soccer so just clean it up a little bit freeze in town doing a little bit of shopping some kids clothes going into winter she does honestly the majority of that kind of stuff and it is a huge amount of work keeping all of these growing active rambunctious children in clothing that actually does look like it's done but we need to leave start for soccer practice so I'm gonna turn the oven off leave it in the oven and we can eat right when you get home [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] b li si publish you'd say the letters in this [Music] what's the last one what is that word say what is that word say what is the art of the letters at least you don't have to read the word it starts - this one here it's an hi good job we've been working on letters all day long joy is doing great on reading but she's

working on smaller words we've been having her name letters everywhere we go and I think it's just ironic that we were working on letters on the side of a school bus [Music] [Applause] [Music] I told you I didn't like meatloaf liver on it I'm curious how you would feel though if you didn't know that it had liver in it because you ever heard me whispering that it's like Billy Goat Breanna's home from her expedition and she did really good got some clothes and didn't spend a whole fortune look at your clothes dress look at your shirt yeah it's your pajamas what about you she's not wearing any of our new things I'm not wearing any of my new things either by you I didn't get any new things what do you think about them you look they ate lamb last week and loved it that's true you cooked the last week they left I cooked it this week reviews are mixed to be generous there's a few kids that like it with big sorban it or not all right I love it I'm happy I'm initiating joy into the glorious and glamorous world of sponge

rollers Wow I hurt my soul I feel in my hair do you know like funny like pretty yeah ready 1 2 3 yeah it's been another [Music] fight everybody [Music]