18 July 2019

Cyberchondria - Nipissing University Nursing Informatics Video Project

Learning Objectives: 1. By the end of this video, viewers will be able to identify the importance of safe online health information searches. 2. By the end of this ...


[Music] yeah hi Sara hi I just got the instructions from the doctor that you are going to be discharged home yes there are a few things that we want to go over with you okay we understand that you came here you had a bladder infection and it got quite severe went into your kidneys yeah unfortunately yeah the doctor believes that if it hadn't been treated sooner it wouldn't have got so severe and you wouldn't have had to been hospitalized as you didn't mention I should have came sooner yeah we also know that prior to coming to hospital you tried a few things I did yeah so what type of stuff did you try um so I just sort of did a like a general google search because everybody googles everything these things I figured I could just put it into Google and figure something out I could do at home but a lot of stuff came up so I tried looking at like some forums people were discussing like abdominal pain and things with urinating I tried like Wikipedia and some Facebook stuff and things like that okay and they sort of just had some stuff that said I should

drink lots so one of those sites had a tea that I could make that was supposed to help like flush me out so I thought I'll drink that that should help its drinking and it's medicine I tried some stuff from like an organic store things that like some of my friends maybe I've tried before or one of them I read online was supposed to help flush you out and stuff so okay I tried that okay well I mean it's good that you're taking an active role in your health and we'd never want to discredit other remedies because there are some very beneficial natural remedies out there okay that can really help a person however just with the is infection that you had you needed something a little stronger anta earlier treatment could have prevented it from getting so bad yeah we also don't want to discourage people from using internet because it is a very valuable resource there is information is so accessible yeah it just sometimes get to the gets to the point where it's too accessible and we almost increase our anxiety by searching things sometimes because we think we have one problem and then we learn on the internet that it could be a

slew of other problems the other heart may be necessarily even close to what you'd be having yeah we've had a lot of people actually have problems severe problems with anxiety based on the obsession I've had income from searching on the internet romance again definitely use it as a resource just we just need to be more mindful about what we're actually looking at and if it's credible okay so we're also trying to help people with their searches we're offering this information on this model we can use to assess information it's the craap or crap model all right it just goes through these letters and it offers different areas to look at to see how credible the information is okay so what for example the first one the currency were looking at how current the information is relevant if it's actually relevant to what you're requiring at the time okay the authority of it the source is it a credible source oh we're looking is it a Facebook comment or the accuracy if how how true it is how correct the information is we can kind of assess it that way through that criteria and the purpose if it's

there for the reason that it exists on the Internet is it going to help us is it clear okay is it a fact is it an opinion y'all having depending where you're looking I see so it's just a little thing just to help because I definitely want to encourage the use of the technology that's available for us okay yeah but another thing to consider if you having symptoms such as this or different symptoms you could always call telehealth okay I mean you know you're talking to a healthcare professional okay I didn't know yep yeah I'll give you a card actually with the number as well they can advise you whether you can treat your symptoms at home what you could do to help or if you require further attention need to go to the emergency okay or your family doctor okay okay that's another thing that can help perfect thank you very much you're welcome all right well hope you feel better I do much better actually go ahead side from a little maybe embarrassed but don't worry about that Oh what happens okay you're not the only one okay thanks very much all right take

care you guys I'm really worried I've had a headache for a month now and I've done a quick google search and it says like a cabinet but yeah my mom's friend had a brain tumor maybe you should keep googling the symptoms just get more specific maybe I don't know I don't know guys you know I ran into an issue a little while ago remember I was in the hospital and they told me it can be quite dangerous to just look stuff up on the Internet maybe we should try this thing that the nurse went over it was like crap crap model with that yeah the nurse gave me a sheet about it and I don't really remember a lot of it but if you if you actually google crap model it should come up and yeah yeah that's it right there oh yeah yeah so it tells you how you can like look safe information up on the Internet and then you don't have to worry that you might have a brain tumor or something nah this is really good yeah the other thing she told me about was you can call telehealth apparently someone's always there to take the call and it sort of advice you on some health

related stuff I think I've got oh yeah here's the number right here maybe I'll call them and yeah see what they say you don't want to get too worried right yeah yeah